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Lecture from USA by David Irving

David Irving lectures on the holocaust legend


After I published my first book which was "The destruction's of Dresden", in 1963. You remember this was the story of how we British destroyed a German town in one night and killed about a 100 000 people. And that on one air raid. That was my first book. And it was a big success so I decided to became a writer. And my publisher said: What do you want to write next? And I said: I've decide to use the same method to write a book about Adolf Hitler. Course there has always been an interest about that man. And I was born in 1938. So World War Two occupied effectively the first nine or ten years of my life. Thanks to that man we had effectively no childhood, we had no father, we had no toys, we had no luxuries, we had very poor food, we lived in the most primitive conditions, because of that man. And I was not satisfied of what I have been told about that man, what I've read about that man. And ever since my childhood there was a little childish curiosity. You choose to not believe what you are told by your elders and betters. You wont to find out everything for yourself. You want to reinvent the wheel effectively. So I decided to find out.

And here was a golden chance. I was an author. When you are an author you can ring to the door bell of Mr Clinton or Mr Bush or Mr Eisenhower, who ever it is and said: Good evening, I am an author. Can I speak to you for a while? And they open the door and they let you in and they talk to you. Because you are an author. If you are an historian or an author. So I find myself ringing the door bell of all the people who have sat across the table with Adolf Hitler. Not just for one accession but for years, through out the last years of his life.

His privet secretary Kristel Schröder. He had four privet secretaries who worked for him. Four women. At the time I wrote the book all of them were still alive. Two of them are still alive even now. Junger and Gerid Arodnotschy. Kristel Schröder was my favourite. A dear old lady who worked as his privet secretary from 1933, the year when the nazis came apart, until two or three days before the end of the war, when she was with him in the bunker in Berlin. And he sent her out of the bunker to save her life effectively. He gave her a job. He said: I want you to go down to Beveria. Go down to the Berghof, the mountain top home, he said, and go through my desk and destroy all my privet papers. And there he saved her life.

And she eventually let me in through the front door. It took about 8 or 10 years to get through her front door. And I would invite her out to diner. And I would invite her out to a lunch. And I say: Let's us go out and have lunch to the hotel Jahre Zeitong. And she said: Asch ja Irving, what do you want of me? And I say: Frau Schröder, I promise we want talk about those times. I just want to invite you out. And she had no friends, she was a dear old lady, lived all by herself, she look like a hamster, in one room. And I would invite you out and we are going to have a meal and we would talk about everything else. I promise. But of course after a time she had to talk about A.H. She had to talk about the chief, as she called him. And she was an education bring out one or two episode of her life with him, the 12 years with that man. And you got incredible close to this people. Hitler's adjutants, his army air force, major adjutant. I knew them all. They were educated people. They've been to the German privilege.. , they were educated officers, they became university background people. And what I found astonishing about every single one of this people without accepting, even Albert Speer at that time, when I spoke to him, when he came out of Spandau prison, intimately and closely, all of them without exceptions spoke of him with great admiration. And for me that was a great shock. Course as an Englishman talking to this ordinary educated Germans which sat across the table to him, who knew him intimately, that they spoke of him universally with admiration and in glorying terms. Reservations here and reservations there, but the main stream of what they said was positive. And that made me.. that really rock me back. I thought to myself: Obviously something is wrong. That was when I began develop an ocean of that have been two Adolf Hitlers. "The Madison avenue" version. The carpet, biting Adolf Hitler and the genuine Adolf Hitler who manage somehow to win this people over. And I wonder over Kristel Schröder, the privet secretary, that is such acceptant, that after I known her fore many years, a few years before she died she said: Mr Irving, if you really should kept the diary. She had written privet letters to a woman friend. I think she was probably lesbian. And she writing this letters to this woman friend in Switzerland through out the war years. Which this woman friend eventually pastel up and indignity sent back to her the way it sometime happen in relationship. So she got all her letters back. And she let me have those letters. A wonderful materials for an historian. And right at the end she said: You know, when he sent me out of the bunker, a week before the end, to destroy all his privet papers. I destroyed everything except for 12 picture post cards. 12 post cards on which he had made sketches of tables and bridges and friends and there was a sketching of Charlie Chaplin. And he also sketched himself. Let me show it to you. She gave it to me. I got it here. He sketch himself, a self portrait, on a card. How about that? The only Adolf Hitler self portrait that existence. His privet secretary gave it to me. Longer back he sketches his girlfriend Eva Braun. And she said: Mr Irving, you can take a few papers. Take the cards you want. And I went through it and I have eventually stopping on this one. I said: Of course I couldn't possible. She said: I want you to have that one. And she gave this one to me. An enormously value of course. It's the only one of its kind in the world. But it is a piece of documentary proof that I really got through to these people and they talk to me about what they actually had seen and there experience. And there weren't holding anything back.

I mention that because we can start straight away with what this people knew about what is now call "the final solution". The answer is, nothing. I asked everyone of them. His privet secretaries, his four ladies, his adjutants, his headmasters, the generals, everyone who have been close to Adolf Hitler, Albert Speer, his minister of defence. I would ask every single one of them over the 10 and then 20 years that I wrote and rewrote that book. What was ever discussed about the final solution at Hitler's headquarters? And all of them said quit indignity to me and in very genuine way: Mr Irving, we never heard a word about it. The first thing we ever heard about this camps was after the war, when we were told and shown the pictures.

