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Jewish War Against Iran

There is already a Jewish War of propaganda being waged against the Muslim country of Iran - and an accompanying Jewish orchestrated economical war, waged because the Iranian people and its leadership don't bow for Zionism and openly supports the Freedom Fighters - the Resistance - in Palestine and Lebanon.

Thus the whole might of International Jewry is thrown against Iran, a campaign where Jews masquerading as "Europeans" (Sarkozy, Kouchner) and a so-called "American" administration" (completely affiliated to the Jewish lobby, like Pres. Obama's Dennis Ross and Rahm Emanuel), threaten Iran with boycott and war.

    Most important articles/documents
War plans, Purim, Duke, Buchanan

    The Jewish influence in Iran
Jews in Iran and USA, spying, sending money to IDF

    Iranian leaders on Palestine

    The "holocaust"/Tehran summit 2006
    Khamenei, Khatami

  Most important articles

What the Zionist medias don´t want the Shah-supporters to know - even the Shah himself was critical of Jewish power!

MOHAMMAD REZA SHAH PAHLAVI, Shah and ruler of Iran until the 1979 Islamic Revolution talked about the "American-Jewish lobby", in a TV-interview (CBS 60 Minutes) made by the Jewish jounalist Mike Wallace:

"They are pushing around too many people. [...] They are strong. [...] They are controlling many things. [...] Newspapers. Medias. Banks. Finances."

Link to the clip, from YouTube (hopefully still active, otherwise you should search for it).

  • For Israel - U.S. planning new Mideast war

  • Time to Talk to Tehran
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

  • US Wars for Jewish Domination - The Decline and Fall of America

  • Preparing for War with Iran?
    Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter outlines the plan for military domination of the Middle East
    "The holocaust is but the most extreme case of the lies the Jewish-run media are continuously poisoning the world with. A very significant example is the vicious propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Jews and their stooges bitterly hate Iran because that country has dared to challenge the political, military and cultural imperialism of the world's only remaining superpower, the Zionist-led USA. It is of paramount importance to remember that the people who are constantly lying about "gas chambers" and "six million" are the same ones who relentlessly vilify Iran and the Islamic Revolution."

    - Swiss Revisionist Jürgen Graf, Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences.

  • Israeli Policies Toward Iran and Syria
    A chapter from Israel Shahak's book "Open Secrets"

  • Israel Versus Iran chapter
    A chapter from Israel Shahak's book "Open Secrets"

  • U.S. Policy Towards Iran
    By Stephen Zunes (Foreign Policy in Focus 08/1997)
    1- The strident anti-Americanism of Iran's Islamic regime is a direct consequence of past U.S. interference in Iranian internal affairs.
    2- Ironically, U.S. policy toward the Islamic Republic has hardened as the regime has become increasingly moderate.
    3- Iran has become a major obsession for U.S. policymakers, resulting in stringent economic sanctions and other measures.

"Israel never misses an opportunity to declare, and show on television, that its F-15I warplanes are intended to reach Iran in order to attack vital targets there."
-- Ze'ev Schiff (Ha'aretz 09/28/1998) responding to media hypes over Iranian threats to Israel.

The Jews ruling Israel are completly a-moral masters of real-politik, so although Revolutionary Iran has always been on their hit list, in the 1980:s it suited Israel politically for a period to channel weapons to their arch enemy to keep the Muslim-to-Muslim conflict of the Iran-Iraq war going.

  Iran and Jewish/Israeli influence

In the 1950's, after the CIA helped overthrow the Iranian government of Mossadegh and install in its place the puppet Shah government, Israel's Mossad helped the CIA create and train the Iranian secret police: SAVAK. The SAVAK became known for its savagery and repression of the people who opposed the Shah's rule and his diversion of the country's resources (oil) to the west. According to their officials, the CIA left the "hard stuff" (e.g. torture methods), for the Israelis to teach the Iranians. In addition, in 1977 minister of defense Shimon Peres signed an agreement for Iranian cooperation with Israel's ballistic nuclear program called Project Flower. Also, with the help of the Shah Israel transferred weapons and military expertise to the Kurds to undermine the Iraqi regime during the 1960s-70s. The value of Israel to the Shah was "the pervasive influence of the Jews in the U.S. and indeed the world over." (See A Cockburn's "Dangerous Liaison", 1991 pp.102-105, and 107.) 

  Iranian leaders on the Palestine Question

  The "holocaust" and the Tehran summit 2006

Ahmadinejad and Chavez

For more on the so-called "holocaust" please see our Revisionist section.


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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

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