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Yanina Cywinska's Hoaxacaust tale - "Nazis paraded around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap from Jewish bone"

Yanina Cywinska

Yanina has much more to her Holy Hoax fable than covered in the previously posted article on her story. Her fairytale is certainly one of the all time greats.

With a story similar to that of legendary Holohoaxer Rivka Yosselevska, Yanina says she was covered by dead bodies from mass executions in a pit, and somehow crawled out alive.

She claims that she saw Jewish mothers and fathers kill their own children to prevent them from dying at the hands of Germans. So, in other words, the Jews were holocausting themselves.

Yanina says she "witnessed" the Nazis "parade around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap composed of Jewish bone".

She also claims she was a worker in a ward where the Nazis were conducting a macabre experiment in which they "pulled nails and eyes out of Jewish people."

Poor Yanina wondered, "If God is so almighty power, why didn't he stop the atrocities?"

Yanina Cywinska was 16 when she was liberated

Article: "Holocaust survivor finds irony in her survival"

Note: use to find article if original link no longer works

Holocaust survivor finds irony in her survival

By LaTasha Monique
Monday, April 23, 2007

"They came in, emptied the house into several trucks before they burned the house down," said Holocaust survivor Yanina Cywinska during a presentation she gave recently at Solano Community College hosted by the Ethnic Studies Department.

Then 10 year old aspiring ballerina Cywinska still remembers the harsh words like yesterday as she tells how her family was forced to watch as the Nazi's burned down her home.

"'Get out, you vermin of the earth, Jew lover,' they told us," she said Shoved into a wagon, Cywinska and her family would be left for several days in a dungeon with no food or water. Dreaming of the pretty pink and blue Easter dress her mother had made for her, Cywinska would be awaken and dragged outside and given a shovel to dig ditches.

"There was no beginning and no end to each person. There were rows and rows of us," explained Cywinska as she spoke about her first time escaping death.

The prisoners were lined up with their backs to the ditch. Cywinska recalls trying to help a woman who was in danger of falling in just as she heard the sound of rifles going off.

"The machine gun went off and I was lying underneath a lot of bodies," she said.

Knocked into the ditch by the now lifeless body of the woman she was trying to help, Cywinska found herself covered with body parts and feeling like she would never escape.

"The more I tried to get out, the more I couldn't get out," she said. Crawling on her "hands and knees like a dog," Cywinska found strength in the faint sound of harmonica music to stack the mutilated bodies high enough to get out

Eventually found and returned to the Nazis, Cywinska reunited with her family just in time to be moved to a new location.

"We were packed so tight in cattle cars, they would faint standing up," she said.

The ride to the unknown destination forced Cywinska to watch mothers and fathers take the lives of their own children to prevent them from dying at the hands of Nazi's.

"Just behave yourself, work makes you free," said her father reading the words above the gate that led them into a Polish concentration camp called Auschwitz.

Told to strip and step into what appeared to be an enormous shower room, Cywinska recalls the panic she felt as the overcrowded room separated her from her family.

"Everything will be fine," she recalls her father's last words and touch as he felt through the crowd and grabbed her hand.

"It was not a shower, it was gas," she said. "And the Nazis watched through a window."

Watching Nazis parade around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap composed of Jewish bone
, Cywinska admits she found herself talking to god but questioning his presence.

"If God is so almighty power, why didn't he stop the atrocities?" she wondered not just for herself but for all people adding, "What did the black person ever do to you? It's sick," she concluded

Put to work in an experimental ward that tested "how much stress a human could take," by pulling the nails and eyes out of Jewish people, Cywinska couldn't help but to feel compassion as she "clean the brains and blood" of the bodies of the innocent victims.

With the news of America rescue, Cywinska found herself marching with thousands of others towards Dachau for mass destruction.

"'Marsch'...they kept telling us. We were tired and hungry," she said.

Once at Dachau, the women were lined up and blind folded to the sound of guns cocking. Cywinska was sure she would die this time when she heard a loud noise and then gun fire.

"Macht schnell, rause." Cywinska repeated the words she heard as she admits to trying to escape herself.

Blindfold off, Cywinska was faced with a small Japanese man jumping up and down she was still not sure of her fate.

"It was the Japanese, the Nisei. They liberated us," she said.

The segregated 442nd Field Artillery Battalion had come to their aid making this rescue both heroic and ironic.

"To prove their citizenship to America while their parents were in camps here, we were liberated," she said.

"I was there six years," she said admitting that the many times she escaped death was a bit more than coincidence. "It was my blue eyes and blonde hair."

Cywinska says it took her time to be "normal" again but is glad she now has the opportunity to talk to young children about her experiences.

Being ever so grateful for the intrusions of American power during the Holocaust and feeling that the people of Iraq are just as grateful. Cywinska encourages all who hear her story to, "Get up there and fix it, its time to fix it."

Oh, and Yanina also has a book out you can buy, "Sugar Plum Nut: Triumph of the Spirit".

Hear Yanina tell her tale...

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