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The Big Lie

The true reason behind the attack of September 11

By David Duke
National President

of European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO),
October 8, 2001

The mass media has told the American people a Big Lie about the attack on September 11. They have purposely lied about why it happened so as to cover up the true reasons for the attack. Not understanding the real reasons why we were attacked will cost America the loss of more lives, our prosperity and our freedom.

My Dear Friends,

No American will ever forget seeing on television the almost unbelievable carnage this past September 11. The horror at first seemed as if it were scenes a movie, not real life. Then as I as accepted the fact that it was real, emotion swept over me, Like so many other Americans, I struggled to keep back the tears for our people and our country. Almost immediately, I also realized that this terrorism could cost us even more than the terrible loss of lives and property suffered on that single day. I knew it would initiate a series of events that could threaten the very foundations of America.

Not only do Americans now face the specter of increasing terrorism, the horror of September 11 could well trigger a devastating economic depression.

It also might end up costing us our freedoms. And, as you know, the blood had not yet dried in the rubble before government leaders began to call for destruction of our most sacred constitutional rights.

The most important question we must ask ourselves about the terrorism is why. For without knowing why, we cannot hope to prevent these kinds of acts in the future.

Knowing who did the act is important, but why they did it is even more important. Don't get me wrong, we should certainly identify and obliterate all those directly responsible for these attacks, I am all for that.

However, it is essential that we understand the true motivations behind these men. Why are millions around the world growing to hate America so much? Why are growing numbers of men willing to sacrifice their lives to get at us? Even if we hunt down and kill all those remotely responsible for the terror of September, unless we find ways to lessen the growing world-wide hatred against us, more kamikazes will rise to take their place. America will sink into an increasing cycle of violence and fear. 

Military might cannot protect us

Many Americans suffer from a dangerous delusion, and this includes the leading politicians, that we can militarily protect ourselves from terrorism.

They don't realize that the events of September 11 moved us into a new era of world history.

In this new era, sheer military might is no protection. No longer can strong nations attack weak ones with impunity. The tiniest nation or political entity can easily revenge itself with mass terror. No nation is invulnerable from terrorism, not even the strongest on earth.

Because of increased scientific knowledge, the next terror could be far more deadly than what happened on September 11. The next horrific occurrence might not even entail an explosion of any kind, but the silent mass death of a biological, toxic or radiation attack.

It takes only a small number of people, little money, and only a high school level of scientific knowledge to create weapons of mass destruction. They can be manufactured in anybody's basement. The most important factor is the amount of motivation people have to commit such acts.

The terrorists of September 11 have proven that fear of punishment will not stop terrorism in the same way it lessens street crime. What good does the threat of punishment do to men who expect to sacrifice their lives?

The threat of the death penalty was certainly no deterrent for the terrorists of September 11.

The bad news is that no matter how many billions of dollars the government spends or how many thousands of bombs it drops, it is impossible to completely protect ourselves terrorism. In fact, the more bomb-dropping and devastation we do, the more likely we will suffer a future terrorist response. That is because every bomb we drop spawns more hatred against us and more motivation to strike back at us.

Unfortunately, the carnage of September 11 will embolden those growing millions who do hate us, for they now know they can strike spectacularly at even the most sacrosanct symbols of America.

For many years I, along with Patrick Buchanan, Ramsey Clark, and a few other political untouchables, have tried to prevent this kind of tragedy. We have warned against recklessly involving America in the many wars and blood feuds around the world. We beseeched the American people to follow the advice of the father our country. In his farewell address, George Washington warned us against foreign entanglements.

We warned that if America sheds blood overseas, that eventually blood would be shed in our own country. I feel no satisfaction in saying that we were right. Being right is no solace for my anguish at this great loss of American life.

I will be brutally honest in this letter, and my frankness may offend some people, but this crisis demands only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Nothing less than the whole truth can help us build a secure and prosperous future for our nation. 

A time for introspection

We Americans have every right to be bitterly angry against the terrorists. But we also must go one step beyond our anger, for when something goes terribly wrong in an individual's life or even in the life of a nation; it is time for introspection. We must courageously ask ourselves what we might have done that has made us vulnerable to such ferocious attacks. That kind of thinking sometimes takes courage. 

The world moves by a simple principal: cause and effect. In this instance, les us examine the possible causes for the motivation of these men to strike at America?

