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Israel's Role in Worldwide Repression

Snippits and Snappits, 19 January 2013

ED Noor:
The following pamphlet was researched, written, and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.
I have never heard of The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network but the information provided is damning for Israel and the fact that it comes from the Jewish populace gives it awee bit more clout than if it came from some "gentile anti-semite.". Needless to say, I take any Jewish organization with a very large grain of Dead Sea rabbi-cursed kosher salt but the information presented here is solid.

This report covers events from over 25 years ago. - Before the creation of PNAC - Before 911. with its involvement of Israeli security firms in the planning of that criminal operation;
Before the "war on terror"
Before Kosovo and Sarajevo
Before the explosion of the surveillance society 
Before the wars against Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, et al
Before all those Free Trade Acts that are decimating nations 
Before the militarization of our local police forces, their corruption into Israeli para-military operations (Ask yourself
   why it is that the NYC Police force has an office in Tel Aviv

Before the world realized that Palestine was (and continues to be) a testing ground for new weapons as was seen
   during Operation Cast Lead.

Special thanks to Jimmy Johnson for his extensive research. This publication relies heavily on
The Israel Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi (Pantheon City: 1987).

Despite being 25 years old, this book continues to play a crucial part in documenting Israel’s role in repression worldwide. Worldwide repression, and Israel’s role in it, has expanded enormously since then; yet even now this information remains largely unknown. 

What follows is a modest attempt to compile information from this and various other sources, in order to pull this thread of history forward.


This pamphlet focuses on the role of Israel's government, its military, and related corporations and organizations in a global industry of violence and repression.

The states most involved with this industry profit from perpetual war and occupation across the globe while maintaining vastly unequal societies of their own. Israel exports weapons, technologies, training, and techniques of violence for use by governments and corporations against populations around the world.
The expertise on which it relies has been developed through its occupation of Palestine and parts of Lebanon, Syria and Egypt as well as its repression of and military aggression against the people living there.
The colonization of Palestine was once part of the British and French assault on the movement for Arab unity and independence that threatened European control of the region’s resources. The state of Israel is now a junior partner in the U.S.-allied1 strategy for the same control of the region’s resources.2

For Israel, this partnership has enabled the imposition and maintenance of a settler colonial state3 in Palestine. For its Western partners Israel has ensured control of what F.D.R.’s administration once described as "the greatest prize in human history" - Arab oil.4

The importance of Israel to the U.S. is a reflection of the growing significance of both oil and the arms trade to the world economy. The United States, the main arbiter of power worldwide, is Israel’s largest funder. The majority of U.S. aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance. The U.S. government gives Israel approximately 3 billion U.S. dollars per year in financial aid and several billion more per year in military assistance and contracts.5

The U.S. provides 18% or nearly a fifth of Israel’s military budget.6

From 1949 until 2011, the estimated cumulative total in U.S. direct aid to Israel is between 115 and 123 billion U.S. dollars.7

In 2009 Israel’s military spending accounted for an additional 15.1% of the country’s overall budget. It was the biggest defense spender as a percentage of GDP. It also spent the greatest amount of its overall budget on the military out of all developed countries.8

Israel uses U.S. aid to fund its ongoing occupation of Palestine and Syria and its military campaigns, which in turn serve as an laboratory to develop weapons, surveillance technology, and tactics of population control that are then marketed across the globe.


Israel’s unique skills in crowd control, forced displacement, surveillance and military occupation have resulted in placing it at the forefront of a global industry of repression: it develops, manufactures, and markets technologies that are used by armies and police around the world for purposes of repression.
Israel's role in this industry began with the Israeli military, which first used its weapons of war against Palestinian people in historic Palestine, and against neighboring countries. In recent years, as interest in surveillance and policing technologies and techniques has grown among governments around the world, an Israeli “homeland security” private service industry built on these field-tested instruments has emerged to exploit and export this interest.

This industry includes government agencies, the Israeli military, and a network of private corporations that grossed over 2.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2008.9

This industry accounts for approximately 7% of the Israeli economy. The Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor says on its website:
Israel has more than 300 Homeland Security (HLS) companies exporting a range of products, systems and services… These solutions have been born by the necessity of Israel’s survival and matured by the reality of the continual terrorist threat to the country…
No other country has such a large pool of experienced former security, military and police personnel and no other country has been able to field test its systems and solutions in real-time situations.
In addition to the Israeli government, military, and corporations, a network of Zionist organizations provides political and economic support to the state of Israel. For example, in the U.S., these organizations participate in surveillance and facilitate exchanges between the Israeli military and U.S. police forces, federal agents, and armed forces.10

Zionism is an ideology of Jewish nationalism that resulted in the political project of building a state for and by Jews in Palestine that was acquired through colonial settlement and ethnic cleansing. Zionists/Zionist organizations are those who support the maintenance of a Jewish settler state in historic Palestine based on destroying or undermining the safety, well-being, dignity and equity of Palestinians and others of the colonized area (i.e. Bedouin, Druze, Syrians in the Golan Heights), and the region more broadly.

