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Chaim Ferster's Holy Hoax yarn: "I survived eight death camps, saw flames coming out of the chimneys at Aushwitz, only water came out of the gassum chamber"

Chaim Ferster delivering a pro-Israel speech, 2014

Chaim Ferster is a Jew from Poland.

He was 20 years old in 1943, when he says he was taken prisoner.

Upon arriving at Auschwitz, Chaim says he saw "flames coming out from four chimneys"! Not smoke, but FLAMES! Is that even possible? Who cares! It makes for a scary Holy Hoax story.

At Auschwitz, Ferster says that the same "shower room" that was used to (allegedly) mass murder people also had the capability to dispense harmless water. Have the Holy Hoax priests ever described the use of such German technology in the camps? Doesn't matter! This makes for a good yarn.

Chaim was "liberated" from Auschwitz in 1945, but only to be then marched to Buchenwald.

By a miracle, of course, he survived being holocausted despite being in, count them, eight "death camps". According to Chaim, the rest of his family wasn't so all but two were holocausted.

Chaim emigrated to England after the war, and now gives speeches telling the "goyim" to not be "anti-Semitic".

(Via Daily Stormer)

Read the original BBC article:

The man who survived eight Nazi death camps

By Tom Mullen
BBC News Online
5 October 2015

A Holocaust survivor who cheated death in eight Nazi concentration camps during World War Two has recalled his experiences, 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.

"We arrived at 12 o'clock at night. It was dead quiet, and frightening to look at," Chaim Ferster says, remembering his first impressions of the notorious death camp.

"We could see from a distance that there were flames coming out from four chimneys. I didn't realise that this was the crematorium."

He had arrived in the middle of two-year ordeal, during which he endured horrific labour conditions, malnutrition and typhus, before finally being freed at the very moment he and his fellow prisoners had been rounded up to be shot, when Allied forces broke into the camp.

Born into an orthodox Jewish family and raised in the Polish town Sosnowiec, Mr Ferster was 17 when war broke out in 1939.

The great-grandfather remembers the rising fears of Jewish communities, as news of the German military expansion began to filter through.

Now aged 93 and living in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, where he settled in 1946, he said: "You could see planes flying over. [The Nazis] came over to Sosnowiec very fast.

"I remember the Jews were very concerned. Very, very concerned about what was going to happen."

Then came the rationing, widespread hunger and illness in the ghettos and, later, the transportation of thousands of Jewish families.

Mr Ferster said: "We'd got ration cards, and there wasn't much food in the shops to fulfil these rations cards.

"We had no medication. People were dying and life was very difficult. Then they assembled various leaders from town and they shot them, just like that."

In 1943, at the age of 20, Mr Ferster was forced from his home. Amid the chaos he had avoided being taken away a year earlier, when his mother and sister disappeared, and his father, Wolf, had died of pneumonia in 1942.

It was widely accepted that people picked up by the Gestapo never returned, Mr Ferster said.

With this in mind, a relative urged him to learn a skill that would make him useful to the Germans, prompting him to learn to fix sewing machines, becoming classed as a "mechanic" as a result.

Between 1943 and 1945 he was moved between eight different camps across Germany and Poland, enduring terrible conditions, in which many died.

At one stage Mr Ferster remembers being forced to shift blocks of cement from a wagon, in freezing weather.

"It was very, very cold, about minus 25 or minus 26," he said.

"The soldiers started beating us and shouting and saying you're not going fast enough. A lot of them couldn't stand it. They got pneumonia. Some of them died."

Towards the end of 1943, Mr Ferster fell seriously ill during an outbreak of typhus in one particular camp. Large numbers died.

Once again though he managed to survive, but describes a horrific scene that remains vivid in his memory.

"There were bodies lying on pallets, six one way, six the other way," he recalls. "There were many many pallets with bodies, very, very high."

Eventually, Mr Ferster found himself moved to Auschwitz.

He remembers the infamous shower rooms, and the prisoners who were sent there.

"They put us into a block. All of us, one particular large block. Then the following morning, a selection of that block went into the shower room," he said.

"We went to the shower room. It's the same shower room that other people went in and the gas came in. But we got the water that came down and we washed ourselves."

Mr Ferster was one of the few who survived Auschwitz, which was eventually liberated in January 1945.