Any nation that bombs another naturally creates millions of angry enemies against it. America has repeatedly done that in recent times. We have taken sides in foreign conflicts, offered military assistance and weapons, and even bombed other nations. Our actions have caused the loss of many thousands of lives, including the lives of thousands of civilians. Many of the nations we bombed had never harmed a single American or acted in any way against the interests the United States.

For instance, we now partially blame Afghanistan for what happened on September 11. Have we conveniently forgotten that we bombed Afghanistan (and killed many innocent civilians) three years ago when we tried to kill Osama Bin Laden. Afghanistan is led by the same people we previously helped against the Soviets. At that time, we actually supported the terroristic activities of Osama Bin Laden against the Soviets and their collaborators. When Bin Laden later turned against us, we attempted to kill him by bombing Afghanistan.

We have seen the intense reaction of Americans to the attack on the Trade Centers. What would be the reaction of Americans to any nation who fired Cruise missiles and dropped thousands of bombs on America? After Clinton's bombing of Afghanistan, the Taliban promised revenge against America. September 11 may be that revenge.

We bombed Iraq after it invaded Kuwait, yet we supported Saddam Hussein with money and arms when he warred with Iran. In contrast, we continued to monetarily and militarily support Israel even after it invaded Lebanon and killed tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians. We support the Zionist state even though it tortures thousands of political prisoners in its jails. American support enabled Israel to ethnically cleanse itself of 700,000 Palestinians. 

Bush says we must strike down terrorists wherever they are in the whole world, but he has shared tea and crumpets with Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, one of the world's leading most brutal and bloodthirsty terrorists. Sharon committed a number of crimes against humanity, among them the massacre of 2,000 men, women and children in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon. Mr. Bush did not strike Mr. Sharon, instead he toasted him.

America supplied weapons and bombs to Muslim separatist terrorists in Kosovo against the Yugoslav Christians, and then we bombed Yugoslavian cities full of civilians, when that country militarily attempted to suppress the revolt that we encouraged.

Please understand, I don't believe these American acts of war were the will of the American people. On the contrary, most Americans, at least up until September 11, have opposed almost every American involvement in foreign wars. For instance, a solid majority of Americans opposed the recent military intervention in Yugoslavia. But America is firmly in the grip of the New World Order crowd, and they use America to enforce their world hegemony. 

The death of 500,000 children

I think most Americans would be appalled if they were fully aware of the suffering caused by American policy. For instance, most Americans no nothing about the effect of our embargo of food and medicine to Iraq. We caused the death of at least half a million children. That's right; I repeat: we are directly responsible for the death of 500,000 kids. Some of you might not believe what I am telling you. Well, for those who don't believe it, here is an excerpt of an interview between Leslie Stahl of CBS and Madeline Albright when she was US Secretary of State. The segment was called PUNISHING Saddam and Stahl was asking if the death of 500,000 children was worth it to punish this one man. 

Leslie Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million
children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And -- and you
know, is the price worth it?"

Madeline Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- we think the price
is worth it."

How would you view anyone who is willing to cause the death of 500,000 children to punish one man? 

How can we not understand why so many people hate the United States when our own Secretary of State says murdering 500,000 children is quote, "worth it?" 

The Big Lie of September 11

Knowing who did the terrorism of September 11 is important, but why they did it is even more important to us.

Yet, strangely, there has been little discussion in the mass media on why the attack occurred. Politicians and media personalities have given us completely inadequate explanations why a couple of dozen young men would blow themselves up to get at us. In fact, they have told us absurd lies to keep Americans from understanding the real reason for the attacks.

We have been told that the attackers were simply crazy, cowardly men who committed a quote "unprovoked attack." Media and government spokesmen repeatedly assured us that these attacks had "nothing to do with America's support of Israel." The official view, as expressed by the President to the U.S. Congress was that the terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom! Here is an excerpt of his remarks before Congress 

Americans are asking "Why do they hate us?"

They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected
government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms

I am not trying to be disrespectful, but what he said is so ridiculous that even this intellectually-challenged President cannot really believe it. Does Bush really think that a bunch of young men would give up their families, their homes, and immolate themselves in a huge ball of fire simply because they hate our democracy! Right on Mr. President! Next week, will we will hear about Islamic kamikazes crashing planes into Iceland, the oldest enduring democracy on earth. 

Mr. Bush is asking America to support a massive war over the next ten years. We are being asked to support a huge conflict whose huge costs could well bankrupt America and cause the loss of great numbers of American lives. Before we can make such a crucial decision, we deserve to have the whole truth concerning this cataclysmic event.

Of course, Mr. Bush did not tell us the truth; he simply repeated the Big Lie put out by the American mass media.