Remember we are talking about what's going on at Hitler's level at that time. They weren't concealing things from me. Let me make that quite clam. One night I remember sitting up late, two or three in the morning with Kristal Schröder. And she open a bottle of wine. And she said in a slightly moghly mod: You know Herr Irving, I think that your theory about A.H. and the Jews is not quit right. He could be very cruel you knew. He could be very cruel. Senson of a story coming on and I let her talk. If I would have taken her out of bustic, and writing on a back of a bustic even one word she would have stand up. You had to let her run. And then I would immediately after go out to a café outside and reconstructed the heal conversations from memory. It was the only way to do it. She said: You know "The Night of the Long Knives"? I said: You mean June the 30th 1934? That was the day when Hitler had liquidated his leading opponents. And I said: Yes, I know that very clear. And she said: What would you say if I told you that I was with the chief through out that night? "The Night of the Long Knives", when he liquidated Ernst Röhm, the SA Brown shirt leader, the final total of 84 who were assassinated or murdered by the nazis on that day. The last day of June 1934. Hitler was clearing away all his rivals. And she was with him that day. I said: Tell me. She said: What happen was when I was in Berlin and he was in the Reinland. And he telephoned me and said that he needed me to be with him. Not because he had any dictation to do. He didn't need the secretaries to be dictation. He needed the secretaries to talk to late at night. He need someone to talk to. So she flew from Berlin to the Reinland in a plan with doctor Gobbles, the nazi propaganda chief in fact. And when they got to the Reinland they flew again and an hour or two later down to Munich. And down in Munich they clamed in to this big 6 wheels Mercedes limousine in the early morning and they drove out to Barbise, where this leaders, the enemy leaders, the rivals, the Brown shirt rivals were waiting. They were in a hotel in Barbise. And she describe for me eventually that day. How Hitler personally arrested all this rivals and they have them taken back to Berlin and back to Munich, and they were locked up in prison and later on that day they were shoot. The first 12 were shoot. And then some more, and then some more. Until finally 84 of them were liquidated over the 24 hours. And she describe.. she said: Mr Irving, we flew back to Berlin that night. And this time I flew in the chief's plan with him. And when we got back to the chancellery, which was like the White House in Berlin, Hitler's headquarters in Berlin. When we got back to the chancellery, I lost site of him for an hour or two. And I went downstairs to the canteen, to the cafeteria. And I had a meal served. She and Hitler were both vegetarians. So she knew that he eventually would turned up to the canteen as well. And after an hour she said: I had finished my meal and he walk in through the door to the cafeteria. And he stood in the door and he said: Frau Schröder, now I had a shower and I feel as clean as a new born baby again. And that is a kind of sentence that makes you shadows when you hear it 40 years after. She hadn't told anybody else but me. This sentence had worried her. It drifted around inside her brain for 40 years and she hasn't anyone to tell it to. And "The night of the Long Knifes", he had return to Berlin and Hitler had a bath or a shower. And he said to his secretary afterwards, to Kristel Schröder: I've had a shower and now I feel as clean as a new born baby again. And from that she introduced that he was capable of committing cruel and brutal acts. And imaging that you could just have a shower afterwards like O.J. Simson and wash the blood away, and nothing else is left. An interesting remark. And it proof in fact that they weren't holding anything back. It is another piece of proof that there weren't holding anything back. They could talk about it in front as I talk like this.

The man who took the colour photographs during this book. If you pick it up after I have finish speaking on the table, you see it's a lot of colour photographs in it of Hitler's private staff. You haven't seen them in colour before. But this photographs were taking by a man who actually standing down here. You can see him here holding a film camera. He got his back to us. He is wearing a air force uniform. Walter Frence. He belong to Hitler's privet staff. It is his film camera man. Walter Frence. And he is still alive, age about 85 now. Live near Konstanz on the border of Switzerland and Germany. And I wan him over around 15 or 10 years ago and eventually he took me upstairs to his privet room where he showed me that he still had in cabinet in full controlled conditions 3000 colour transparencies that he had taken on Hitler's staff. Imaging that. All this people in colour for the first time. No one ever seen them before. And he never let anyone near the pictures, pictures of Ribbentrop and others. And it such beautiful colour as it could been taken yesterday. Beautiful photographs. And he describes to me after I had visited him three or four times, again over a bottle of wine at two a clock in the morning and there sitting next to me on the sofa with his wife. And he describes to me a mass shooting that he had witnessed. How about this?