This network of state bodies, corporations and non-profits shares intelligence information, coordinates strategies for surveillance and repression, and collaborates for profit. The precise function of each varies according to their role.11

Israel has provided arms, trained militia and military and civilian police, developed and provided surveillance technology and repression strategies, and supplied the means for a broad array of other control techniques from ”non-lethal” weapons to border technology. Israel has played a role in arming and training the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia, colonial regimes in the Middle East and North Africa (otherwise known as Southwest Asia and North Africa, or SWANA), and dictators in Central and South America and Asia.

The Israeli government has assumed a major, worldwide role in enforcing limitations on the freedom of movement, policing of communities, and undermining peoples' struggles for justice.

Though well documented, this fact is rarely if ever mentioned or discussed, and even more rarely challenged.

Our movements - those in solidarity with the Palestinian people, against war, poverty, and an unjust globalized economy - need to take into account the very real ways the state of Israel contributes to violence and repression around the world.

Israel sells its weapons, technologies, training, and techniques of violence to those it considers allies and even to those whom it considers enemies. Israel sells or has sold to Islamist, communist, capitalist, dictatorial, and social democratic states. The driving force behind Israeli arms exports, in addition to the profit motive, is the need for a close and strong alliance with major imperialist powers that provide it with continuous military and diplomatic support, economic markets and access to power. Therefore, Israel has prioritized selling weapons to the allies and agents of these powers.

Israel Shahak’s 1982 book, Israel’s Global Role: Weapons for Repression, documents that “from Rhodesia to apartheid South Africa to the Gulf monarchies, Israel ties its interests not with the masses fighting for freedom, but with their jailers.”12

Despite competition and other conflicts between governments and regimes that rely on repression, those same governments and regimes have no trouble cooperating with one another against peoples' movements.


Israel is a settler colonial state in Palestine founded and sustained by over a century of steady Jewish immigration. Israel was established in 1948, with support from the United Nations. Starting in 1947, Zionist militia forces brutally expelled three quarters of a million Palestinians in order to take their land and create a Jewish majority. One result of this was the creation of a large Palestinian diaspora. 
Those Palestinians who remained in Israel formed a national minority that is now subject to systematic discrimination and repression

In 1967, Israel expanded its colonial territory to the remaining land of historic Palestine as well as to Egyptian and Syrian territory.

Israel perpetrated large-scale ethnic cleansing in the course of establishing its occupation of the Golan Heights, the West Bank including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Desert (which was returned to Egypt in full by 1982).

Today, part of Syria is still occupied, and millions of Palestinians remain under a ruthless regime of Israeli military occupation.
Today, the colonization of Palestine continues.

~ Palestinian refugees are refused the right to return to their country of origin ~ a right officially protected by international law.

~ Palestinians living inside of the state of Israel face over 20 apartheid laws.13

~ Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are subjected to a military occupation, home demolitions, ongoing and repeated forced displacement, theft of land, and lack of access to water for the farming population, severe restrictions on freedom of movement, and deadly violence, all of which is enforced officially by the Israeli military and informally by Jewish settlers.

~ Palestinians living in Gaza are trying to survive what the United Nations recognizes as a manufactured humanitarian crisis. Their lives are daily threatened by a lack of access to water, food, trade, electricity and medical needs, ongoing military attacks from Israel, and an international blockade enforced by Israel.

~ Attempts to dislocate and destroy Bedouin communities in the “unrecognized villages” of the Naqab (Negev) desert have recently intensified dramatically.14

~ Meanwhile, immigrant and refugee communities in Israel, particularly those from Africa, are increasingly criminalized, and subjected to both state and vigilante violence and deportation.
The sections that follow give evidence of Israel’s role in supporting and facilitating the repression done by other aggressors around the world. In the Middle East, Israel is the primary aggressor. Locally, Israel does not sell to its own neighbors but uses its own weapons and technology against them. While Israel exports its instruments and strategies of mass murder, repression and incarceration outside of the region, within the region it perpetrates all three.