Saying that these acts were born out of hatred for freedom is a calculated lie to divert us from associating this disaster with our support for Israel. 

You see, associating the attack with our Israeli policy would be bad public relations for Israel and the Jewish Lobby. The last thing they want is for the American people to realize that our unconditional support of Israel has directly led to this disaster.

If the American people clearly understand that fact, people might begin to ask a similar question to the one asked by Leslie Stahl, "Is our support of Israel really worth it?" 

To keep people from asking that obvious question, the media made up the Big Lie that the men of October 11 were simply crazy, cowardly people who hated freedom and democracy! 

The real reason for the attack

Even the date the terrorists chose for this attack shows their true motivation.

The attack occurred on September 11. That is the anniversary of the League of Nations proclaiming in Palestine the British Mandate in 1922. The date represents the first physical step toward the implementation of the Balfour Declaration and the establishment of Israel.
Why has the mass media kept this important fact from the American people?

Frankly, this fact has been suppressed because the American media are thoroughly dominated by Jews. Many Americans suspect that Jews have disproportionate influence in the press, but their actual power is more than most people imagine. If you want documented proof of their enormous media power, just go to my webpage, and read the Who Runs the Media chapter from my book, My Awakening.

Just as Jewish Israel-Firsters dominate the mass media, so Congress and the President are afflicted by the Israeli Lobby. It should anger every American to think that the most powerful lobby in Congress is in the service of a foreign nation. Yet, the immense power of the Jewish Lobby is a proven fact, and nobody on capital hill will dare defy this all-powerful lobby. Even one of the most powerful U.S. Senators in American history, William Fulbright, bluntly said on CBS's Face the Nation, that, "Israel controls the U.S. Senate."

Recently, a Hebrew Israeli radio station, Kol Yisrael, on October 3rd reported that during an argument in an Israeli cabinet meeting, Shimon Peres warned Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that unless he would heed American requests for a cease fire with the Palestinians, he could cause America to turn against Israel. In a fit of anger, Sharon responded to Peres: 

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . .
I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure
on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

The media bosses and the Israeli bought politicians know the real reasons behind this terrorism. They have read the interviews of Osama Bin Laden. He and almost every other Islamic opponent of America has put support for Israel at the top of their top ten reasons for hating America. Laden and countless millions in the Muslim world blame the attacks on Lebanon, on Iraq, on Libya, on Iran, on Afghanistan and on Sudan as a direct result of Israel's control over America.

They point out that the many Israeli massacres of Palestinians, the ongoing torture of thousands of prisoners, the use of assassination of political enemies, the bombing of refugee camps, and the expansive wars launched by Israeli against their Arab neighbors; that all these Israeli crimes are completely dependent on unconditional American aid. They also see the deaths of the 500,000 Iraqi children, as admitted by our former Jewish Secretary of State, as a direct result of Jewish control over America.

The American people who are under the bombardment of a biased multimedia, might not realize the Jewish control of American foreign policy, but the Palestinians and their allies such as Bin Laden, they all understand it, and they hate us for it.

In fact, the same mass media that are giving out the Big Lie that the terrorist motivation is "hate for freedom," are clearly aware of Laden's real motivations.

I can easily prove the true motivation of Bin Laden and I can prove the media has known the truth all along. In May of 1998 Bin Laden was interviewed by reporter John Miller of ABC. Bin Laden talks about why he seeks to attack America. You can find it on the ABC and the PBS websites. Here are excerpts of Bin Laden's own words.

"For over half a century, Muslims in Palestine have been slaughtered and assaulted and robbed of their honor and of their property. Their houses have been blasted, their crops destroyed"

"This is my message to the American people: to look for a serious government that looks out for their interests and does not attack other people's lands, or other people's honor. And my word to American journalists is not to ask why we did that but ask what their government has done that forced us to defend ourselves"

"So we tell the Americans as people, and we tell the mothers of soldiers and American mothers in general that if they value their lives and the lives of their children, to find a patriotic government that will look after their interests and not the interests of the Jews"

I say to them that they have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government, and this is most evident in Clinton's administration
We believe that this administration represents Israel inside America. Take the sensitive ministries such as the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense and the CIA, you will find that the Jews have the upper hand in them. They make use of America to further their plans for the world

In the interview, Laden never said one word about opposing democratic principles, nor has he ever done so in his lifetime. So, now we know Laden's true motivation. He attacked us not because he "hates democracy, but because he thinks Israel controls and uses America to attack his people. 

