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  The “Holocaust”

 is a Typical Zionist Myth

By Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi
(Ph.D. International Relations)


1. Introduction

2. Zionist Lies

3. How and Why the “Holocaust” Lies Started

4. Scholars and Historians Deny the “Holocaust”

5. Conclusion



1. Introduction

The word "holocaust" means an extensive destruction of humans by other humans resulting in the massive loss of life, especially by fire. However, the so-called "holocaust" by Nazi Germany against Jews is actually based on two major lies.

The first lie says that the Nazis killed "6 million" Jews. Because this figure is extremely exaggerated, it is a lie (see below for some reasonable and unbiased estimates).

The second lie says that these "6 million" Jews were rounded up and then "gassed" or "burned" alive. Again, this is a lie because there is no proof whatsoever that any live Jew was ever "gassed" or "burned" in any "gas chambers" or "crematories" in Nazi Germany.

Only those people who had died of dangerous infectious diseases such as typhoid (whether Jews or non-Jews) were burned or cremated in Nazi Germany in order to avoid epidemics. The number of these infected burned dead is much smaller than the “6,000,000” legend. It was a common and legal practice by Nazi Germany and other countries to burn or cremate dead people infected with fatal communicable diseases to avoid infecting the living. No one has ever declared this kind of practice to be illegal.

On the other hand, those Jews who were killed by Nazi conventional means (i.e., not gassed, and not burned) were no more special than the other overwhelming majority of non-Jewish victims who were also similarly killed by the same Nazi conventional means. Since the killing of non-Jews at the hands of the Nazis is not considered by anyone to be a "holocaust", why then should the killing of Jews by Nazi conventional means constitute a "holocaust”?


2. Zionist Lies

All Arabs and all Muslims (along with many other people around the world) know very well that the Jewish/Zionist state of Israel is an illegitimate and illegal state established by the power of the gun in 1948 and has been maintained by it ever since.

Committed to a brutal and undemocratic program that could be implemented only by force, Israel has been founded on many well-known myths and lies. Toping the list of these typical myths and lies are the following ten:

1. That Jews are the "Chosen People of God."

2. That Palestine is "The Promised Land from God" for Jews only (despite the fact that Christianity was born there).

3. That the "Promised Land for Jews extends from the Nile to the Euphrates."

4. That Jews have been "homeless" for the last 2,000 years until Israel was created for them in 1948.

5. That the creation of Israel in 1948 has been a "fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy."

6. That Arabs have "hated" Jews for the last 2,000 years (despite the fact that Arabs have always been composed of Muslims, Christians, and Jews).

7. That Palestine was "an empty land” that did not have any Arab inhabitants when the Western the Zionist Jews created Israel on its land in 1948.

8. That Jews were not "allowed" to practice their religion freely in Palestine before Israel was created in 1948.

9. That Israel is a "democratic" and "peaceful" country (even though it has waged many brutal and expansionist wars against the Arabs, has systematically killed and uprooted the native Arab Christians and Muslims from their historical homeland of Palestine, and has stolen their properties and businesses for the last 57 years).

10. That Nazi Germany committed a "holocaust" by "gassing and/or incinerating six million Jews" during World War II.

While there are many Westerners who do not agree with at least one of the above first 9 myths, most people in the West generally accept the last Jewish/Zionist claim about the so-called "holocaust" without any challenge as if it were a "divine truth". This holocaust hoax has been bought and sold by educated and uneducated Westerners alike, whether they are from the far right (such as Christian fundamentalists), or from the so-called "moderates", or even from the far left (such as socialists and communists).

Although the US is believed to be a free country where the first Amendment to the US Constitution has supposedly guaranteed the freedom of speech for anyone who wishes to express logically and rationally his/her views on any subject, the so-called "holocaust" is clearly an exception to this rule. While an attack or criticism by anyone in the US is permitted against the American Government, the American President, Jesus Christ, or even God, a public (as opposed to private) attack or critical comment from anyone in the US on the powerful Jewish lobby or the so-called “holocaust” is not permitted in the land of the “free”. Anyone who dares to publicly say or write anything critical about Zionism or Jewish influence in the US is immediately castigated as a "racist' or "anti-Semitic" (that is, anti-Jewish) and would pay a heavy price in damage to his/her reputation and career, as actors Marlon Brando and Vanessa Redgrave found out the hard way. Sometimes the price for speaking out against the Zionists in the land of the "free" is murder, as was the case with Alex Odeh, an Arab-American who was brutally killed in 1985 in his ADC (Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) office in Southern California.