And I want to say this because I want you to know that the newspapers who says that I am a Holocaust denier, there're talking through there hat. Cause that implies that I say that nothing happened whatsoever. That not a hair on the head of any of the Jews was hurt. I am not like that. I am not as extreme as that. Walter Frence, Hitler's film camera man, the man who took this marvellous colour photographs, describes to me at two or three in the morning over a bottle of wine how Heinrich Himmler, the chief of the SS. The chief of the SS, the Black Shirted SS about whom we hear so much of in Hollywood, in television movies now days. Himmler had come up to him at Hitler's headquarters and said: Herr Frence, it's boring here, isn't it? How do like to go on a little outing with us to the Eastern front? The month is August 1941. We reconstructed that day because we had a look in his albums. We knew exactly when this journey took place. An outing to the Eastern front, the Russian front, it last for three or four days. And Himmler takes Walter Frence and a couple of other chaps who's names I knew and they go driving around in the Eastern front visiting police units. (Irving showing pictures.) So they set off to the Eastern front, Himmler and Walter Frence and a couple of others. And they visiting police units and SS units behind the German lines, fighting with Russians. And we know that appalling crimes were committed there. And after two or three days of this it begins to drag again and Himmler says: Herr Frence, tomorrow morning I going to be witnessing a mass exterminating, a mass shooting. How do you like to come along and have a look? And Frence says: I love to Herr Rechführer. I love to. And this assume.. this is I believe were the German and the English mentality is differ. If herr Rechführer Himmler had said: Mr Irving, tomorrow morning I am going to be having a look at a mass extermination. How do you like to come along and have a look to? I would have found something's urgent to do elsewhere. Herr Frence said: That would be a lovely idea. I love to come along and have a look, herr Rechführer. So they go along and 6 or 7 in the morning. And he describe to me, and he finds himself standing in a field and a couple of 100 yards away on the far side of the field bulldozer were dig up pips and people were being driving up in trucks. Civilian being driving up in trucks, unloaded of the trucks. Line up against the pips. And machine gun into the pips. He describes this for me in a very detail, in a rather of natural effect way as something who had interest me, who he thought would have interest me. At this point Mrs Frence types off, his wife, and said: Walter, you've never told me this before. And he became embarrassed. And she said: Walter, were women and children being killed to? And he said: I can't remember. And he know he can remember. But he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. He describe this partially episode to me two or three times over the last 10 years. And every time it is the same story with the same details, sometime a few more details added that he remembered. It is no doubt at all that what he describe happened. In fact he says that he was horrified. One of the murderers, one of the gunners came running across the field to him. Not recognising his air force uniform. He wasn't wearing a SS uniform. Thought he was some high ranking officer. And one of the murders pleading to him take him away somewhere else because he couldn't take it anymore. And Himmler said: Herr Frence, it's interesting, isn't it? Why don't you go on and take a few photographs? And Frence pretended to take a photograph. And Himmler said: No, I mean it. Take a few photographs. So he took some photographs in black and white and colour. I think he still has the colour photographs. But he is not coming keen of me on that. I keep on pressing him to having another look. He says that he destroyed it. He says that when he went back to Hitler's headquarters, he showed the colour transparency that he took to Hitler's chief adjutant, a man call Rudolf Schmunt, a general who was killed on the bomb centre by Hitler's rifles as I mention earlier. And Schmunt said to him: Herr Frence, if you knew what's good for you, you destroy that photographs. And he did.

So something did happen. There were murders. There were assassinations. There were this pips and this machine guns set-up by the SS or by the Latvian or Lithuanian or Ukrainians in Minsk and in White Russia. So this kind of things did happen. And if I am going to challenge anything at all its going to be the scale on which was happened. The San Francisco Chronicle today asked me, because I am speaking in San Francisco on two days time. Tonight I am going to start the drive down to San Francisco and speaking in Berkeley. The San Francisco Chronicle asked me: What is the point you are making then? And I say: The Holocaust is being exaggerated. And the journalist said: By how much? And I say: By an order of magnitude. It is a scientific phrase. It means by a factor of about 10. I think the Holocaust is being exaggerated by a factor of about 10. Probably about 500 000 Jews were criminally killed in one way or another in one place or another at one time or another. And if you say: So what? Then the answer is: Well that puts it very much on the same kind of scale as the other crimes who were committed during World War Two. Which is precisely what the traditional enemy doesn't want to happen. They want theirs to be the Holocaust. Which bring me to that word.

Cause there are three words or phrases that I am going to ask you to bear in mind whenever you read this kind of controversy in the newspapers over the next few months and years. And the first word is that word Holocaust, the Holocaust. Until about 1972 it wasn't used in this connections. But now it is. If you go back through the computer liberties you find that before 1972 that word isn't been used in this connections. But round about then they must been have a meeting somewhere. Probable on the West Coast here in Los Angeles I suspect. And they decided to beep up the publicity. Because before then it wasn't this talk about Holocaust and Holocaust museum and payments and compensation and all the rest of it. It all started round about then. They have hide jacked that word. A innocent word Holocaust. A Greek word, meaning holy sacrifice burt by fire. They've hide jacked that word Holocaust, in a rather the same way as the homosexuals communities hide jacked the word gay, and give it a completely new and totally difference meaning nowadays. And it's a very cleaver move for them to take. And it is a typical "Madison avenue" move. You can imaging somebody sitting across on the other side of the table as this meeting on the West Coast saying: Well, we gone promote it, then it's got to have a brand new name. And it's got to have capital letter. It's got to have a capital H. And it's got to be the Holocaust. So that nobody argues about that there had been other Holocausts. This was the only one that matters. And that's the way it had been sold to us over the last 20 years since then. The Holocaust. There should have no other Holocaust but this. Nobody else shall be in tittle of compensation but us. The Holocaust.