If Laden turns out to be the one behind the terrorism, there is no defense of what he did. As far as I am concerned, he deserves to be blown to hell for killing so many Americans. 

But why must the media and government create this huge, absurd lie about why we were attacked on September 11. 

This Big Lie is, of course, meant to hide an obvious truth. Its purpose is to keep Americans from associating this attack with our Israeli policy.

If that happens people might begin to wonder if it is in our true interest to having given Israel countless billions of our dollars.

They might begin to wonder if it is good for America to serve as the Israeli's shock troops and techno killers in attacks on Israel's enemies such as Iraq.

So, the unvarnished truth is that we suffered the terror of September 11 because of our support of the criminal policies of Israel. We have let our country be controlled by a foreign lobby that has worked against the best interests of the American people.

Israel has time and again proven it is not really our friend. It has conducted covert terrorist activities against America such as the Lavon affair in Egypt. It has deliberately attacked the USS Liberty with unmarked fighters and torpedo boats causing 174 American casualties in an attempt to blame Egypt and garner American support during the war of 1967. It has spied on us and stolen our greatest secrets, such as in the Jonathan Pollard affair. It has sold secret American technologies to the Communist Chinese. It has stolen nucleur materials from the United States. It has tricked America into bombing other nations such as in the attack on Libya in 1986. I could go on and on about Israel's treachery against the America. 

And now, under guidance of the Israel Lobby and the Jewish controlled media, the Zionists are preparing America to strike a massive blow against all of Israel's mortal enemies in a global war. They are already talking about not only bombing, but invading and occupying whole nations such as Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Such would spawn a huge wave of hatred and retribution against America from all over the planet. The costs of such a war would cost the American people untold billions of dollars and could well cause the deaths of thousands of Americans. Finally, such a war would not end terrorism, but only spawn more acts of terror against us. 

The real attackers of freedom

The first great cost of this new war is already being implemented: an outright attack on our American constitutional rights. 

The Big Lie is that the terrorists attacked freedom. The truth is simply that they committed the terrible deed of blowing up the Trade Center as well as part of the Pentagon and taking 7,000 American lives. That action took away lives and property, but it did not take away our freedoms. Only our own leaders can do that. 

America's media and government leaders now tell us that we must fight to defend freedom. But, pray tell, how do they plan to fight for freedom? In the ultimate oxymoron, they plan to do it by taking freedoms away from the American people. 

We are told not to worry, though, it will only be temporary. Yet, has any government, once it has taken away the rights of the people, ever voluntarily given them back? Once a government takes away individual rights, expecting it to give them back is the same thing as expecting a dog to meow.

My fellow Americans, please open your eyes! Bush's first action after September 11 was to fund the creation of the biggest Secret Police apparatus in the history of the world. If you ever wondered what a police state looks like, you had better look quickly, for its coming straight at you like a runaway locomotive. 

When the billions of appropriated monies work its way, the size of our "secret police" will make the former soviet KGB look like a kite next to a Jumbo Jet. Americans will have about as much privacy as one would have in a glass outhouse.

And how about the war against terrorism, after we spend countless billions, and spend unknown numbers of American and foreign lives, what are chances that terrorism will be lessened? 

A war that shall not defend us

The Jewish media are already whipping up as much hatred as it can. News programs no longer report the many newsworthy things that happen in America and abroad, they are one long commercial for a massive, drawn out, bloody war.

This propagandizing has already had an effect. When CBS and CNN polled the American people and asked them if we should attack the suspected enemies of America even if it will, quote: "cost the lives of thousands of innocent people." Almost 70 percent said yes. 

It hurts my heart to think that a vast majority of the American people now take exactly the same view toward innocent human life as did the terrorists of September 11.

How do you think the rest of the world views America when they hear the results of those polls? 

So far, I have heard no one, not even one of the great moral media pontificators, the President of the United States, our church leaders, or anyone else of prominence -- courageous enough to point out this blatant moral hypocrisy.

So, we are now going to fight terrorism in a global war. And what happens when America goes out and bombs the hell out of countries and indiscriminately kills "thousands of innocent people?" Will we really end the threat of terrorism? America has done the same thing before. Let's take a look at how it has protected us from terrorism.

In 1986, the Israelis gave America false evidence against Libya and induced us to bomb the hell out of the country. We bombed a nation to "fight terrorism" for a crime it did not even commit. A year later, a couple of members of a radical group in Libya were alleged to have bombed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, causing one of the worst air disasters of all time, killing 270. 

We exact our revenge with B-1 bombers; they do it through suicide bombers.