Although American Jews constitute only a tiny minority of about 2 or 3% of the total US population according to the best estimates, one really wonders if the US is truly a Christian or a Jewish nation, especially when it comes to a public free debate on the so-called "holocaust".


3. How and Why the “Holocaust” Lies Started

During the latter parts of World War II in Europe (1939-1945), when it became apparent that Nazi Germany's military defeat was on the horizon, Zionist leaders in and out of the United States feared that their colonialist design to steal the Holy Land of Palestine from the Arabs might lose support. Despite the fact that the anti-Jewish Nazis were on the verge of being annihilated (add to that most European Jews had already been assimilated and were living peacefully in their own respective native Western countries including the US where many German and Eastern European Jews had migrated), Zionist leaders still desperately wanted to continue at all costs with their old Pre-Nazi plan to settle-colonize Arab Palestine.

Obviously something heinous, dreadful, and shocking was needed during and after the concluding months of World War II for two main reasons. The first was to gain the necessary global legitimacy and support for the old Zionist scheme of 1897 (the birth of the World Zionist Organization) and 1917 (the British Balfour Declaration) to settle-colonize Palestine. The second was to rejuvenate Zionism by rallying reluctant Western non-Zionist Jews firmly behind the Zionist cause to establish an "exclusively" Jewish country for the so-called "homeless" Western Jews on this important Arab Holy Land of Palestine. It should be indicated here that the West has been obsessed to steal Palestine from the Arabs since the times of the old bloody Western Crusades (1095-1291).

To acquire world-wide support, compassion, and sympathy for their plan to colonize Arab Palestine, Zionist leaders in and out of the US suddenly began to circulate terribly horrifying stories that the Nazis had "incinerated" or "gassed" "six million" Jews in various "gas chambers", "ovens," and "crematoria" in and out of Germany between the end of 1942 and November 1944 (five months prior to Adolph Hitler's suicide in April 1945). The Zionists also added that the Nazis had even made "fertilizers," "lamp shades," "handbags," "ropes," and "soap" from the skin, fat, and hair of the "exterminated" Jews.

The first person in the world to mention this dreadful information about the so-called “holocaust” and the “extermination of six million Jews” was Zionist Rabbi Israel Goldstein. He mentioned his wild claim on December 13, 1942. [1] Goldstein's unverified claim became much more widely circulated by Zionist leaders, in and out of the USA, and their sympathizers all over the world after the end of World War II.

This “holocaust” claim was actually instrumental in producing the “United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181” on November 29, 1947 that gave “legitimacy” and “legality” to the creation of the illegitimate and illegal Western-oriented Zionist state of Israel over half of Palestine against the wishes of its native Arabs. It should be indicated that this “UN” resolution, which the US masterfully engineered by heavily pressuring UN member states, passed by a vote of 33 countries for it, 13 against it, with 10 abstentions. 


4. Scholars and Historians Deny the “Holocaust”

No sooner had this new and shocking information about the so-called Nazi "holocaust" become public than many Western scholars and historians both in Europe and the US began to quickly refute it as a well-orchestrated wartime Zionist propaganda campaign. They compared it to other similar propagandas during wars such as those during World War I when the Germans were accused of “eating Belgian babies and delighting to throw them in the air and transfix them on bayonets”. In the words of Dr. Arthur R. Butz, an American professor at Northwestern University in Illinois, (more on Dr. Butz below), the: "Zionists, principally the World Jewish Congress, merely presented their nonsense [“holocaust”] to the Allied governments, in particular to the US Government, demanding endorsement of their nonsense."[2]

Although the Zionists and their sympathizers have always labeled anyone who denies the "holocaust" as a "right-wing" or "racist", in fact since the mid 1940s many Western and non-Western scholars and historians, from all walks of life with different ethnic backgrounds and political persuasions (including Jews), have categorically refuted the alleged Nazi "genocide," "the gas chambers," and the unbelievable number of "six million."

However, it should be quickly emphasized here that these scholars and historians like Dr. Butz, some of whom will be mentioned shortly, do not deny the fact that many Jews and non-Jews were indeed persecuted or killed in Nazi Germany as well as in the German-occupied territories during World War II, both inside and outside the Nazi horrible concentration camps. What they deny is this so-called "holocaust". They deny both the number of the "six millions" as well as the manner by which these Jews were killed. These holocaust deniers all agree on the following six fundamental points: [3]

1. That the so-called "holocaust" and the "six million" story originated from the Zionists themselves and not from any government authority or any other independent source.