And from that phrase sprung the second phrase which I pick to you. And this is the "Holocaust denier". Because of course they have experience over the last 10 or 15 years the emerdien of independent academics and historians who are not depending on universities and not depending on publishers and not depending on the traditional enemy for their income. People who are capable of thinking for themselves and asking logical questions. And they have experience, grooving to agree people who are asking logical questions about there Holocaust. If there was a Holocaust, how come that so? And so. And I am going to suggest some logical questions to you later on. And it is important that nobody should pay any cridens to this sceptics. And so they are dismisses as Holocaust deniers. No other phrase is used for them. Only Holocaust denier. They marked it precisely the same force and emphasise as it was the Holocaust itself. I am a Holocaust denier. And the idea is of course when the word Holocaust denier is used in the media, on television or what ever, simultaneous they had going across the screen in black and white flickering images of bulldozers pushing corpses into pips in Buschenwald and in Dachau and elsewhere, so the even the sickest televisions watcher says to themselves: How can anybody deny what is in front of their own eyes? What kind of joke is this guy Irving then? The word deny. That Holocaust denier.

And the third word I put to you is being a cruesel word in the developing of there campaign to win big bugs from demiserly of those who died. The word is "genocide". When you think about it, that's the most extraordinary word of all, and yet it had been promoted with in creasing skill. No accession is now allowed to passed were a genocide can be somehow construed without the Holocaust genocide being dragging with other example. Rwanda, genocide just like the Holocaust. Serbia, former Yugoslavia, genocide just like the Holocaust. And the reason why the word genocide is so important for them. It's because they really on it. If you think about it. They need to have this concept of genocide in order to focus the suffering, to focus the compensations to focus the sympathy purely on Jews and nobody else shan't be in title to that agree and sympathy and suffering and compensations. It's an important concept for them to put across on us. Genocide.

And yet when you think about it. It is strodigent. Because if Jews died in Auschwitz, that is a crime. And I am not going to challenge that. But what made it a crime was not the fact that they were Jews who have dying. But it was the fact that there were innocent Jews who were dying. And it was their innocent who made it a crime and not their Jewishness who made it a crime. And so I would exchange that word genocide and replace it with another word, "innocentocide". The killing of innocents is the crimes in wars and between wars. Killing of any innocent human been is a crime. And I am shore that they will agree with that. That killing of any innocent human been is a crime. That independence of his race, his religion, colour. And it's the innocent who makes it a crime. And it was the innocent who made the killing of the Jews in Auschwitz a crime or the killing of this Jews with machine guns in the pips a crime, and not there Jewishness. But this is a very convenient concept for the traditional enemy of the truth. Because they are depend on there Jewishness, being a factor which in titles them to claim compensations.

If it was the innocent that in titled them compensations. Then of course this would open the flood to a hole gamma of undeserving people who will also claim compensation. The Japanese Americans who intern in concentrations camps here in the West Coast who claim compensation. Because they were innocent and yet they were interned. The Australians who were innocent and yet were force to worked by the Japanese on the Burma railway during the war. The citizens of Rotterdam or Warsaw or Hiroshima or Nagasaki or Dresden. They were innocent and yet they were burned alive in the air raids. They interred to compensations. No one would deny that. And yet there excluded, because they don't come under the claim genocide. Which is why that word genocide is being promoted with all the bigger of the mass media today.

Can we actually speculate and specified what probably did happen in a camp like Auschwitz? It's becoming easier nowadays because the Jews had recently agreed to allow the debate to be dragged down to a scientific statistical and academic level. Although they have fought for many years to keep it on the level of an emotionalism thing. An eyewitness survivor stories which are, as any policeman knews, the most unreliable source of any crime. It is now being possible to carry out forensic tests on the murders site. Not that these test have been carried out by the academic historians. They have been carried out by amateurs. And with amateurs it had been handed from pillow to post and prosecuted it is such agree, they have lost their identities and they have lost there livelihood and consequence.

I can give one example here. Frederik Leuchter. Who wrote this report, an American citizen, knowing to every guardians of any penitentiary in this union were they still execute using gas chambers. Because Fred Leuchter was nominated by this guardians when a defence lawyer team in Canada ask them to identify a man who is the expert on gas chambers in United States. All the prison guardians of the United States identify that expert is being Fred Leuchter, in 1988. And he went to Canada and gave evidence as an expert on gas chambers in the case of a Canadian citizen who were accuse of spreading false information about the gas chambers in Auschwitz. This Canadian citizen was eventually being criticised. Fred Leuchter carried out his tests on the Auschwitz gas chambers site. And that is was has cost him his job, his livelihood and he fears eventually his live. He has been thrown out of work. There isn't a present guardians in this country who now will use him or employ him, because they have all been frightened by the consequences by the traditional enemy.

What he did, this simple American citizen who is totally unpolitical, I know him well. He had no political believes what so ever. He went to Auschwitz and he took out a hammer and chisel. And he carved out of the ruins of the gas chambers site illegally. The buildings who are identified as the ruins of gas chambers. And one complete building in Auschwitz which is still showing to tourists as a form of gas chamber. He carved out 40 samples of the brick work. And he took this bits of bricks back to United States and he had them analysed in the penitentiary's laboratory for any residue of cyanide gas compounds. And it's such a simple test, which makes me wonder why in earth nobody else thought of doing that.

