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Educate Americans, Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs and others about the reality of the American-Israeli-Palestinian-Arab relationship, and the Gulf War, removing countless layers of distortion frequently overlaid by leaders and Western media.

All the informations included in articles and quotes were obtained from respectable sources and "main-stream" media from the United States, Israel and England (eg, Associated Press, Ha'aretz, the Independent) as indicated in each article. The comments in the index pages, unless otherwise stated, represent my opinion and analysis of the cases presented. On the whole, most of the facts presented in this page were either played down or totally ignored by the main-stream western media and columnists.

A particular group this site is directed to is American Jews, most of whom have been manipulated and deceived --with the help of their community leadership and publications-- by Zionism's overt purpose (Read Leon Hadar article on this issue ). Without the support of this group in particular in addition to the support of some right-wing Christians, Israel's belligerence, oppression and slow ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and other --virtually Apartheid-like policies-- would have been much different today.

References, links, articles, documents, and news resources, where most of the facts contained in this site were derived, are provided. It is hoped that this resource will help the interested reader launch and pursue further knowledge on the topic, as well as gain wisdom and shrewdness to detect deception and distinguish between rhetoric and action. Understanding the true cause of the conflict will make the solution more clear.

Of particular aim is to expose:

  • The pro-Israel influence on U.S. media and the political hierarchy, and the political exploitation of the Holocaust,

  • the dark side of Israel, its racism, aggression, deception, and the Zionist-Nazi-Fascist collaboration,

  • the suffering and dispossession of the Palestinians, and the myths surrounding Israel's birth,

  • the deception behind the current "Peace Process",

  • the Israel's destruction of Lebanon,

  • Israel's damage to U.S. interests, and

  • the behavior of the U.S., verging on barbarity, during the Gulf War and through the enforcement of sanctions.

It has been established, with the help of the media, that many of these topics are "politically incorrect", hence inappropriate for public discussion. Therefore, it is implicit throughout that the reader is open minded, questions everything, and has a capability of and experience in independent thinking and analysis.

In general, this site hopes to reveal the truth about Zionism's and Israel's practices, past and present, which will be a major step towards achieving justice for the Palestinians.

Clarification and Stand

Racism and hate are condemned in all their forms, here and everywhere. Specifically, this site is devoted to the racism and hate against the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular, especially those caused and encouraged by Israel and its supporters in the United States. The fact that some Arabs and Palestinians have chosen to side with anti-Semites out of hatred towards Israel is strongly decried. Terrorism, be it Palestinian or Israeli, is strongly condemned. However, since Palestinian and Arab wrong-doings are already amply documented and loudly trumpeted in other sites and media outlets, they will not be addressed here.

Those unfamiliar with the details and history of the Middle East tend to be alarmed at the term "Zionism," associating anything relating to it with "conspiracy theory", whose roots, perhaps, go back to the infamous forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In the Zionism pages below, the definition of Zionism and its implications for all involved will become more clear.

Zionism, as an ideology, is not faulted for its noble plan for world Jews -- liberating them from persecution. It IS, however, strongly condemned for what it did to the Palestinian natives, as exposed in this site.

Criticism of Israel's injustices is not anti-Semitism, rather, by revealing its exclusive and discriminatory policies, it is a step towards achieving justice. The Holocaust and the anti-Semitism labeling have often been (ab)used as a smokescreen and a mean to silence criticism of Israel and Zionism. Therefore, it is the intent herein to separate, as much as possible, Zionism from Judaism. However, since the "Jewish state" was founded for Jews only, and since most Jews support and identify with Israel (at least tacitly, by not speaking out), this boundary is sometimes unavoidably blurry. It is a goal of Zionist organizations, such as the "Anti"-Defamation League, to make this blur even worse. This is done by shielding Zionism's racist nature under the same umbrella as Judaism, hence protecting it from criticism and holding it above international and human laws. This is evident when such organizatrions go out of their way equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism by defaming anti-Israel and anti-Zionists/pro-peace as anti-Semites (or self-haters in the case of anti-Zionist/pro-peace Jews.) In justifying the need for a Jewish state, these organizations incessantly try to convince the world and diaspora Jews that anti-Semitism is abundant and on the rise, hence feeding the fear that some Jews have of "another Holocaust". Today, however, the policies of Israel against the Palestinians as well as its attempt to use diaspora Jews against their countries' interests to benefit Israel, are becoming the cause not the solution to anti-Semitism.


Zionism emerged in response to anti-Semitism as a politically secular movement whose goal is the liberation of Jews from persecution. Zionist ideology however, also implied the separation and "transfer" (euphemism for expulsion) of the Arabs, by envisioning the "spirit[ing of] the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in our own country," in the words of the Zionism's founder Theodore Herzl.