There is no way to completely protect ourselves from those kinds of acts. Even one fanatic person, if he is willing to commit suicide, can easily, with a small amount (non-detectible) plastic explosives, crash a plane with 400 people on it. We live in an era in which deadly biological agents of mass destruction can be made in anyone's basement. 

America must take heed; the next terroristic act can be committed by just one person and kill hundreds of thousands of people. The exercise of brute military force can no longer protect any nation. 

Let me repeat, we send our B1 bombers and they send their suicide bombers. And now, unless cooler head prevail, we are ready to embark on another war on terrorism that may kill thousands of innocent people and escalate the cycle of violence. 

September 11 has forever changed the world

The world changed forever on September 11. 

If anything, it proved that a handful of men, with little money and no weapons save some box openers, could wreck major destruction and havoc on the most powerful nation on earth. It showed how every nation is vulnerable to terrorism, even ours.

How then do we then protect ourselves from terror in the future?

Unless we remedy the underlying motivation of the terrorism and give America a better course, every new missile and bomb we send will come back to us again. Every drop of blood we spill in foreign lands will result in more American blood lost here and abroad. America will sink more and more into uncertainty and fear.

After the events of September 11, a father who lost his daughter in the Lockerbie plane crash, John Mosey, wrote to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He pointed out that the 270 who died in the 1988 bombing were killed in reprisal for "aggressive" US policies in the Arab world. He went on to caution, "The utmost care must be taken that whatever path is eventually pursued is successful and does not harm innocent people, thus producing another batch of terrorists." 

We must have cool heads now and break this cycle of violence.

Let us pray for the American victims of these events and for their suffering families. Let us go after the perpetrators of these dastardly acts with absolute precision.

But, even more importantly, let us understand why these events occurred and how we can heal the hatred against our nation.

Many traitors in our government have supported Zionism's criminal activities rather than the true interests of the American people. They have spawned the hatred against America that drove on these terrible acts. They are as much responsible for the carnage of September 11 as if they themselves piloted these planes that were turned into bombs.

This event happened because the American government and media are ruled by those who put Israel's interests over America's. Unless that foreign power over us is broken, Americans will be haunted by an increasing specter of terrorism.

Perhaps one positive thing that came out of the sad events of September 11 is the increased patriotism in America. That is good, for if Americans had been more patriotic in the past few years, and not allowed a foreign power to control us, we would not be facing such an uncertain future.

By understanding the reason why we now face the specter of terrorism, we can develop a plan to prevent such terroristic acts in the future. Here are five steps America must take to end the immediate and long term threat of terrorism. 

Five steps to American security and freedom

First, we must recognize that the America's Israel-first foreign policy has been morally wrong as well as immensely damaging to the United States of America. It has cost us hundreds of billions of dollars in direct aid over the years and it has cost trillions of dollars in economic damage such as incurred by higher petroleum costs. A direct consequence of America's Israel-first policy is the terror we faced on September 11 and the likelihood of increasing terror against the American people.

Second, we must first seek diplomatic and economic pressures to extradite and legally try and execute those responsible for terror upon Americans. If that fails, we should use surgical operations to apprehend and punish those responsible for terrorism. But, we must not let the Jewish Lobby maneuver us into a wider war and an increasing cycle of violence that would cost billions of American dollars and untold numbers of innocent lives. Such an action can only result in increased terrorism in America.

Third, we must absolutely protect the Constitutional Rights of the American people. Erosion of Constitutional rights exposes us to greater danger than any individual acts of terrorism. Taking away Constitutional rights in the fight against terrorism is like burning your coat to protect yourself against the cold. Benjamin Franklin said it right. "People who give up freedom for security achieve neither." 

Fourth, we must never allow any foreign power to have any monetary or other influence on internal American politics. All political lobbies on behalf of foreign nations must be absolutely prohibited.

Fifth, we must break the Jewish power over the American mass media. Americans must be entitled to an honest and unbiased media that serves only the true interests of the American people and not the agenda of a Jewish-Supremacist minority. 

America first

The solution to ending this current threat of terrorism is very obvious; it is as clear as the true reasons for the terrorist attacks.

America must heed the farewell address of the Father of our Country and "avoid foreign entanglements."

We would not now be in this mess if the American government would have always put the interests of America first. The only way to work America out of the present danger is to rigidly apply this principle.

The hour is late, but it is not too late to save our country.

We must now embark on the only sure path to America's security and freedom. Let us always put the interests of America First.


May God Bless America!

David Duke

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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