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The Torture and False Confession of Auschwitz Commandant Rudolf Höss

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It was established as a fact at the Nuremberg Trials that 4 Million people were killed at Auschwitz. To commemorate the number, Polish government installed plaques in front of the Auschwitz Memorial to remind the visitors that 4 Million people were killed there. After the fall of communism in Europe, this number was officially revised and reduced to a million and a half. However according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website, the total number of people killed at Auschwitz was no more than 1.1 Million.

The primary source from which the 4 Million number derived was the confession of Rudolf Höss (sometimes spelled Rudolf Hoess) before the International Military Tribunal. Rudolf Höss was the first of three successive commandants of the Auschwitz concentration camp. In the presence of journalists from many countries, Rudolf Höss estimated that of 3 Million people that had been exterminated at Auschwitz under his watch, 2.5 Million had been killed by means of gas chambers.

Rudolf Höss was the commandant of Auschwitz from May 1940 until November 1943. From November 1943 until May 1944 the concentration camp was commandeered by Arthur Liebehenschel and from May 1944 until January 1945 by Richard Baer. Since Rudolf Höss “confessed” that 3 Million people had been killed in the camp while he was the commandant, it was a no brainer for the judges presiding over the Nuremberg trials to assume that additional people were killed in the camp while Auschwitz was under the command of Arthur Liebehenschel and Richard Baer and thus, the 4 Million number was devised.

Yet today we know that the total number of people killed at Auschwitz during its full run as a labour camp under three commandeers was no more than 1.1 Million. Then why would Rudolf Höss make false confessions that preposterous 3 Million people had been killed there during the first two and a half years of the camp? We can find answers to that in the accounts by people who were there when Rudolf Höss was held a prisoner.

Documented Torture of German POWs Before the Nuremberg Trials

Baron Paget of Northampton wrote in his book titled “Manstein: His Campaign and His Trial” (published by Collins in 1951) on page 109:

[The US Simpson Inquiry Commission] reported among other things that of the 139 cases they had investigated, 137 had had their testicles permanently destroyed by kicks received from the American War Crimes Investigating Team.

Pennsylvania judge Edward L. Van Roden – member of the commission investigating the accusations by Colonel Everett who reported that Germans did not receive fair trial, wrote in his book titled “American Atrocities in Germany“:

Our investigators would put a black hood over the accused’s head and then punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him, and beat him with rubber hose. Many of the German defendants had teeth knocked out. Some had their jaws broken. All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair.

Rudolf Höss Affidavit

On March 14, 1946 two days after his capture, at 2:30 in the morning, Rudolf Höss signed an 8 page typed text document written in German. The document lacked any form of formatting, headings or printed administrative references and was littered with hand written corrections. The document was also signed by two witnesses – British sergeants and a captain of the 92nd Field Security Section, who certified that the prisoner made his statement voluntarily. The captain dated his signature March 14, but one of the witnessing officers dated it March 15. The document does not bear any indication of place where it was signed. Remember the dates – March 14 or 15.

Then on April 5, 1946 Rudolf Höss signed a 20 pages long affidavit written in English – language he did not speak. He signed the affidavit under oath, even though it was written in the language of his captors, not his own.

In order to hide that Rudolf Höss had signed an affidavit in language he did not speak, the original text was recast and presented as “translation” into English from German. However during the hasty attempt to hide the deception, mistakes were made so the handwritten addition to paragraph 10 was mistakenly added to the end of paragraph 9, rendering the paragraph incomprehensible. It was the forgery that was used before the Nuremberg tribunal.

Bernard Clarke on Torture of Rudolf Höss

In 1983, author Rupert Butler, notable for his other books namely Hand of Steel, The Black Angels and Gestapo (published by Hamlyn) wrote an anti-Nazi book entitled Legions of Death. For this book, Rupert Butler researched materials available at prestigious institutions including the Imperial War Museum in London, the Institute for Contemporary History and Wiener Library.

At the beginning of Legions of Death, Rupert Butler expresses his gratitude to two persons, one of whom being British officer of Jewish origin by the name of Bernard Clarke. Bernard Clarke is notable for being the person who captured Rudolf Höss. Numerous written or recorded statements by Bernard Clarke are quoted throughout Legions of Death.

Because Legions of Death an anti-Nazi book, Rupert Butler did not try to take a critical stance against Bernard Clarke who expressed pride in having tortured a Nazi. Little did the two know that by doing that, they would ultimately confirm what everybody knew all along, but nobody had first-hand account of – that Rudolf Höss’ testimony was extracted by torture, that the job of the interrogators was to secure German guilt before the Nuremberg trials, that all those false and self-incriminating statements German POWs signed had been presented to them by their captors in finished form, only after they were broken down with the use of thorough psychological and physical torture.

Quote from the book (commandant’s last name is spelled Hoess instead of Höss):

The prisoner was torn from the top bunk, the pyjamas ripped from his body. He was dragged naked to one of the slaughter tables, where it seemed to Clarke the blows and screams were endless.