Israel exports what it uses to repress and dominate Palestinians and perpetrate aggression against its neighbors. The following are some of these tools, technologies, methods and weapons:
Training of police, military and militia.

Systems of surveillance used to criminalize populations considered potential threats to the legitimacy or security of repressive states and regimes. This information is used for mass incarceration, deportation, assassination, torture and forced removal to secure land or resources.

Methods of isolating populations through forced migration and destruction of land into concentrated areas whose air space, borders/parameters and telecommunications are controlled.

Militarized borders and border technology used to prevent freedom of movement.


Israel has sold its signature firearms, the Uzi submachine gun and the Galil rifle, in countries throughout the region, arming Guatemalan death squads, Nicaraguan Contras16, Pinochet’s Chile, and the military junta in Argentina against the population and their movements.
~ In Nicaragua, Israel provided 98% of the arms Somoza used in the last year of his dictatorship to kill 50,000 Nicaraguans.17

~ Israel also sold missiles, fighter jets and armored vehicles and provided counterinsurgency experts to the repressive forces listed above as well as the dictatorships in Honduras18 and El Salvador.19

~ In Costa Rica, as early as 1981, in addition to selling arms to the police to repress the population, Israel provided passports, aliases and arms to Contras operating out of Costa Rica against aliases and arms to Contras operating out of Costa Rica against the people of Nicaragua.20

~ In El Salvador, the Histadrut, Israel's national “labor federation” (see text box on page 14), cooperated with the United States AFL-CIO and the CIA to undermine rural cooperatives.21

~ In El Salvador Israel was involved in training the military, police, and death squads of the dictatorship beginning in 1972. It developed a youth military program sponsored by the Israeli Defense Force and supported counterinsurgency training for secret police including the military commander Sigifredo Ochoa, who was responsible for civilian massacres in 1981.22

~ As early as the 1950s, Israel sold small arms to Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo who subjected the Dominican people to a 31-year reign of terror.23

~ In El Salvador and Guatemala, to assist the government’s tracking of suspected opposition, Israel introduced computerized equipment to monitor telephones and to interfere with radio transmissions. The information gained was then used by rightwing death squads to assassinate opposition figures.24
~ Borrowing from its long-standing tactic of displacing Palestinians, Israel helped plan and implement “scorched earth” policies in El Salvador and Guatemala. In Guatemala these policies were combined with “development poles” ~ concentrated villages of displaced populations that allowed for greater government control over the popular movement and the repression of any grassroots organizing.25
~ Israel provided small arms and military training to Colombian paramilitaries and drug traffickers in the 1980s, and since that time, has provided counterinsurgency training, aircraft, missiles and small arms to the brutal Colombian government.26
~ The Pinochet dictatorship of 1973-1990, that murdered, raped and tortured opposition in Chile, including trade unionists and socialists, bought Israel’s weaponry for crowd control ~ including vehicles fitted with water-cannons.27 Through the 1980’s, Israel also provided surveillance to the Pinochet regime.28
~ In the 1970s, Israel armed the brutal military regime of the Argentinian Junta that imposed seven years of state terror terrorism on the population, including the torture and disappearance” of an estimated 22,000-30,000 left-wing activists, trade unionists, students, journalists, and other alleged anti-regime civilians.
~ The Argentinian regime and its supporters also targeted its Jewish civilians and espoused anti-semitic rhetoric. Although just 2% of Argentina’s population was Jewish, between 10-15% of the people who were arrested, tortured and disappeared during the Junta were Jewish.29
~ Rather than condemn the Junta, Israel worked with the Argentinian government to establish a program called “the Option,” allowing Jews to flee to Israel. It used, rather than confronted, the regime’s anti-Semitism to facilitate Jewish emigration to Israel.30

"…while Jewish newspaper publisher [and human rights advocate] Jacobo Timerman was being tortured by the Argentine military in cells painted with swastikas, three Israeli generals, including the former armed forces chief of staff, were visiting Buenos Aires on a 'friendly mission' to sell arms."
Penny Lernoux - paraphrasing Timerman’s autobiography.