Even though Zionism came in response to rising anti-Semitism, Zionism then, however, resorted to anti-Semites (by allying with the Nazis and other anti-Semites) to push its cause of obtaining Palestine as a homeland for the persecuted Jews. In addition, Zionism called for the incompatibility of Jews with other people, defined Judaism as a national identity rather than just a religion, and designated the already-inhabited Palestine as a homeland. When Zionism's goal was attained the result was the transfer of the persecuted status from those Jews to the indigenous inhabitants of the land: the Palestinians, while now those Jews themselves have became the persecutors. The blame by Israel and its supporters for the resultant displaced Palestinian refugees, who today number 3.5 Millions, is, however, laid upon the Arab states for not absorbing them. Israel's problems with the Palestinians stem from denying them not only their share in the land, but also their own Palestinian national identity, rather than a general Arab one; ironically, the very same rights the Zionists ask of the world for the Jews.

Israel today is a religiously exclusive state (even though the majority of Israeli Jews don't consider themselves religious) where non-Jewish citizens are second class, and the Palestinians of the occupied territories, who, under the pretext of security and as legitimized by today's "Peace Process," are locked into disconnected and crowded islands (Bantustans) on their own land, providing Israel with its cheap slave-like labor. All this accurately fits the description of an apartheid state. Yet Zionists project "a light to the nations" image of Israel, and with the help of U.S. media, drill into the worlds' minds an Israel that is a model of democratic equality and socialist justice, with its sublime morals and "purity of arms" totally ignoring the mistreatment of Palestinians by Israel, (and even the mistreatment of Oriental Jews by European ones).

Zionism and Democracy

The courts in Israel have held that there is no Israeli nationality and that Israel is not the state of its citizens, but "the sovereign state of the Jewish people" in Israel and the diaspora. In the words of Noam Chomsky (New York Times, 03/29/1986) this is "a radical departure from standard Western democratic concepts, with far-reaching implications in both law and practice for Israel's large non-Jewish minority of citizens." The usual question in this case is: How can a Jewish State with non-Jewish citizens be called democratic?

Israel and Diaspora Jews

Israel appointed itself a speaker for and representative of all Jews. Indeed most Jews today side with and are passionately attached to Israel, perhaps because the Zionist propaganda succeeded in scaring Jews of "another Holocaust," if they don't support Israel.

However, realizing the underlying racism of Israel, many diaspora Jews today experience profound sadness. Unfortunately, most of these stay silent, perhaps by the fear that Jewish self-critique in public will feed anti-Semitism. Nonetheless, noting the unparalleled power diaspora and American Jews enjoy today, their silence represent a tacit approval of the apartheid behavior of the "Jewish State". Some Jews however, spoke out, becoming Israel's harshest-ever critics. The list includes such famous people and thinkers (whose names are, not surprisingly, totally blacked out in mainstream media) as Noam Chomsky, Alfred Lilienthal, Israel Shahak, Rabbi Elmer Berger, Moshe Menuhin, Yehudi Menuhin, Lenni Brenner, and Norman Finkelstein. This site is partially dedicated to these courageous individuals with the hope that all other Jews and Zionists will follow suit.

Israel has violated 70 United Nations resolutions, more than any country ever, in addition to having being shielded from as many as 29 more by the otherwise rarely-used U.S. veto. The charges have been and continue to be occupation, aggression, massacres, deportations, ethnic cleansing, assassinations, terrorism, torture, detaining without charges, school closures, violence .. even against women and children, bombing civilians, provocations, and violation of Palestinians' security, all in the name of preserving Israel's security which can only be realized when justice prevails.

Justice for The Palestinians

  • Compensation/repatriation of the three million Palestinian refugees.

  • Removing all settlements including those of East Jerusalem or proper and fair arrangement.

  • Israeli retreat to the UN partition lines of 1947 or even to the 1967 lines without any military presence anywhere outside of Israel, or proper and fair arrangements with Palestinian/Syrian/Lebanese approval, and the establishment of Palestine as a sovereign, secular and democratic state.

  • Use of West Bank water and other resources outside of Israel to be decided by the countries where those resources exist, or by mutual agreements in the case of shared resources.

  • An alternative and perhaps a better solution to the issues of borders, settlements, Jerusalem, water, and refugees, is that for Israel to become a bi-national state where today's occupied Palestinians become full citizens with equal rights as Jews.

  • Converting Israel into a true secular democracy and not one where Jews have a special status, but one where Israeli-Arabs become equal citizens.
  • Israel must submit to international law and decisions.

  • Revising immigration laws (e.g. the Law of Return) currently exclusive to Jews, by applying equal standards to all immigrants. Furthermore, Palestinians interested in immigrating to Israel should be granted a priority status over other Jews and others in general.

  • In addition to the Law of Return, other Zionist institutions which give favored status to Jews, must be abolished. This mainly includes the Jewish National Fund, which ensures Jews-only land ownership.


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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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