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A question:

Exactly how many "democratic" parties do the kurdish people need? Are they representing the interests of Kurdish people, the interests of powerful kurdish "clans" or simply "clans" representing the interests of foreign powers? It seems that the Kurds are imposed a lot of political parties and clan leaders they really don't need. Wake up and get a life, muslim Kurd. The Kurdish nationalism and those so called parties are no solution for the problems of the Kurdish people. They are just another burden on the shoulders of the tired Kurds of West Asia.


Mountain Man

Kurdistan as an independent country = fiction?

By Desert Man


The fact

One must be aware of the fact that a conutry with name Kurdistan never has existed, doesn't exist and probably never will exist.

Just look at how Barezani sells himself to Turk facsists and the Butchers in Baghdad to secure his political power in the area against Jalal Talebani's PUK and also the emerging Kurdsih islamists.

How and why the so called Kurd issue is treated in western media and western politics depends completely on how Kurds and kurdish groups can be used for western imperial and colonial purposes.

When the western states were behind Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran and the iraqi Kurds allied themselve with Iran and joind in Iran's defence efforts, then the "Hiroshima" in Halabja was not worth a piece of shit for the humanistic minded western world.

The kurds were spendeble and had to blame themselve, because anybody can support the islamic revolution without paying for it. In the case of kurds in Turkey, everyday the turkish armey kills at least tens of "kurdish rebells" inside and outside Turkey, without meeting any reaction from the "world opinion".

When iraqi kurdistan get invaded by turkish army, then it's ok. But if Iran intervene in the same area to protect Iran's national security then it's condemned by the US as a violation of international law and they send their naval forces (Nimitz) to counter-balance Iran. But if a bunch of Iranian kurdish separatist supported by western countries get killed in Germany, then you see the "Mykonos" case, with all those diplomatic consequenses between Iran and European community.

Of course, now the EU has send back its diplomats back to Tehran, without gaining anything, because as Germany's Kinkel several times has stated: Iran is too important to be ignored.

The facts speak for itself. So don't expect or dream too much about an independent state in Kurdistan.

One thing is sure, the countries in the region will never allow creation of a kurdsih state, the kurds are too divided and dependent to different power centers and the colonial powers are too disabled and powerless to create a new Israel in the Middle East.

I think you as a moslem agree with other moslems in the world that even one Israel is to much.

At best, Kurdistan can be regarded as part of the Iranian world as the case is in today's Iran. As a matter of fact, many iraqi kurds have began to call themselve iranian. 


One question

What makes Iranian KDP a democratic party in the eyes of the western states and a terrorist organisation of the turkish PKK? Why have the so called 'democaratic experiment' in Iraqi Kurdistan failed?

Why should Iran (the 'indoeuropean' Arian country you seem to hate most of all) have to pay the price for the internal conflicts in Kurdistan and open its border for hundred of tousends kurdish refugees?

What do your beloved US/NATO do to help you?

One can always pick up cheap points by critisizing Iran. I'm aware of the shortcomings in today's Iran, but I also admit that the condition of democracy in Iran is not worse than those in the Western countries.

But the democaracy situation (despite the current interanl conflict) in Iran is improving, but the democracy in West is deteriorating.

As a matter of fact, even those being critical to Iran admit that the freedom of speach is the highest in the Middle East and people can without fearing anything speak out and they do.

Even your fellow "opponents" to the Islamic Republic have realised that the democracy in west is unable to operate as you and your masters want it to.

Despite the US/Israel/Mojahedin Khalq/KDP's severe pressure on EU countries to break with Iran, they finally preferred to accept to send back their ambassadors to Tehran, according to Iranian conditions.

The French ambasador gave his german college company as the last ones to arrive. Do you remember the Rushdie case and how EU was humiliated by Ayatollah Khomeini?

Why did they come back? Rafsanjani explained it already for seven months ago: "Europe is like a 60 years old made. We should not run after her. It's beyond our dignity.

She will come back sooner or later. She has nowhere else to go." AND SHE CAME BACK.

So who are you to critisize the GREAT NATION OF IRAN? Iran is the only and last hope for the moslems of the world and something the entire human race to be proud of.

Iran is the worst nightmare of the US administration, Israel and the rest of world imperialism and zionism. If you want to share their misery the islamic revolution of Iran have caused to western impoerialism, then it's your problem. I don't mind. Be my guest.

What concerns the kurdish issue, Iran has been the only nation in the world that has assisted kurds, only because of humanitarian reasons, despite allt the problems the kurds has caused Iran as well as themselve.

I'm sorry to admit that the kurdish people have several times demonstrated their lack of political maturity by believning in ideologies imported from East and west and leaving their fate in the hands of corrupted clan leaders serving as clients to foreign powers.

If the kurds want to save themselve, they have simply to get rid of their narrow-minded nationalism (or to be correct tribalism) and those "democratic parties" claiming to represent them.

Even Barzani´s "liberal" masters in Europe, state that "democaracies never fight each other".

The most deadly enemy of the kurdish people are the kurds themselve.

By telling these things, I more and more understand why many Iraqi kurds call themselve "iranis".

The question is when the Kurds in Turkey begin to call themselve "iranis". If you want to remain a "mountain turk", then it's your problem. The Iranian border is still open.


Desert Man

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