~ Today in
Argentina, the government has a contract worth 40 million U.S. dollars with the Israel Military Industries (IMI) to set up a prison.31

~ The Israeli government and corporations play a significant role in Brazil’s domestic policing, crowd control, surveillance systems, military arms, prisons and militarized borders.32  

The police training and arming is part of Brazil’s anti-favela33 campaign and other domestic repression.34

~ Brazil has contracted with Israel to provide an advanced surveillance system in its state prison system.35


~ Israel armed Portugal against national liberation movements in Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau.36

~ Israel funded and trained the military repression of anti-colonial uprisings and/or dictatorship in the
Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Benin, Cameroon, Senegal, Togo, Uganda, Nigeria, and Somalia.37

~ In the neo-colonial civil wars, former colonial powers and current imperial powers fuel, arm, and even instigate these wars to divide and re-conquer Africa. Israel has armed many or all sides. A prime example is Israel’s arming of the three sides of Angola’s civil war at different times over four decades.38

~ During the brutal Mobutu regime in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), Israel sold Mobutu arms and trained paratroopers, the presidential security force and the military, thus building the power of this pro-Western dictator.39

~ In Malawi, from the 1960s to 1980s, Israel provided training to tyrant Dr. Banda’s army of boys used for murdering political opponents, terrorizing workers by flogging, and torturing opposition.40

~ Starting in 1992, Israel sold arms and later provided training to Rwandan military and Hutu militia that in 1994 perpetrated genocide against the Tutsis. Israel continued to send millions of USD in arms even after the genocide was attracting international attention.41

~ Currently, Israel maintains strong ties with the Equatorial Guinean government ruled by President Obiang who seized power in 1979. Obiang is believed to have ordered the deaths of thousands of Guineans during his period in power, and to have headed one of the most tyrannical regimes on the continent.

Equatorial Guinea, with a population of 800,000 - and now flooded with petrol dollars - has purchased from Israeli companies tens of millions of dollars in naval and aircraft.42


~ Israel remained an ally of the white colonial apartheid state of Rhodesia until its defeat by the anti-colonial movement in 1979.
~ After UN-imposed sanctions against Rhodesia in 1967, and through the late 1970s, Israel continued to maintain trade with the apartheid regime and provide it with arms, including Uzis and helicopters, in addition to helping Rhodesia manufacture its own submachine gun models called “Ruzis.”
Israel helped Rhodesia fortify its borders by installing a land-mine belt that was 500 miles long.43


~ Israel was a staunch ally of apartheid South Africa. Arms sales to South Africa included Uzis, missile boats, Gabriel missiles, communications and radar technology, ammunition, and drones.

Not only did Israel arm the South African government, it also provided arms and security training to some of the puppet Bantustan governments.45

Israel also helped fortify South Africa’s border by setting up microwave detection systems, radar systems, minefields, and electric fences.46

~ The Histadrut had a “near monopoly” over Israeli trade with apartheid South Africa, and eagerly collaborated with its Bantustan policies.47

Iskoor, a joint South African-Histadrut company, produced steel and tank armor.48

Companies wholly or partly owned by the Histadrut helped build an electronic fence to prevent anti-apartheid guerillas from entering South Africa.49

~ In 1960 the Histadrut formed the Afro-Asian Institute for Labor Studies and Cooperation, funded by the CIA through the AFLCIO.

The Institute was designed to train Asian and African students to assume positions of leadership in their native labor movements.50

The incentive for both U.S. and Israeli state labor organizations was to forestall the formation of independent workers’ organizations in favor of labor organizing that served the building of neo-colonial states in former colonies.51

From its inception in 1920 the Histadrut has been misrepresented as, and mistaken for, a trade union and as an inheritor of part of the socialist tradition. It claimed to fight not for all labor, but for Jewish labor. The Histadut was led by Ben Gurion’s Labor Party, which later governed Israel. The Histadrut, whatever its claim to represent workers, acted as a government in training. As such it often acted as both employer, in charge of various collective industries that served the project of colonization, and in the interest of employers, in order to quash worker organizing. After the establishment of the state, the Histadrut continued to function in this dual role, prioritizing the interest of state and industry while claiming to represent workers.
Until the 1990’s it was Israel’s second largest employer. As a result, the Histadrut is referred to in this document as both trade union and employer.

The trade union components of the Histadrut and the AFL-CIO help facilitate relationships between labor and the Israeli and U.S. State respectively so that state economic interests are protected. Both unions, and the states with which they collaborate, therefore have a shared dislike of self-organized labor as it threatens the ability of each to control organized labor. Furthermore, self-organized labor is a strong basis of power for popular movements. 

