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Ha'aretz, January 8, 1999

The price of suspending Wye

By Ze'ev Schiff, Ha'aretz


In a seemingly sophisticated maneuver, the government of Israel has suspended the Wye Plantation agreement. The announcement did not say that Israel was halting the negotiations with the Palestinians. It even pointed out that Israel would continue with the "peace process," but placed conditions on the agreement, and declared it would not implement the next withdrawal. Only when the Palestinian Authority had fulfilled its commitments would Israel do its part, stated the announcement.Now that the election campaign has begun, it is highly unlikely that the government will suddenly change this decision. The Americans have stated that the Palestinians have so far fulfilled all their commitments in the agreement. They have also stated that no new conditions should be added.

Yet Washington was not surprised by Israel's move. The Americans predicted last October that Netanyahu would make their lives miserable before the designated 12-week implementation period was up, and that it would do everything it could to delay fulfilling its commitments. Indeed, it is clear that the delay will be prolonged. In fact, the ball is now in the American court - not only on the Israeli side or in the Palestinians' court, as Israel claims. The Americans can now say: You asked for $1.2 billion for aid in implementing the Wye agreement. Since you have unilaterally suspended the agreement, the special aid connected with it will also be suspended. In the past, Congress suspended aid to the Palestinians because they did not meet their commitments. Why not use the same criterion for Israel?

But some in Israel believe that Congress has two separate accounts: one for the money that will come no matter what, another for the implementation of the agreement. Moreover, it is clear that part of the American aid will indirectly contribute to bolstering Israel's hold on the territories, and not to executing the withdrawal as part of the agreements.

Meanwhile, there has been a significant development in the matter of the IDF redeployment in the West Bank. During the negotiations on the Wye agreement, the Americans were told that Israel plans to begin immediately to relocate Israeli army camps from the West Bank. Specific army camps were mentioned, such as the division command, basic training camps and the reserves brigade command. For some reason, the first stage of the evacuation program focused on the organizational aspect, such as where training areas could be found - and less on the strategic one. An impression was created that more forces were to be relocated within the Green Line and less to the Jordan Valley, where Israel's hold had in any case weakened due to the impending evacuation in the Judean Desert. All this has now changed following orders from the chief of staff.

Unrelated to the cabinet decision to suspend the withdrawal, Major-General Shaul Mofaz ordered that the evacuation plan be changed. According to the order, no training or basic training bases would be evacuated for the time being. The army camps will remain where they are, even if they end up located within Area B. Their fate will be dealt with at a later stage, when it becomes clear how the Palestinians behave after the withdrawals, and the withdrawal from the camps will be left for the final status arrangement.

The upcoming changes in the redeployment will take place in the area of Judea and Samaria, without crossing the Green Line, except perhaps for the relocation of the training grounds of one of the brigades from the Judean Desert to within the Green Line. The emphasis at this stage of the evacuation will be on the relocation of IDF forces to within the settlements or next to them to give the civilian population a sense of security.

As for those settlers who ideologically oppose this entrenchment in preparation for the future, some are not even willing to put up fences around the settlements, to set up new military positions or to provide additional protection for their cars. They say that if there is peace, all these things are unnecessary, and if there is no peace and the situation is dangerous, then we most certainly should not withdraw. The IDF has received orders to conduct negotiations with each and every settlement that the army intends to enter during the withdrawal. If the settlers persist in their refusal, ways to force the military presence on them should be examined by the country's leadership, who think more about the political aspect of the problem than the security aspects. If this is the spirit of the orders given by the chief of staff while, at the same time, the Wye agreement has been suspended, Israel's representatives would do better not to go off to Washington to conduct monetary negotiations concerning actions that Israel does not want to implement just now



(c) copyright 1998 Ha'aretz. All Rights Reserved

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