Well, the conclusions were that in all but one sample there were no significant trace of cyanide recedue what so ever. Remember this are the buildings were illegally 4 millions citizens were put to death using cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, so call Zyklon B. And yet there is no significant residue of cyanide left in that brick work what so ever in all but one of the samples. I mention that because in one of the samples which they brought back, which was from a gas chamber site at Auschwitz which was a gas chamber, were clothing disinfected with cyanide in order to kill the loess in the clothing. And nobody has ever clamed that this particular gas chambers were ever used to killing people in. Because there were to small and totally unsuited. And in that brick work he found a colossi of traces of cyanide left over. A interesting thing to point out. He found 141 milligram of cyanide to every kilogram of brick work. That was found in the brick work. In fact there was so much cyanide that if you look on the photographs, I have some here, of the brick work of that real gas chamber in Auschwitz, you can see the blue string which is permanent right throw the walls to the outside, caused by the cyanide in the brick work. It is combing with the brick work to make a cyanide compound called Ferric Ferro Cyanide. Which is so permanent that it is actually used as a distaff, which is the chemical designation of crossing blue distaff. It is of course all phoneys in German and elsewhere around the world at first laugh ironically saying: You doesn't expect to find traces of cyanide in the bricks after they've been exposed to wind and rein for 50 years, sorely? And the answer is: Yes you do.

Well, increase the photographs weren't enough, they permission a German scientist call Germar Rudolf, who is an expert chemist at the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry in Munich, to carry out a dissertation and a investigation, a theoretically investigation of the permanence of cyanide compounds in the brick work. Germar Rudolf, a young man, idealistic, believer in the truth. He wrote a dissertation for the law causes which began to spring up in Germany, a case myself and others. And he came at the end of one year of research work, to the conclusion that there were no doubt at all that this was one of the most stable compounds ever, that nothing will wash it out of the brick work. He had to his dissertation to all the chiefs of the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry, which is the privilege institute in this country. The leading scientific body in Germany. He had it printed and sent to 2000 professors of chemistry and physics and physical chemistry in Germany. All of whom improve the research work. And the consequences were the thanks to the German government to this piece of researches by doctor Germar Rudolf was that they have just sent him to prison for 14 months. For publishing his dissertation which is politically incorrect. It is politically incorrect that cyanide compound should be found to be permanent in brick work. And they have punish him by sending him to prison for 14 months.

This is the modern Germany, and you wonder sometimes what is change there in the last 50 or 100 years. Little have change. I was find 22 000 dollars by the same German government two years ago, for saying one sentence, expressing an opinion as an historian. The opinion which I express was: The gas chamber which they show to the tourists in Auschwitz is a post war fake, built by the Poles as a dummy. 22 000 dollars find for had expressing that opinion. Cause in Germany it is illegal to say that. It is conceded to be a defamation of the memory of the dead. Don't ask me what the link is between my saying that and defaming the memory of the dead. There is no other law like that in any country in the world. But 22 000 dollars find against me as well. And July the first 1993 I was informed by the director of the German archives, when I was working downstairs in the research room, that I have to leave the building in 10 minutes. And I became the first historian ever ban from the federal German archives, which is like the national archives in Pennsylvania avenue in Washington. First historian ever ban by the German government from archives in the interest of the German people, as I was informed in a letter. How it could be in the interest of the German people to ban an historian from working in the archives, were all you find is documents? I don't know. And yet in the end of that year I was ban from Germany itself.

Which is nothing knew. I am ban from Canada. I was deported from Canada in handcuffs a year earlier, put on the floor of a plane from the airport flying back to London. Which is were I didn't wont to be. And in consequence of that, ban from Australia, ban from New Zealand, ban from South Africa, ban from Italy, ban from France and any number of countries around the world. An interesting experience. Because it is showing to me the power of the traditional enemy, when it is cornered. They realise and they say, if you read it yourself in newspapers over the last two days, that I am the leading revisionist. What ever that is. And the leading Holocaust denier. And I had explained to you what that is to. And the only way they can win this debate is by preventing me from going into countries and talking to audience like yourself. That is the power of the spoken word. And that is there fear of the truth. It is so great that they pull out all the stops and they pick up the phone and they phoned the prime minister of Italy. So when I step of the plane in Rome in the airport a year or two ago I find the plan surrounded by police cars whose policeman dragged my baggage to a plan and took straight a plane out of the country again.

And I am glad every time that happens. Because that means that in the hole of Italy they have not found one historian who is capably of standing up to me and saying: Irving, the facts are as follows, you are talking through your hat. Every time they use police methods like that, they admitting that I am right and that they are wrong. Which is why I am glad. I am gladly when I win the bottle. The fighting in the Australian government in the law courts, I fighting in the Canadian government in the law courts. South Africa I do not have to fight any more because Nelson Mandela ironically enough has personally ordered the speaking ban on me lifted. Because he said the ban was in posted on me by the discredits outgoing apartheid regime. I love it.

What is the evidence that there is talking lies about Auschwitz? Well, there are three basic facts which show that the figure of number of people being killed in Auschwitz. I am going to concentrate on Auschwitz, because that is the capital case. It is the only one they ever talk about in any great detail. Three basic facts which shown that the actually death rolls in Auschwitz was substantial smaller and that nobody was gassed. First of all the test by Leuchter. It show that is no cyanide resedue in the buildings were alleging the gassing to carried out. Also the Polish government is now admitted that the building they show the tourists as a gas chamber, was in fact built by them, the Polish communists government in 1948, three years after World War Two was over, as a fake. They admitting the faking. They admitted the forgery. So what I was find 22 000 dollars for saying turns out to be truth. I am proud of that as well.