Eventually the Medical Officer urged the Captain: ‘Call them off, unless you want to take back a corpse.’

A blanket was thrown over Hoess and he was dragged to Clarke’s car, where the sergeant poured a substantial slug of whisky down his throat. Then Hoess tried to sleep.

Clarke thrust his service stick under the man’s eyelids and ordered in German: ‘Keep your pig eyes open, you swine.’

The first time Hoess trotted out his oft-repeated justification: “I took my orders from Himmler. I am a soldier in the same way as you are a soldier and we had to obey orders.”

The party arrived back at Heide around three in the morning. The snow was swirling still, but the blanket was torn from Hoess and he was made to walk completely nude through the prison yard to his cell.

It took three days to get a coherent statement out of him. But once he started talking, there was no holding him.

Here’s the screenshot of the pages that contain the quoted text:

Screenshot from book Legions of Death by Rupert Butler Who Quotes Bernard Clarke Bragging About Torturing Rudolf Hoess

He was beaten so badly it took three days for him to regain coherent speech again? Interesting, because considering that he had been captured on March 11, 1946 (look up any source for confirmation of this date), his captors must have used the time while he was incapacitated to produce the 8 page statement in German and as soon as Rudolf Höss recovered well enough to hold a pen, at 2:30 in the morning on either March 14 or 15 (the dates I told you to remember earlier), while he was still quivering from inhuman torture his captors had subjected him to, he signed whatever it was they handed him to sign.

And by signing it, Rudolf Höss ultimately sealed his fate. Anyone would have, though. They had just beaten him so bad, the doctor had to stop them or else he would have died. The same people were drooling for more, if only he had given them a reason to. This however was just the beginning of his long way through torture to death by hanging.

As Bernard Clarke said in the quote above:

…once he started talking, there was no stopping him.

That sounds very much as:

I’ll sing. I’ll say whatever you want me to say. Do you want me to say I gassed 2.5 Million people? I’ll do that. After you crushed my balls yesterday, I’ll say I gassed 50 Million people if you like that number better…

And this is how the myth of 6 Million Jews killed during World War II was created – with signed statements obtained with the use of methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not.

Rudolf Höss was certainly not the only German POW brutally tortured by his captors. Hans Frank, Hans Fritzsche, Julius Streicher, Oswald Pohl, Franz Ziereis, and Josef Kramer are but the tip of the iceberg that was the Nuremberg show trial.

Léon Poliakov, Russian/French Jew who was at the Nuremberg trials as an assistant to French politician Edgar Faure wrote in his book “Bréviaire de la haine: Le IIIe Reich et les Juifs” (Calmann-Levy, 1951, Livre de Poche, 1974) on page 171 in regards to the alleged policy of exterminating the Jews:

As regards the conception properly called of the plan for a total extermination, the three or four principal actors committed suicide in May of 1945. No document has survived or perhaps has ever existed.

Because there is nothing to prove that Germans intended to eliminate the Jews, all the Holocaust storytellers have to work with are confessions of captured German POWs, which are proven to have been obtained by the means of torture, and accounts of the so called eye witnesses who seemed to have embarked on a contest to outdo one another with who can come up with a more shocking story of how Germans treated the Jews during WWII. We’ll have a post dedicated to the lies of the Holocaust survivors soon.

On April 7, 1991 the Guardian Weekly published an article by journalist Robert Faurisson which contained the following statement:

The alleged Hitlerian gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which permitted a gigantic financial swindle whose chief beneficiaries have been the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose main victims have been the German people and the Palestinian people as a whole.

Needless to say, the audacity to point out the reality behind the Holocaust Myth got Robert Faurisson on the ADL’s Most Wanted list.

Further Reading:

Commandant of Auschwitz—Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions

From 1940 to 1943, Rudolf Höss was the commandant of the infamous Auschwitz Camp. Today’s orthodox narrative has it that during this time some 500,000 people were murdered in that camp. Yet when Höss was captured after the war, he confessed to having killed some 2,500,000 during that time. 40 years later, it was revealed that Höss had been severely tortured by his captors right after his arrest in March 1946. But what does that mean for the veracity of what Höss told in his various post-war statements?

Using various British documents, the author of the present study pieces together an almost minute-by-minute recounting of how the British managed to find Höss in his hiding place, and how they abused him after his capture to extract various “confessions” from him.

To separate truth from fiction, the author next presents essential excerpts from all the statements made by Höss after his capture: 85 individual documents in total (affidavits, memos, essays, interrogation protocols, etc.). By analyzing them meticulously, he demonstrates that Höss’s statements about the so-called “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” contradict one other and are refuted by historical facts established by solid documentation and material evidence. Höss, the author concludes, initially “was a coerced liar, but then he found a taste for the grandiloquent lie.”

PDF: Holocaust_Handbooks-Vol_35-Commandant_of_Auschwitz.pdf

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