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The Jewish Tribal Review and its online volume 'When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America' is intended to be a public service. We've tried to provide downloads of WVR as a free service in pdf form, but couldn't absorb the economic cost of this. (We'll occasionally post it at the end of months, as bandwidth limitations allow).

Unfortunately, there are unethical elements in our world who have gravitated to exploitation, profiteering, and chicanery at our expense. Our free pdf file has been downloaded and reconfigured as a new production by thieves.

A shyster web site called "Reporters Notebook" has stolen the massive research volume 'When Victims Rule', changed its name to "The Jewish Ruling Class in America," ignored this web site as its place of origin and authorship, and is selling a CD of the volume under the "Reporters Notebook" logo. This is an act of subversion: the rogue profiteering of material that is available at -- and originates from -- this web site. It subverts the anti-exploitive spirit of what Jewish Tribal Review seeks to accomplish.

Reporters Notebook is of course perpetrating fraud which impugns the entirety of the Reporters Notebook enterprise. Its main purpose seems to be that of a self-promotive entreprenuerial predator.

Readers should be aware that the Reporters Notebook rip-off of our research is completely unauthorized and -- judging by its complete lack of scruples in appropriating our free labor for its own profit and incessant hustling -- should not be trusted in any realm.

Reporters Notebook is circulating a rewritten version of our introduction to When Victims Rule and it must be presumed that other parts of the volume have been likewise changed and manipulated to suit RN's chicanery.

The source of When Victims Rule is this web site, Jewish Tribal Review, and any other versions this work (under any changed names) should be viewed as stolen, unreliable, and fraudulent.

Reporters Notebook's deceptive email promo is as follows (the text is actually unattributed material written by us, slightly changed by RN to promote itself and its CD):

A must read...Order Now!
The title of this new CD-book is The Jewish Ruling Class in America
Donation: $20.00 per CD-book

The origin of this volume rests simply in a question posed about the state of Israel: "How can such an anti-democratic, ethnocentric, racist, and morally bankrupt socio-political system (Zionism) be so grossly misrepresented as a noble endeavor throughout modern America?" Originally conceived as a traditional book, and a scholarly one, it was soon clear that no publisher would ever be willing to produce so frank an investigation about it's subject matter. Above and beyond all other people, Jews, in western society, have been popularly configured to be beyond the pale of public criticism. And this censorship is zealously, militantly, enforced.

The title of this CD-book is The Jewish Ruling Class in America. This refers to the popular notion that the Jewish people are historical victims, and victims only (never oppressors, never exploiters), always persecuted, and always scapegoats for irrational prejudice. People of Jewish heritage are irrefutably pre-eminent, and often dominant, in many crucial areas of American popular culture. The second part of the title refers to the paradoxical fact that Jews in America are quite the opposite of victims: this project explores the enormous Jewish representation in positions of power and influence in American (and western) society, which serves towards codifying Jewish and Zionist legend as fact. This investigation, analyzing traditional religious -- and secular Zionist --Jewish identities, illustrates why this should be of serious concern to all Americans, including Jews. Continued denial of the facts of history by the Jewish community serves no one's best interest -- in the LONG term, least of all their own. The facts of history cannot be denied, and dissimulated, forever. (Note: Israel Shahak, Israel Shamir, Alfred Lilienthal, John Sack, Norman Finkelstein, and a few others of Jewish heritage are among the scholarly inspirations for this project. These men's courageously honest works are trailblazers away from institutionalized Jewish hypocrisy. If they represented the norm in the Jewish community, there would be no reason to write this book).

It is massive -- in traditional book terms over 2,000 pages long (not including the bibliography), featuring about 10,000 citations from nearly 4,000 magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers (as well as a few web sites). This has taken a number of years to accomplish. All text on this CD-ROM book may be copied freely. It is intended as an educational source to counter the avalanche of bias and distortion championed in the name of Israel and Jewish mythos. In recent decades, post-Holocaust, this avalanche is not abetting, but growing. Skeptical readers of this work are encouraged to go to the original sources of citations and excerpts by other (mostly Jewish) authors quoted here. Read, read, read. Expand horizons, don't limit them. Readers may go to any chapter of this book in any order they please. But this work is of course conceived sequentially. And to understand the full context for each chapter, and the full dimension of any given fact, the entire volume is a mosaic that interrelates and informs each respective part. Many readers will probably look first, perhaps, to the chapters about Jewish/Zionist influence in government and the mass media. To fully understand why it is important (and rational, and non-prejudicial) to note who is Jewish in these fields, the reader must comprehend the nature of traditional Jewish collective identity, the overwhelming Jewish allegiance to the ideology of Zionism and the state of Israel, and parallel Jewish power in other fields -- subjects explored in other chapters.

This CD-book is written by: a group of moral, ethical people gathered to create a clearinghouse for facts about this subject matter. Among these facts is organized Jewry's relentless defamation of Ukrainians, African-Americans, Poles, Iranians, Russians, Arabs, the Swiss, Christians, Muslims, and whoever else has been their neighbor in history. Jewish identity in fact categorically defines ALL non-Jews as, in varying degrees, "anti-Semites," whether one responds with a curse for being cheated by a Jewish merchant in 16th century Poland, throws a stone at an Israeli tank, or merely goes to church on Sunday. The militantly enforced declaration of categorical Jewish innocence throughout history is preposterous. Yet Jewish identity continues to demand both material and moral concessions from EVERYONE, for alleged crimes against Jewry since the creation of Jewish identity.

This CD-book seeks public dialogue, and public forum, from a critical perspective, about the subject of Jews in America (and throughout the world). To those who read this volume, the reason for this critical attitude ("Why did you write this book?") will be clear. Injustices perpetrated by the powerful, whoever they are, must always be challenged. The continued assault upon, and critical deconstruction of, the WASP power establishment towards a more balanced power equity by multiculturalist advocates is a long tradition in this country. But what about a power elite that is very much part of the "white" establishment, albeit immune from criticism (one which paradoxically demands victimhood status even from its collective base in the heart of the Western world's power centers), and in fact predominates in so many fields? By what moral premise are these powerful people screened from public analysis? Why the double standard? No one has any problem with assailing the WASP establishment as a COLLECTIVE entity, irrespective of any individual WASP's class or political belief. Why is it forbidden to criticize Jewry in the same manner when it is they that have been so profoundly instrumental in shaping the social, economic, cultural and political fabric of America? This CD-book asserts that no particular people are entitled to special treatment above all others, no people are "unique" in the garden of humanity, no people in history have a corner on tragedy, no group of people are inherently leaders of all the rest, and that social systems should be morally riveted towards remedying human suffering in its most universalistic sense, with justice, and respect, for all. These are the cornerstones for the creation of this volume. That criticism of the Jewish community is somehow publicly configured to evidence the OPPOSITE of these tenets is a foundation of this investigation.

Donation: $20.00 per CD-book plus Shipping and handling is included. Send to: 253 west 72nd St. #1711 New York, NY 10023 Credit Card Orders: Telephone: 212-787-7891
Thank you for your support.

Reporters Notebook responded to our protest of this naked rip-off, saying -- in entirety -- this:

Who are you....I'll be happy to share the me 212-787-7891...The new title sells better....

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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