But there is more to it. There is not one single document in the war time archives which talks of gas chambers. There is not one single blue print of a gas chamber. There is not one single line of war time documentary ever saying this things excited. And I stood up at meting after meting.. Recently in Atlanta I stood back of the hall when Deborah Lipstadt was speaking, who is one of the Holocaust historians, and I said: Mrs Lipstadt, you just told this innocent students you have in front of you that you have blue print of a gas chamber showing actually holes in the seeling in which the cyanide pellets were slept in. Here is a 1000 dollars if you can produce that document now or at least tell us where to find it. Because you know you are lying. You know that this the document doesn't excite. You know there is not one single documenting of blue print talking about gas chambers or proofing there existence. No war time document at all. And she of course called the armed police to have me taking out of the auditorium. That is there answer when somebody tries to debate with them. And they were saying of course afterward: Sorely, you don t expect any document to survived? The nazis have destroyed everything, weren't they? Well, it would be connived if they had. Because those of us who actually worked in the archives which this historians obviously haven't. Well, nobody even now 50 years after the war is over, the archives are still in total disorder. They haven't have time to complete sorted them up even now. It wouldn't been impossible.. At the final 2 or 3 weeks after the war, when Hitler were sending Kristal Schröder down to destroy his papers and all the rest of it, to assure that every single page and every singly carpet and copy was actually destroyed, before the Russians go into Hitler's headquarters in east Prussia. They had taken.. They couldn't have destroyed everything. And even if it was possible for Hitler to se the destruction of every single copy of the order of which his supposed to have sent by himself. Even if there was possible for them to ensure that every telephone talk at the other end in Auschwitz and elsewhere, were this order being reserved, all those copies most have been destroyed as well. There always going to be some cable, some corporal in German in army whose job it was to type up the message, who is so shock by this orders from the boss, the chief of SS, that he write about it in a letter home back to his mummy or he pick it down in his diary. There is always somebody like that. And certainly now after 50 years we will be in titled to expected one line of such concealing evidence to come to light. And there isn't. I know it because I offer this 1000 dollars around the world again and again and again over the last 20 years and they not manage to find one single line of evidence. And even in theory if it was possible for them to destroy every single German page of paper and German file, they couldn't destroy what we got on our side, could they? And this is what not many people realise.

But we British were reading the German messages. We had build a computer called Colossus. A very old phasing thing in those days. It was the first computer in the world, built by the British Post Office. It occupied a room as the size as this here. But with this computer we were able to crack the German machine cod, read the massages that Rommel or Himmler or Hitler sent to each other, so fast that we reading them faster then the poster were suppose to get them to the German end. Cause we had a computer doing the reading for us. And with this computer we had by 1942 broken the cod of the SS and the German police units, who operated in the Eastern front. And we had broken the cod of the commandant of the seven biggest nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau and Buschenwald and Bergen-Belsen and several others. Particular Auschwitz.

The commandant of Auschwitz. A man called Rudolf Höss who report back to Berlin every day what he was doing. He send a messages back to Berlin giving 4 figures. The first figure the British intelligence find out, because we were cracking the cod and reading this message we got as quick as Himmler did. The first figure was always the number of prisoners who had arrived in Auschwitz during the provides 24 hours. The second figures was the number of prisoners who had left Auschwitz during the provides 24 hours. An important factor to remember. Auschwitz wasn't a permanent camp. It was a transit camp, A lot of prisoners where arrived in Auschwitz and then were farmed out far east outstations. Were they worked in coal-mines and factories. And that was the second figure. And the third figure was the number of prisoners on hand in Auschwitz at midnight the provides night. And the fourth figure is the interesting one. Losses, death among the prisoners over the provides 24 hours. Now professor Sir Frank Hisley who is the official British historian, the British government historian, worked for secret service, wrote in volume 2 of his history, an appendix devoted entirely to the breaking of this Germans police codes. And he says, when he talks about these the fourth figures, the fourth figure was the losing in Auschwitz, the death reported on the day by day bases. And this was in term broken down in 3 figures, making up that total. First figure was the number of people who have been shoot, executed. The second figure was the number of people being hanged. Both this figures he says were very small. And the third figure was the number of people who had been died in Auschwitz of epidemics or decides. And according to him, this was by far the greatest figure. He actually said: There is no reference to anybody being gassed.

But we are told that everybody in Auschwitz was gassed. They arrived at 10 in the morning, they were gassed by 11, and they were cremated by 12. That is the legend. That's the alleged visel story. I was I asked today by the San Francisco Examiner what I thought about alleged visel version of the evetional Auschwitz. And I said: Well, a happy idea recurring my head, he is the marked foremost of the Holocaust legend. And this story was so.. he story is so, he describe how the blood bubbled up out of the mass graves. He describes how the smoke coming out of the chimney of the crematoria. You could tell from the colour of the smoke if there were cremating Hungarian Jews or Polish Jews. And this is allied visual. The man who's stand on Clinton's side on the opening of the Holocaust Museum, the marked form of the Holocaust legend, he brings this credits story.

