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Letter to Radio Islam

The pessimism of the Israeli intelligence


Usually the news noys are not very encouraging, at least the items that are being pushed down our throats day and night, or 'every hour on the hour' (as the famous CNN slogan goes). However when one reads the 'fine print', one sees that which the Jewish 'western media' does not focus upon. And that which is not focused upon in that "western media" is more likely than not good news, at least from our perspective.

According to an article in "Maarev" (an Israeli newspaper), issue of April 13th, 2000, it summarized the pessimistic picture that the Israeli Intelligence sources have painted after the deteriorating "peace process" with the Syrians, the same "deterioration" that now is spreading to all fronts as the following:

Iran: Its economy is getting better, there is no change as far as Khatami's position towards Israel, it is building up its army and going ahead with its attempts to increase its un-traditional combat capabilities.

Hizb Allah: Intensifies its training, which in turn has increased in un-precedented fashion its military support to it, a support that is expected to increase (passing through Syria) in the next few months. It has every intention to escalate its attacks against Israeli military targets in South of Lebanon even after Israeli withdrawal.

Egypt: Although trying to keep a basic minimum of 'good' relations with Israel, is also going ahead in its build up of its army, with un-precedented US aid!

Jordan: In its "non allied" policy, is following a cautious 'wait and see' approach, a 'friendly' country with its king attempting to keep its relations with Israel on 'low heat' while strengthening his country's ties with the Arabic countries.

Iraq: Is regaining and developing its strength anew, its economy is somewhat recovering. And if the sanctions were to be lifted all together, then within few years it will be capable of coming back as a 'dangerous' country with nuclear capabilities. It uses the help of highly advanced western countries, and highly paid western advisors, as far as Saddam's regime, it seems stable at the moment.

The Palestinians: Yasser Arafat is determined now more than ever to declare unilaterally an "independent" Palestinian State, a matter which could lead to a violent dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This declaration is to be expected within the near future if no new breakthroughs are to be achieved on the Palestinian/Israeli negotiations.

1) inside Palestine, Hamas (the Islamic resistance movement) is restructuring itself, with an increasing co-operation with the Israeli Arabs.

2) outside Palestine, 3 of Hamas's leaders who were expelled from Jordan are going in and out of Syria freely, however without establishing their head-quarters there.

It is interesting, very interesting indeed, that the Israelis see our strength, and consequently fear us as the real danger -that we are- to their un-just and colonial presence in our midst, more so than we ourselves are willing to realize. When I say "we" however, I mean our ruling so called elite, our politicians, and worst of all our so called intelligentsia.

I think they fear us yes, but not just because of what they listed in their "Maariv", which could be very much true, but basically and fundamentally because as Yasser Arafat (the old Yasser, the Yasser before "Soha Arafat"!, and Oslo) said it a long time ago: "history is on our side, we have a just cause, and history has always proved time and again to be on the side of those with a just cause".

Bent Misr


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