Therefore the collaboration of the CIA, AFL-CIO and Histadrut in undermining self-organized labor in El Salvador and Southern Africa is a reflection of the common interests that they shared with the repressive regime in El Salvador and apartheid regime in South Africa. (

~ In the late 1970s, Israel was credited with providing the information, techniques and materials for the building of nuclear weapons by South Africa.52

~ Several Israeli kibbutzim53 profited from the repression of the Black South Africans.

Alongside the Israeli state-owned factories turning out materiel for South Africa was Kibbutz Beit Alfa, which developed a profitable industry selling anti-riot vehicles for use against protesters in the Black townships.54

Mishmar-Haemek produced helmets for the apartheid army and police, and Lohamei Hagetaot, known for its Holocaust museum, operated a chemical plant in the KwaZulu Bantustan.55



“From the point of view of our existence and security, the friendship of one European country is more valuable than the views of all the people of Asia.” 
- David Ben Gurion, 1957

~ In
during the rule of the Shah, Israel served to protect this brutal U.S. puppet regime. In turn, the Shah was one of the first leaders in the region to recognize Israel as a state.56

During the Iranian Revolution that overthrew the Shah, Israel sold over 150 million U.S.dollars in arms to the regime.57


~ From 1954 on, the Shah’s secret police received training from the CIA and Israel.58

~ Israel participated with the U.S. in the Iran-Contra scandal,59 and also sold arms to Iran separately.60

~ During civil wars in Yemen and Oman, Israel supported Arab dictatorships by providing war material and training to them. Israeli involvement was coordinated with the United States.61

~ The Israeli government and Israeli corporations have provided tens of millions of dollars worth of naval and aircraft (including drones), intelligence training, electronic warfare technology, and ship-to-ship missiles to the Sri Lankan government in their efforts to destroy Tamil groups demanding an independent homeland in the northern part of the country (Tamils are 17% of Sri Lanka's 16 million people).62

~ In 1978, Israel sold U.S. jets and attack helicopters to Indonesia as the military carried out genocide against peoplein East Timor. From 1978-1999, the Indonesian military killed more than 200,000 Timorese. Israel's arms trade with the Suharto dictatorship continued until his resignation in 1998.63

Israel gave support to the U.S.-backed Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines. It supplied bodyguards for Marcos and provided covert training courses through private companies.64

~ India purchases more Israeli arms than does the Israeli army. Israel is the second largest supplier of arms to India. India uses these arms not only to threaten Pakistan but to repress its own population, including the Jammu, Kashmir, forest tribes and Naxalite resistance groups amongst them.65

~ In 2009, Israel sent instructors to train police in India in a strand of “counter-terrorism” that specifically targeted Muslim leaders.66
~ Israel has recently been helping India to modernize its military forces, including Falcon planes with Israeli-made warning systems, aerostat radars installed on the India-Pakistan border, and enhanced Barak missiles for use against aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles.67



Israel and the United States share a form of settler colonialism in which the indigenous people - rather than being exploited primarily as workers - are ethnically cleansed, and those remaining are segregated and isolated into shrinking areas.

Like so many countries, the U.S. purchases Israeli weapons of war to use against others outside its borders, and Israeli technologies, surveillance and policing strategies to use in repression internal to its borders. Zionist organizations within the U.S., through programs funded by the Department of Homeland Security, have partnered with the U.S. government to target Palestinian and other Arab, Iranian and Muslim communities and organizations.68

Related propaganda has made way for and fueled growing vigilante violence against those communities. The influence of these government-funded organizations on national security policy is integral to other policies that have significant and far-reaching effects for all living in the U.S. Most impacted by policing, political repression, surveillance, and immigration policy are communities of color and immigrant communities. Also targeted are those who express and otherwise engage in dissent. 
~ Since 1949 the estimated cumulative total in U.S. direct aid to Israel ranges between 115 billion and 123 billion U.S. dollars. The U.S. gives Israel approximately 3 billion per year upfront in economic and military aid. This aid takes away from the ability to meet domestic needs including education and healthcare.
~ In the past two decades, the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish Zionist organization founded to combat anti-Semitism, has participated in the surveillance of over 1,000 social justice and human rights organizations including opponents of South African apartheid, the United Farm Workers Union, the Vanguard Public Foundation, Labor Council/AFL-CIO, NAACP, MADRE, Greenpeace, and the Center for Constitutional Rights.69

~ Elbit, the Israeli company that built the Apartheid Wall in Palestine, participated in the design and provided surveillance technology for the U.S.-Mexico border wall - commonly known as the Wall of Death.

