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The Moslems are the closest to us intellectually and spiritually

By Don


That goes to Rick

The Jews are not controling the world with God's help but with the USA help and if God wants to perish the Jews in less than a bit of a blink he'd do it. Lastly, wait The Islamic Umpire will come back and destroy zionist Umpire. And We will declare God's Words up high with no fear. We are coming back......

Arabian Knights

1 We, the citizens of the U.S., are now an occupied country...

I agree with Arabian Knights´ depiction of the power behind the Zionist program.

It is the U.S. But only because the Zionists were clever enough to gain control of the Government. Such control could very easily be shifted to create a more neutral playing field.

All it takes is money. However, since we the citizens of the U.S. are in servitude to the international banks and the various bureaucracies created by a suborned congress, we have nothing with which to fight back with.

That is the reason for my call to the Arab oil producing countries.

As I say, any investment could easily be recouped by causing congress to simply advance a "loan" to the group of nations that invested the money in the first place.

Neat, isn't it?

But, precisely what the Zionists are doing.

Every dime spent on the election of a U.S congressman is more than paid back by that same congressman voting toextend "aid" to Israel!

So, lets learn from those with opposing views, rather than arguing about a fait accompli.

As I have said, we, the citizens of the U.S., have lost the war, and are now an occupied country.

We can only turn to a great money source to attempt to regain that which we have lost.



2 To Jim Jones

Sorry to have read your last message, and I am sorry only because you're 100% correct.

What a sad world we live in at this time. Both the Reps and the Dems have sold out to the highest bidder. Which really means that to balance the field somewhat, those of us interested enough should seek out another bidder. Saudi?

I don't know. It may prove to be Iran, after all is said and done!

We would probably find that they, of all the Moslems are the closest to us intellectually and spiritually.

Not those TV evangalists who continually foul the air waves with their bleatings for more and more money, "for God", of course as though He needs money.

What a laugh and what a farce we all are subjected to. Anyway, we don't have much choice,and not much bargaining power as the entire nation, and all of its citizens, are mortgaged to the Federal Reserve.

Another nice touch, but this one foisted on us by the Reps. and Dems. acting in concert. By this single act, proving to anyone with an eye to see, that there really is no difference in the political parties.

Clinton is as much a product of both parties as was Bush and all those who preceded him.

Please remember that to all intents and purposes, we, meaning the people, are a defeated nation.

And an occupied one.

To us, the people, there is no other recourse but to adopt the lessons of "partisanism", as taught by good old Uncle Joe Stalin.

And may God help us all.


3 Desert Man and Westerner

I have to say that in most cases I agree with both of you gentlemen.

That the demise of Israel may occur because of racial dilution is a possibility, but by no means a certainty.

Therefore an alternative plan for a real peace in the region is of paramount importance. As far as a bidding war is concerned, insofar as U.S.politicians being the "prize" so to speak, that is the ONLY way our official policy will ever be changed.

Please remember that to change the fundamental attitude of our citizenry, is a task of immense proportions, and one that may no longer be possible, given the average citizens complete domination by our media.

No, we must first change the political climate here in the U.S., and only money will do that.

That I guarantee you. With 17 TRILLION dollars in debt hanging over us, we have no option at all but to change politicians and consequently our foreign policy. With respect to the oil companies, they do not need the Arabian fields at all!

There are more proven, but not necessarily revealed, reserves in the Alaskan North Slope, than in all of the rest of the world combined.

At least as far as has been revealed to the public at large.

The natural gas reserves in the fields off the coast of Louisiana, proven, are equal to our present requirements for the next 100 years.

So please don't make the mistake of thinking that if push comes, to shove, these same oil companies will do anything to upset the status quo.

It will never happen, my friends.

Our present climate of political correctness, a real nightmare by the way, will insure that ALL major oil companies will follow the agenda set by the politicians.

AND, money rules these same politicos.

AND it does not matter the party affiliation. Insofar as military action is concerned, just who can challenge, successfully,the U.S. military? We, as I said before, we the people have been defeated and are now living under foreign occupation. Sold out by our elected representatives.



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The Moslems are the closest to us intellectually and spiritually
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