The truth is contain indeed the cod broken messages. There were no reports of any gassings. Remember the commandant of Auschwitz is sending this messages to Berlin in a top secret SS cod. He is not got to use camouflage language. He is not going to hid anything from the chief of the SS. It is like the chief of Volkswagen report everything to Berlin except the fact that they manufacturing cars. You were told that Auschwitz was a death camp. A factory of death. That the job of Auschwitz were to liquidating everybody who arrived. And yet here is the commandant of Auschwitz who making no mention of it. The only death he is reporting of any scale in the camp are death by deceased who will be called natural courses, epidemic or decease.

In fact professor Arno Myer, a professor of university came to the same conclusions in a book called Why did the heavens not darkness. And he publish his book a couple of years ago. And he came to the same conclusion. He said that in his opinion nearly all the death in Auschwitz were courses by natural causes. By pestilent, by decease and by epidemics, by the plate of typhus which were carried by the prisoner which were brought into the camp by the prisoners on the trains coming from Hungarian and elsewhere. And this of course is the irony. Because when prisoner arrived at Auschwitz, the SS did everything they could to stamp out that plaid of typhus. The prisoners were striped there clothes, theirs hair where cut off, they were immediately disinfected with cyanide gas in one of the chambers, the clothing were put into that chambers you see on the photograph of here. And was disinfected by gas the cyanide gas, impregnated with cyanide gas to save any life for survive. The prisoners were sent to the showers and washed, forced to washed. This were real showers. Not the phoney showers you hear about in the films. This is the true story of what happen there. And yet they still die like flies. Because of typhus epidemics is very little holding back. Once the typhus begins to run crowded insanic condition. Very little were holding them in check. And a large number of the SS prisoners were died to. The SS officers died as well. This is one of those facts.

Can we put a figure of the number of people who died in Auschwitz? And the answer is: Yes, we probable can. And I said straight away about 100 000, in my opinion. Until recently there were an memorial tablet in Auschwitz directed by the Polish communists and the Jews, to 4 millions who have died in Auschwitz. That language that tablet was there in Auschwitz in 22 different languages. 4 million victims of the nazis killed in Auschwitz in the gas chambers. That memorial tablet has been broken up and taken away now. You can't see it. Because they are ashamed about it. Because it is a lie. They've replaced it now with another tablet talking about 1 million who died in Auschwitz. Mostly Jews. It is interesting that the figure come down in one camp alone from 4 millions to 1 million. And some how that 6 million figures is anointed. It is strange piece of mathematics, which order on edesiment. If a banker did that kind of things, the bank chief, I was going to say that he goes to prison. But he probable wouldn't go to prison. He probably end up in the White House somewhere. Strange kind of mathematics. The 6 million is still there and yet in Auschwitz the brought the figure down from 4 million to 1 million. And I say it has to come down in fact another to one 10th of that, about 100 000.

The reason I say it is as fallow. How often had we heard somebody saying that they killed about 65 000 people a day in Auschwitz. They killed and cremated them. And people believe it. Because they want to believe that kind of story. And anybody who stands up and question that figure is a Holocaust denier, who would be states in handcuffs and find 22 000 dollars. And yet what is the reality? If you are going to kill 65 000 people a day of any extended period, and you go are going to cremate them. To cremate 65 000 people you need 2000 tons of coke. There is no way around that. We knew exactly how many coke it takes to cremate one body on a bridge. So to cremate 65 000 you need 2000 tons of coke, which is a huge mountain of coke, which you would see on the air photographs. And we have the must magnificent air photographs of Auschwitz. When it started this allied visual stories about mass graves and about smoke coming from the chimneys and about 65 000 a day and so on. When they started this stories, these particular people didn't realise that the Americans and British were taken air photographs of Auschwitz. And I got them in large 6 foot squares in my home. You will see people walking around in the streets on this photographs. You don't see them lining up outsides gas chambers. Cause that's only part of the legend. You see people walking around the streets going to their business in the camp of Auschwitz. You see no huge mountain of coke. You se no frame smoke of coke coming up to the crematoria. You see no convoys of trucks lining up to carry the coke. Extraordinary operations. Day after day, 2000 tons of coke going in and all the ashes coming out.

And even if there weren't cremated, if the stories that they were buried instead in mass graves. We know how big mass graves is for 65 000 people. We know, you can get about ruffle 10 bodies into 1 cubic metre. You can work it out for yourself, if you know that each of you your specific crasefic is about one, if you were a scientist. Because you float in water. You float in water because your body is about 80 percent water, that's why. So your specific crasefic is about one. So you can work out what your volume is. And you can work out what the volumes of 10 people is. And that is about 1 cubic metre. So you know how many cubic metres you gone need to put down 65 000 people. It is about a football field. And that will show up on the air photographs. But there is no scene of any mass graves on any air photographs either. So that one goes down by the board.