But in the spring of that year, with Germany losing the war, the Nazis accelerated the programme to liquidate Jewish prisoners.

As a result, Mr Ferster was among a group of prisoners who were marched across Germany to another notorious death camp - Buchenwald.

It was there that Mr Ferster believes he came closest to dying.

Prisoners were being summarily executed from day to day, and the very morning after he arrived Mr Ferster himself was rounded up with a group of fellow inmates, expecting a similar fate.

But, just as he and the others were gathered together, the camp was liberated.

"All of a sudden, the American planes were there and all the German soldiers ran away," he said.

"And after half an hour or an hour, an American tank drove through the gates and the soldiers were shouting, 'You're free, you're free!'."

He later discovered only two other members of his family survived the Holocaust - his sister Manya and cousin Regina.

Through tears, Mr Ferster added: "I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it."

After emigrating to England, he worked for a sewing machine repair business before later setting up a series of successful businesses.

Chaim Ferster's story features in Inside Out North West, which will be broadcast at 19.30 BST on Monday 5 October.

: BBC: "The man who survived eight Nazi death camps"

Actual BBC headline: "The man who survived eight Nazi death camps"
Eight "death" camps?

Speech by Chaim Ferster in Manchester on October 19, 2014 denouncing "anti-Semitism" and showing his real, Zionist, colours:

Speech: My name is Chaim Ferster, not B10924.

Jewish Media Agency /
Oct 21 2014

A remarkable speech given by 92-year-old Holocaust survivor Chaim Ferster in Manchester on Sunday October 19, 2014. The transcript (and the soon-to-be-released video footage) will be lodged with Yad Vashem following permission from the Ferster family and will sit with Chaim’s documented family history. Thanks also goes to North West Friends of Israel for providing us with a copy of Mr Ferster’s inspirational speech:

My name is Chaim Ferster. I am 92 years old and I survived the horrors of the Holocaust.

 I was 17 when the Nazis came to my hometown in Poland, and by the time I was 21, I had been through 7 concentration camps. In that time, I witnessed the true depths to which man can sink and the speed with which others can rush to join him there.

In Sosnowiec, where I was born, I was given a yellow star to wear, and later in Auschwitz I was given a number [reveal tattoo and read number B10924].

Why, because I was Jewish – a problem that needed a solution, a final solution!!

It is easy to think that this was a more primitive time, that it was not a surprise to a people used to pogroms and forced migrations, but Poland was my home, as Britain is now, and the idea of the Holocaust was as unfathomable to us then as it is now.

Nobody can tell me that anti-Semitism is imagined or a product of our own paranoia. I am not here to scare you, or to suggest that the recent upsurge in anti-Semitism means we are headed for the same fate. I do not think that we are.

Our government and those of France, Germany, and Italy, have been quick to denounce the abhorrent events that we have read about. The burning of synagogues, physical attacks on religious Jews, and chanting of “Jews to the gas chambers” in the streets.

I am grateful to the leaders of Europe, for their leadership, but we must never be complacent. We need to stand up for ourselves, and that is what we are doing today in a way that could not be imagined in my youth.

This country has been good to me, to my children, my grandchildren, and by the grace of G-d my great-grandchildren. Its people are liberal and tolerant, and the vast majority see anti-Semitism and racism for what they truly are.

But anti-Semitism has evolved, it now has Israel firmly in its sinister cross-hairs. Zionism has become a dirty word used to beat us with. We need to reclaim it. Zionism is simply the belief that Jews have the right to self-determination in Israel.

As all of us here know, Israel is a vibrant and modern democracy, in which self-criticism is a crucial and important part of the political process, indeed of Zionism. Criticism of Israeli policy does not frighten me, it engages me. But to demonize and delegitimize Israel is to let in an old and dangerous foe.

In the words of the historian Simon Schama, “Israel does not cause anti-Semitism, Israel was caused by anti-Semitism.”

We need to speak out, and educate others about the darkest days of our past, to ensure that anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination have no place in the modern world. Education is the only way to beat ignorance.

My name is Chaim Ferster, not B10924.

Our name is B’nei Yisrael, the children of Israel, and we must not let anyone replace it with a number, a daubing on a wall, or an insult chanted in the streets.

Thank you.

Speech: Jewish Media Agency: "My name is Chaim Ferster, not B10924."

Hear this "sacred" survivor tell his story:


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