~ Made possible by U.S. government “anti-terrorist” funding, the Israeli government and corporations, as well as U.S.-based Zionist organizations, have collaborated with and trained local police, the National Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security in repressive tactics, including surveillance and crowd control. For example:

~ Since 2003, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has trained almost 700 senior level law enforcement personnel representing over 220 different agencies on "Extremist and Terrorist Threats.” In 2010 alone, the ADL trained over 10,500 law enforcement officers.70

~ Following Hurricane Katrina, a 25-member delegation from the National Guard went to Israel. The purpose was to train them in maintaining order after natural disasters and terrorist attacks.71

~ Since 2005, the Department of Homeland Security has provided “antiterrorist” funding to U.S.-based nonprofit organizations to involve them in identifying and preventing “terrorist” activity. Of funds given to nongovernmental organizations specifically for this purpose, 73-80% is received by Jewish Zionist organizations. In 2008, this meant that 19 million out of 25 million U.S. dollars went to these organizations; in 2011, it was 15 million out of 19 million U.S. dollars.72


From South America to South Africa and from the Mobutu to the Trujillo dictatorships, Israel, often acting in concert with the United States, has been a key player in undermining popular struggles by supplying repressive regimes with the tools for massive state violence.

The facts and figures given here do not support the many fanciful theories that circulate about the role of Israeli - or Jewish - “control of the world.” On the contrary, anti-semitic conspiracy theories that misinterpret these or similar facts serve to bolster Israeli propaganda, helping Israel portray itself as victim, even justifying its repression industry as a necessity against such anti-semitism. 

Furthermore, it allows Israel's allies and clients to camouflage their own interests in repressing peoples' movements for freedom. Such conspiracies are thus a disservice to the movements for liberation everywhere, including the Palestinian struggle.

A major war profiteer and a settler-colonial state, Israel can use its profits to further repress and displace Palestinians, developing still more deadly weapons in the process. Given how unfamiliar most people are with the extent of the Israeli arms industry and the industrial scale of its function in suppressing movements, we have collected here some of the most atrocious aspects of Israel’s repression worldwide.

Israel’s racism is rooted in centuries of European colonialism.

ED Noor: More truthfully, Israel’s racism is rooted in the Babylonian Talmud.

It is integral to global imperialism from which it derives investment, support, and cover. Israel has worked hand-in-glove with repressive regimes in every corner of the earth in ways that facilitate the suppression, murder, assassination, rape, torture, disappearance, kidnapping, and imprisonment of those struggling for freedom and justice. Its arms and repression industries continue today through Israeli state institutions and via private corporations and a worldwide network of Zionist organizations. Repressive regimes find a willing and able ally in Israel.

Though well documented, the information we offer is not widely available in the media or at universities. The states and corporations that engage in war, the arms trade, occupation, incarceration, surveillance, and repression benefit from this information not being publicized. Tracking the trail of Israel’s function in global repression is an opportunity to expose the players in this vast industry. There is a need to continue to expose Israel’s role in worldwide repression and to support the organizing to end it.


1. The U.S. continues to have a major influence on the international political economy despite its diminishing financial standing. Its allies are those countries which share an interest in the concentration of wealth through a combination of economic agreements and trade, military dominance, diplomatic pressure and various forms of economic and military aid. Traditionally, these allies have been Europe, Canada and Australia, but increasingly include countries in the region and the global South which, to greater or lesser degrees, are unified around their shared interests in control of wealth and natural resources.

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3. Settler colonialism is a specific colonial formation in which foreign populations establish themselves permanently on the territory they are colonizing. Whereas natural (e.g. gold, cotton, oil) and human (e.g. labor, existing trade networks convertible souls) resources are the main motivation behind other forms of colonialism, land is the key resource in settler colonies.

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This is the official blurb from this organization.

The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network is committed to exposing and helping to end the role that Israel and Zionism play in violence and repression against fellow human beings and our movements for justice.

This begins with Zionism’s impact on the people of Palestine and the broader region and extends to the role that Israel and Zionism play across the globe.

Israel also dishonors the persecution and genocide of European Jews by using their memory to justify its crimes. It is responsible for the extensive displacement of Jews of African, Arab and Asian descent from their countries of origin.

As such, Zionism implicates us in the oppression of the Palestinian people, others in the region and people and movements across the globe. It also is responsible for the debasement of our own heritages, the undermining of struggles for justice and threatening our alliances with our fellow human beings.

The original PDF-document: Israel's Role in Worldwide Repression

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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