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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

1933 reports on Hitler the Jew

Here's several stories from Australian newspapers in July 1933
reporting on allegations in Vienna that Hitler was part Jewish

Interestingly the allegations include Hitler's maternal
grandmother being Jewish, as well as the paternal
grandfather being a Jew, as later thought by the US gov.

Article in the Barier Miner (Australia) on July 13, 1933 here

Article in the Sydney Morning Herald on July 14, 1933 here

Article in the Western Australian on July 14, 1933 here

Article in the Northern Standard (Australia) on July 18, 1933 here

Article in the Western Mail (Perth, Australia) on July 20, 1933 here

Article in the Western Argus (Australia) on July 25, 1933 here

Here are some reports on the denials of Jewish ancestry in the "Nazi press"

Article in the Barier Miner (Australia) on July 14, 1933 here

Article in the Cairns Post (Australia) on July 15, 1933 here

Article in the Morning Bulletin (Australia) on July 21, 1933 here

Posted by The Black Rabbit of Inlé at 18:57


  1. Do you think Hitler was a crypto-Jew used to set up Israel?
  2. I'm not sure. He was so well respected by so many people who knew him, that I have trouble simply accepting he was consciously leading Germany to destruction for the benefit of Jews.
    But, he did make some ridiculous decisions which were disastrous for Germany, and he was financed by Zionists, as Heinrich Brüning discovered.
    I'm inclined to believe he was chosen, backed and played by the Zionists for their own ends, without him being fully aware of that.
  3. what I don't get is the insane, over-the-top demonization if he was really "one of them". Nor do I get why Hitler would implement a monetary policy (state-issued, debt-free labor backed currency) totally antithetical to Jewish banking interests led by the Rothschilds.

    Although the decision to let the British go at Dunkirk is puzzling, a possible indication of loyalty to hidden forces who wanted to prolong the war. The "Hitler respected the British" line doesn't quite fly, because Hitler was well aware that London was Jewish/Rothschild occupied territory.

    Certainly, if Hitler was a Judas Goat that doesn't mean all the Nazis were.
  4. You're right, the monetary issue doesn't fit in with the Zionist backed theory for Nazism.

    But it's the only one I'm aware of, that's why I think he was an unwitting puppet, opposed to a crypto. Why is Himmler's file closed until 2045, how come his family now lives in Israel, breeding with Jews.

    As for the British (I live in London btw), it was Winston "an old Zionist like me" Churchill and the Jewish controlled press banging the war drums.

    Our king Edward VIII, was forced to abdicate because of his pro-Hitler stance. Even the mother of our present queen, was against the war.

    Hitler made so many pro-British comments, did so much to avoid war, and then make peace with Britain. But it was Churchill, long financed by the "Focus" (the Jewish group) who did everything to make sure the war happened, and lasted.

    Ever watched this talk David Irving gives on Churchill, he exposes what he was, what Goebbels called him, a "vassal of the Jews"
  5. Do you believe Hitler died in the bunker? The evidence for his suicide is scant, and that pic of the dead Hitler doesn't much look like him.

    If he escaped the bunker and faked his death, then the Zionist-backed Nazism theory would almost be an unavoidable conclusion since the Jews would have known he was alive and try to capture him like Eichmann, but they didn't. And if the Nazis were working for the Zionist Jews directly, then why the need to capture, try, convict and execute Eichmann if he basically did what he was supposed to do?

    But I wonder, most all the top Nazis were executed after the war and never brought up the defense that they were in a deal with the Zionists at Nuremburg, nor at the Eichmann trial. If Nazism was crypto-Jewish all along then these crypto-Jewish Nazis would have literally willingly partaken in a suicide mission to advance the Zionist agenda.

    It's all very strange. I am at no firm conclusion at this point. Too many contradicting facts abound...
  6. That photo is not of Hitler it was of one of his doubles, who'd been murdered. There's actually film footage of the Soviets standing around him, I pinched it off someone, here:

    But there was so many lies spread by the Soviets about his body. They supposedly found his and Eva Braun's cremated remains May 5, but look at these articles from June 11. The Soviet commandant in Berlin claiming Hitler had fled to Spain:

    Th official story is now is that SMERSH spirited the bodies away, and Stalin never informed his generals it had been found.

    This guy's written a great article on it:

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