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  Great Britain


The Jews in Great Britain make out only 0.5 percent of the total population but have an overhelming grip on British politics and medias, completely out of proportion to their status as a minority. This Jewish influence is used for the goals of Zionism where Britain's foreign policies are made to coincide with the aims of Israel.

 Historical background
As just one percent of the population in England, by World War I Jews accounted for 23% of Britain's non-landed millionaires, as financiers, merchants, bankers, stockbrokers, and other such entrepreneurs. [GINSBERG, B., 1993, p. 22] "Of 31 millionaire British merchants who died between 1808 and 1838 ... 24 were Jewish." [BROOKS, J., 10-23-88, p. 42]
Typical too, as everywhere, the Jewish elite in England were genetically insular in consolidating their wealth and control. "[Britain's] leading [Jewish] families," says W. D. Rubenstein, "among them the Rothschilds, Montefiores, Goldsmids, Samuels, Sterns, Beddingtons, and Sassoons -- became immensely wealthy, a self-contained and inter-married caste which has come to be known as the 'cousin-hood.'" [RUBENSTEIN, p. 13]

 U.K. Politics

Only Jewish alternatives: Before the choice of the British citizens was between Labour's Tony Blair, a stooge of his Jewish paymasters Lords Levy, Gavron and Hollick, or the Tories, headed by the Jews Michael Howard, Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Saatchi. Then it was Labour's Gordon Brown financed by the Jews Sir Cohen and David Abrahams or Tories' David Cameron, himself of Jewish ancestry and sponsored by Jews like Andrew Feldman, Lord Kalms and the pro-Israel organization Bicom' s Poju Zabludowicz. As an alternative to Cameron we have the Labour Jews and brothers David and Ed Miliband, the latter winning over the former as the new Labour party head in 2010.
This is democracy - Jew-styled!

"Due to its heavily corrupted politicians, Britain is now willingly serving the darkest possible racist national ideology and supporting a criminal terrorist state."
-- Gilad Atzmon, ex-Jew, in his article "Britain must de-Zionise Itself Immediately", November 17, 2009.

Burning brit
A British soldier on fire in Iraq
- for fighting Israel's dirty war

 The Labour Party and Jewish influence

More interesting info on Ed Miliband from the special article archive on him at The Jewish Chronicle.

 The Tories and Jewish influence

"The popular Saatchi Synagogue - designed to attract unaffiliated London Jews to traditional Judaism - opened its doors in 1998. The opening provoked a degree of controversy because of its accompanying national advertising campaign (provided by the famous Saatchi and Saatchi firm whose owners had funded the new institution) - a campaign which used a sophisticated advertising style to emphasize that the new congregation, though traditional, would not be as 'boring' as other Orthodox synagogues. Today, the synagogue continues to attract many otherwise unafilliated young Jews to its services, lectures and communal events."

More interesting info on David Cameron from the special article archive on him at The Jewish Chronicle.

David Cameron - my values are Jewish

 The Liberal Democrats and Jewish influence

  • UK politician: Pro-Israel lobby controls West
    Lib-Dem Baroness Jenny Tonge: "The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the Western World, its financial grips. I think they've probably got a certain grip on our party"

  • Lib-Dem leader denouces the Jewish lobby
    Chris Davies, Lib-Dem MEP: "...I shall denounce the influence of the Jewish lobby that seems to have far too great a say over the political decision-making process in many countries"

 Jewish Lobby in the U.K.

 U.K. Medias

Zionist controlled medias feed the British people the Zionist version of the current events, masquerading their racism and constant crimes against Humanity as a struggle for "freedom" against "terrorism".

"Britain's Jews are being urged to seize the unique opportunity presented by the digital revolution to create their own television channel.
The call came yesterday from the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), a leading international think-tank, and is being backed by prominent Jews who hold some of the most powerful posts in British broadcasting, including
David Elstein, chief executive of Channel 5, Michael Green, chairman of Carlton Communications and Sir Jeremy Isaacs, founding chief executive of Channel 4.
His successor
Michael Grade was also Jewish. Indeed, until he quit television last year, all of Britain's five terrestrial channels had Jews in prominent positions."
-- Quote from The Independent, 20 March 1998. Underlines and bold style added by Radio Islam.

And in 1998 the (London) Daily Telegraph noted Gail Reubuck, "daughter of affluent Baltic Jewish immigrants," as "the most powerful figure in British publishing," and "recently voted Publisher of the Year." (Daily Telegraph [London]; in Ottawa Citizen, April 1, 1998, p. D4)

More on Rupert Murdoch's media empire is to be found in our special section on the Jews and World medias.

 U.K. Misc.


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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
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