Can we worked out how many people were killed in Auschwitz? And the answer is yes. There is three differed ways coming at the same figure, about 100 000 or rather less. The first figure is this: In the Moscow archives they recently discovered the secret records of the camps of ministrations of Auschwitz. And this contain the coke delivery figures of Auschwitz. How many tons of coke were delivered over the entire period for the crematoria? 2188 tons. It is an interesting figure to bear in mind for your next cocktail party. 2188 tons of coke were supplied to the Auschwitz crematoria over the entire operating period. Which is enough to cremate about 65 or 75 000 bodies on the optimum conditions. Possible less. But that is the maximum. 65 or 75 000 bodies. And by chance, that figure is the same as we get from the books of death certificate which the Russians released. The Russians released a year or two later to the West German government, bound volumes 46 bound volumes of all the death certificate of those who were died in Auschwitz for what ever course. Young and old, killed, shoot, died of illness or what so ever, old age. All the course the certificate in this 46 volumes to 66 000 separate named death certificate You get to that figure again. An argyle enough that is ruffle the same order of magnitude as the cremating capacity of the crematoria in the Auschwitz site. Auschwitz is a huge site. It is the site of a small city, 250 000 people in that camp. And over the years they have built four or five crematorium. Not all of them operating on the same time. Cause they couldn't operate on the same time. So we know when they did operated and they could cremate in them about 65 000 bodies. We know that, because we had the operating instructions from the companies who made them. So you got a feather compensation.

But if we are liberal about this. And we say we don't have the complete record. The death certificate for 1943 and 1944 are slightly uncompleted. And it is possible that the nazis manage to plaice more bodies in the crematoria or that they buried some here or some there or some were killed outside or whatever. If we increase the figure to 100 000, to be on the save side of those who died from whatever course in Auschwitz. And if you take that 100 000 and we say: How many of them died of pestilence epidemics and how many were murdered? And we remembered what Arno Myer said, the Jewish professor in Princeton, who said that nearly all of them died by the epidemics. And we take what the cod braking messages said, which said that nearly all of them died in epidemics and a few were shoot and a few were hanged. If we say that a faction were murdered and the rest died in epidemics. If we say one quarter were murdered. If we increase the figure to one quarter, a maximum number of those who was murdered, we arrived in a figure of 25 000 who were murdered by the nazis in Auschwitz. So over the entire operating period, all the war years, 25 000 Jews and others murdered in Auschwitz over the 3 or 4 years the camp was operating. Which is a crime. And I am not going to say it wasn't. 25 000 people over 4 years being murdered.

But I am going to show you a picture of 40 000 people being murdered in 20 minutes. That's right in the end of this book. Taken from the air. A city in a short time in Germany. A little German town, as none of you never had heard of, were they manufactured jewellery and watches. Ten days after the raid on Dresden, which everybody now had heard of thanks to my book. This town was burned to the ground by the British, by the same people who destroyed Dresden. And in the moment this photographs were taken from the air and that partically frame come from a 16 mm film, taken by one of the air man, who gave it to me. You can see the so called Christmas trees, the target indicated, here is the sending here. An awful picture of a city on fire. In that moment 40 000 people are being burned alive. One person of four in that town. And that was a crime. And that happen in a space of 20 minutes, whereas the crime of Auschwitz or whatever it was happen over a space of four years. And that is why I invented or coin this word "innocentoside". Because to my mind this crime is no less than the crime of Auschwitz. And nobody has ever being convicted for this crime. Nobody has ever seen any compensations for that crime. All the compassion and all the sympathy and all the compensations has gone in one direction to those who said that we were the victims of genocide. And for that we are going to implied money, pay here, my bank account is as follows, were these people hadn't received a nickel.

And this is, I must say, as an Englishman, even as an Englishman watching it, what is irritating me. I don't see the justice of it. And I am prepared to fight a long time for the introduction of justice in the writing of history. It's not an easy fight, as you can tell. I find myself carpet for prison for 2 weeks early last year. Totally unexpectedly, police officers from Scotland Yard turned up in my apartment, very apologetic. How many times they had stand on the barricade outside my apartment pretending me and my family from the hods, of the traditional enemy, who came for physical violence. And yet now they ring on the door bell and they say: We are very sorry Mr Irving, we had instructions to take you straight to prison for three months. Not to court, not to a trial, straight from my home on a Friday afternoon to prison. No court here or anything at all. And it wasn't until years later, a year later that I seen from a privet files of the prime minister of Australia under the feeling of information act in Australia, I have seen actually to record there which shown that they had actually tried to have me locked away for 2 years.

And I got into the high court and I ask the judge when I will be released. The other side ask my passport to be in pounded. And my lower says: Mr Irving, what is going on? Why would they ask your passport to be in pounded? And I said: You are draggle begin to believe it, are not you? Because what I am saying is in shindigs of powerful national interest. Powerful state straight interest here. And they are doing everything they can to silence me. And sometimes people say: Mr Irving, if you had your time again, would you do it again the same way? And if I were a hero I said: Yes I would, nothing would have change me. But I am an realistic person. And I would say: No way that I do this again. I would have chosen something else to write about. I stumbled on this piece of choice by accident when I started in blue eyes innocents to began to write the story of the Second World War as it really happened, from the archives and from the side of those who actually course the choice, which gave the orders. And I bit by bit stumbled across the truth. And ever since then I being propagating this truth. And I had being suffering for it. But the fight continues. I am not going to laying down. I am going to continue to write the truth as I find it. And hoping that I will find publisher who will publish the truth as I write it. And hoping that I will find book shops who will sell the books as they are published. And hoping to find readers who eventually will go into the book shops and take them off the shelves. But it's a long and difficult task. Thank you very much.  

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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