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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Dachau "gas chamber" & crematorium construction plan

"The are conflicting stories as to the use of the [Dachau] gas chamber. An Albanian tells me that it was used only four times since 1942, but a Pole says that it was never used during that time. Another Pole reports that 100 or 150 people were put to death each day in the chamber. A Yugoslav says that thousands were gassed in the last three years. A Frenchman believes that the chamber has never been used."
Lieutenant Marcus J. Smith, U.S. Army doctor, arrived at Dachau the day after liberation; later awarded the Bronze Star and promoted to Captain for his efforts in helping the sick at Dachau.

This is my April 13, 2014 photograph of a museum display in the Permanent Exhibition at the Dachau memorial, and below is a close up photograph of the image in the left centre of this display.

As you can see, it's a scan of an original May 23, 1942 construction plan of the new crematorium at Dachau which the museum insists contained a purpose built homicidal gas chamber, which, they presently claim, was only ever used on an experimental basis, although prior to 2003 they claimed it was never used at all.

I'm sure most of you won't need me to tell you that design features absolutely fundamental to the presently claimed gassing procedure are absence from this plan.

What the museum describes on signs in or around the crematorium as "[f]laps where prussic acid poison gas pellets (Zyklon B) could be inserted from the outside", do not feature on the original architectural plan of the building.

As is widely known (and detailed excellently here), the original claimed gassing method at Dachau—the one reported to the U.S. Congress on May 15, 1945 by Senator Alben W. Barkley, and the one described in the film shown at the Nuremberg trial on November 29, 1945—did not necessitate "flaps", as the poison gas was supposedly released through the shower heads inside the gas chamber.

At some point in mid to late 1945, the gas chamber promoters within or associated with the U.S. Army realised that the gassing method they had been propagating was scientifically impossible, and a decision was taken to make alterations to the building that would make it at least scientifically feasible that people could have been gassed with Zyklon B in the room (Carlo Mattogno details here, p. 225f, how numerous people came forward in 1960 claiming they had been forced by the Americans to work in the construction of a gas chamber at Dachau; the final result of which being Dr. Martin Broszat's famous letter to Die Zeit in which he stated that no one was ever gassed at Dachau, because the gas chamber was never finished/put into operation).

The American alterations to the building were completed by January 1946, because the American designed "flaps" are visible in the photograph below which I brought from a photography dealer recently (it wasn't particularly expensive, and I see no reason to doubt the authenticity of the message which dates it to January 1946, plus the date is corroborated by another photo from 1946 which shows the same contraption in front of the American gas "flaps"):

Unfortunately I can not read what that sign in the photograph says, even when looking at the original photograph through a magnifying glass—the text on the sign just wasn't caught in focus.

Below is the reverse of the photograph which features the following message:

"Torture chamber, gas house, and crematory at Dachau prison (concentration) camp, Germany
January 1946"

A rebuttal of the alleged new, lower ceiling 

It has long been claimed by revisionists that the Americans installed a lower ceiling into the alleged gas chamber as part of their adjustments to the building, but this claim has no foundation. The man looking upwards in the centre of the picture below is the Senator of Illinois, Charles Wayland Brooks, who visited Dachau on May 2, 1945. The low ceiling in the photograph is the same one that is there today.

Further confirmation is the date on the slate board in this footage (alternative) shot in the "gas chamber" on May 3, 1945. The so-called "flaps" don't feature, as they didn't then exist, but once again the ceiling shown is the one that is still there today.

The argument that the Americans installed a new, lower ceiling, is based entirely on the rough estimate of the ceiling's height given in the report presented to the U.S. Congress on May 15, 1945: "the ceiling was some 10 feet in height." It was a shoddy estimate, sure—it's actually 7 feet 6 inches high, Fred Leuchter measured it in 1989—but it's remarkable that this small error should even be considered as proof by virtually all the leading revisionists that the ceiling was replaced.

Below is a photograph of part of the museum sign outside the alleged gas chamber. The attic space immediately above the "gas chamber" is in the foreground, and you can see it's at a lower elevation than the adjoining room. Please notice the brick work in the wall is different to that below the ceiling level (see image below) despite them being the same wall, this on its own suggests the ceiling is original, as builders often concern themselves less with the aesthetics of the parts of a construction which are out of sight.

Below are a some high resolution photographs of the American designed and installed gas "flaps"

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