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A lesson for the Muslims!

By John W. Willmott


The U.S. traitor, Albright being still in the Mid East for visits with Hafez al-Assad and perhaps with Perez.

Mubarak following her own self-inflicted embarassment at not accomplising the Zionist agenda she expected to.

So, she left Israel unhappy and embarassed - not to return until the Yahu and Prez.

Her "even-handed" efforts were to kissYahu's hand or something and tell him to be a good boy and "suspend for now" provocative words and deeds such as more Jew Housing.

And she told Arafat she expected him to root out all terrorism - an imposibility if he is to remain the "leader" and even if he wants to remain alive - that is - if you Arabs and Iranian Muslims expect to survive let alone live.

In other words, while Arafat is not head of a "democracy" he knows, sees, feels and reacts to what the man in the street indicates. And if you want "freedom" from Zionist oppression backed by the Jew infested U.S. Govt., you must all show more unity and direct it at Arafat, Yahu and the U.S.

They learned the Roman's divide and conquer years ago and you who live in the old Roman occupied lands seem to hav forgotten.

Arafat has to respond to unity or be removed, remove himself or he may be assassinated as an ineffectual leader or as an active traitor.

What he is and your future are in his hands right now.

And he can no more deliver an area free of "terrorism" with or without his presence than the Israeli-Jews were able when they controlled a virtually cowed and submissive Arab population who had enough brave patriots to turn the tide.

Yes - if he is smart he can detain a few inocuous businessmen and teachers for a week and find them free of "terrorist" ideas so has to release them.

The fral freedom fighters should have developed "credible deniability" (a Bush and Clinton term to cover their guilt) with no leads possible to trace because the PA police just can't develop any connections - and the Shinn Beit and CIA assistants just are diverted elsewhere.

Sounds simple?

No it isn't but it will work if every jack one of you desire freedom and justice enough to sacrifice because:




First you must firmly say and be united in all ways.

Then use this as power - your only power - backed by a genuine desire for freedom through honest and fair negotiation but firmly backed by a stated potential use of a new Intifadah, boycot, international Intifadah- not just in Israel and followed by united all out military war also backed by oil boycotts in spite of Don"s - I believe - the world glut of oil.

Oil yes. But a slight change or even threat would be disasterous to the "flourishing" U.S. economy - and also to Clinton's hopes as becoming history's greatest peacemaker.

As I have been sayinjg for over 10 years - you have the power.

Use it by flying united!

How does Egypt with some 60 million people, Iraq with 17 million and Iran with some 60 million people let Israel make life for them so miserable?

For that matter, why does the U.S. a nation of 260 million let a portion of the world's 12 million Jews dictate its life and future?

Good question - is it not?

And there is a lesson for all of us but at the moment most for you Muslims if you want your share.

Pogo said it in the funnies: "we have met the enemy and it is US!"

Are we going to permit this to prevail?


John W. Willmott

I lost my Vermont website and e-mail a couple of weeks ago due to Jewish intervention. And today the news is that AOL is refusing to post pages they don't like. 

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