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North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism

Statement on Gaza


John Paul Cupp, Public Relations Director of NACAZAI

I think it goes without saying that NACAZAI condemns the Zionist enemy for its recent aggression against Gaza since our support for the Arab Identity of Palestine and the destruction of "Israel" are a matter of public record. That said, it really doesn't matter beyond the tangible value of propaganda material. What really matter are guns and human bombs. What matter are airplanes going threw the Twin Towers, Palestinian human bombs and the kind of actions carried out by Timothy McVeigh and also the brave Mujahadeen in Mumbai recently.

Kike Jews will be Kike Jews, and cosmopolitan imperialists will be cosmopolitan imperialists. Think what you will of Mao, but he was correct to point out that political power grows out of a barrel of a gun. Palestine will never be genuinely Arab because of "human rights" work, written appeals of condemnation sent to Tel Aviv that lack a coating of Zyklon B on the letter, or at least anthrax, or because we are repeatedly bombarded with pictures of the tragic suffering of Palestinians and Iraqis. In short I'm sick of whining about Jews and their Western shabbos goyim. Kill them or they kill you! The real tragedy is that Hitler raped the Soviet Union instead of giving the Jews a REAL genocidal "holocaust." Never mind looking like an "extremist" today because that is a badge of honor. Our job today from the left to the right, secular or religious and from all the races and nations of this blessed earth is to do just that! Again, death to the Zionist! Death to this Zionist beast called America! I think you get the point.

Absolutely, I support the Palestinian people. I stand with Iraq's resistance and the whole of the Arab nation, and I also deeply admire the peoples in Afghanistan. 

What we can do is to fight Zionism and imperialism in our own countries. By standing up to Jewish power in the US not only are we glorifying a Teutonic and Celtic legacy that warms the heart of our European-American nation and ensuring its existence against total genocide, but we are being proletarian internationalist friends to the Arab people and the world.

To my brothers and sisters of the Arab homeland and the peoples traditionally belonging to the Ummah: I beg you not to let your hearts and minds turn against my people and nation for within it lies serious contradictions as our world comes tumbling down and our lives collapse. Don't be so sure it won't be sooner rather than latter that we join you in combat, on our own terms of course. Palestine will be free when the world is free of Jewish Zionist power and the power of this American cosmopolitan pest which murders and destroys.

In the mean time, let us turn our minds and hearts towards the resistance option.

Long live Palestine, Free and Arab, from the River to the Sea!


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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