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Letter to Radio Islam
Act now
Israel is preparing to destroy the Muslims


Dear Ahmed,

You are right. If we do not act now it would be late in the near future. The zionist Israel is preparing itself since the early sixties to destroy the Arabs by capturing their main cities using total annihilation of city duelers using neutron bombs, of which they have plenty NOW. Then driving by terror the living survivors outside main cities back to the deserts, where their grandfathers used to belong...!!!

We should dare not to speak to our great leaders. We should ask only ordinary citizens to prepare for the coming zionist inferno. By building underground shelters and learn to prepare dry foods that can be stored for long periods of time. They should also learn how to fight with the sword, the dagger and stick, and how to be very very good at making these weapons. They should store these weapons from now on, in preparation for the coming of the great "Holocaust". We should stop living in great cities. we should spread by building small towns; NO CITIES.

This should only be prepared by citizens alone. Great governments and great rulers care not and know not about any coming danger. They have their own great individual preparations; they are accumulating a great deal of $$$ and Uros; every great man has his own house,villa or palace somewhere in the FIRST WORLD where the jews have the upper hand in every aspect of life.

To prepare for such a Great Danger Ordinary Arabs should ONLY resort to themselves; to their own sense of survival; to their own sense of self defense; to their own individual-and-team creativity. No government is to be trusted in THIS realm. ALL MUSLIMS AND ARABS ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE BE PREPARED -ACT NOW.

This should be our task nr1; but not the only one: educating the Arabs as individuals or in teams of how to be ready for the realy "Holocaust". At the same time we should not forget our great rulers and elite and speak to them to let their fellow citizens alone to act on their own...In return we don't ask them for help..and not blame them for nothing..


The world of muslims is and was not, hundreds of years ago, the world of islam... But what to do? The first thing, in my opinion, is to reread our history. I tried and found out that from the beginning of the establishment of the Islamic State three '' Reddas '' not two " Reddas " took place. The first was the sharing of Prophethood. The second was the refusal of Zakah. Those two reddas were defeated. The third reddah was victorious. That was the establishment of the Despotic Dictatorial Monarchy. Ali, sahabee and nephew ,of the Prophet and the elected Khaleefah took to arms, for five years, to destroy that reddah and its powerful leaders. But alas, the man was assassinated just before waging, probably, the final victorious battle of Islam against its darkest forces; the Omayats, then the Abasites, then the tribal Kingdoms that followed up to this moment of humans. Tyranny, "Tughyan ", which is a more descriptive and accurate term than the word " Dictatorship ", was and is the commonsense of all political systems of the muslim states, ever since the day Omaya tribe bethroned Mu'aoyah. That day was the day the third "Reddah " was established officially and permanently.

From this reality as a guide we may be capable of talking logically, deciding correctly the right decisions and planing better.

I do not believe in the wisdom of Revolutions. That was the wisdom created by the jews to hold the destiny of Europe in their hands. I believe in the wisdom of evolution. I believe the abolition of Tughyan can be done by the cooperation of the men of wisdom, the men and women of culture and the rest of the nation. What else ? I do not know.

Faithfully Yours.


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