2. That neither the February 1945 Yalta Conference (the summit of the three leaders of Russia, US, and Britain), nor the Vatican, nor even the International Red Cross, spoke out against any "holocaust" or "the six million" legend, and none of them had any reason to.

3. That none of the three major personal World War II memoirs of either the one written by French leader Charles de Gaulle, or that of the British leader Winston Churchill, or even that of the American leader Dwight D. Eisenhower, mentioned anything about any “holocaust”.

4. That the post-World War II Nuremberg war crime trials in Germany, which automatically "accepted" the Zionist claim of the "six million" figure, were nothing more than partial and biased political prosecutions by the victorious powers.

5. That the only so-called "confession" to "burning and gassing live Jews" came from only one person on April 5 1946 - Nazi Auschwitz commandant Colonel Rudolf Franz Hoess (or Hoss) - after he was tortured by six British military police intelligence officers as one of them, sergeant Bernard Clarke, later admitted.

6. That the best estimate of the total number of Jews who died or were killed (not "gassed" or "incinerated") in and out of the German terrible concentration camps lost their lives either from Nazi brutalities, starvation, diseases, war-related causes, or other reasons, ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 (and not 6 millions). It should be indicated here that during World War II about 74 million people died, the overwhelming majority of whom were non-Jews, including the atomically bombed/incinerated civilians of the entire two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The late French geographer Paul Rassinier (nicknamed "the father of holocaust revisionism"), who was elected in 1945 as a Socialist to the French National Assembly, published in 1948 a book titled: Le Passage de la Ligne ("Crossing the Line") in which he recounted his horrible experiences as an interned left-wing political prisoner in the German concentration camps of Buchenwald and Dora between 1943 and 1945. In this book and in many others that followed it, such as The Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses, Rassinier strongly refuted the "holocaust," the "gas chambers," and the "six million" figure.

While completely rejecting the claim of the "extermination" of Jews by the Nazis, Rassinier generously estimated that perhaps a million Jews might have perished [4] (a figure considered too high by many other holocaust refuters) due to many causes between 1933 and 1945 as a result of direct and indirect various brutal Nazi policies such as the turmoil of Jewish deportations, harsh labor conditions, internment camps, malnutrition, diseases, epidemics, and more importantly World War II itself.

Another French, Dr. Robert Faurisson, a former Professor at the Universite de Lyon, also rejected the so-called Nazi "holocaust"; challenged anyone to draw or show a "Nazi gas chamber"; described the famous Diary of Anne Frank as a hoax; and called the Washington, DC Holocaust Memorial Museum "an historical fiasco".

Incidentally, while there is a Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US for the presumed “six million gassed" Jews by Nazi Germany, there are nowhere in the US any holocaust memorial museums, reparations, or even words of apology for either Native Americans or Black Americans who were slaughtered like animals by the tens of millions at the hands of Euro-Americans during the largest real holocaust the world has ever seen. In the words of the American professor Ward Churchill, "All told, it is probable that more than one hundred million native people were 'eliminated' in the course of Europe's ongoing 'civilization' of the Western Hemisphere”. [5] Another American professor, David E. Stannard, writes that between 40-60 million black Africans lost their lives in the brutalities of the Euro-Americans slavery system. [6]

In his well researched and documented book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry, Dr. Arthur R. Butz explained that during World War II even US State Department officials, such as J. Breckenridge Long and associates, "... considered all the talk about 'exterminations' to be just wartime propaganda invention, in the same spirit as the stories invented during World War I." [7] In Dr. Butz's words, "The 'gas chambers' were wartime propaganda fantasies completely comparable to the garbage that was shoveled out by Lord Bryce and associates in World War I." [8]

Dr. Butz also indicated that the total number of inmates in the entire German concentration camp system, Jews and non-Jews (since there were no camps specifically for Jews alone), was about 224,000 in 1943 and 524,000 in 1944. [9] Moreover, Dr; Butz pointed out that Heinrich Himmler, the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany (who supposedly "committed suicide" by "poisoning himself" on May 23, 1945, while in British captivity), had explained a few weeks before the end of World War II in an interview with a representative of the World Jewish Congress that:

"In order to put a stop to the [typhus] epidemics, we were forced to burn the bodies of incalculable numbers of [dead] people who had been destroyed by disease. We were therefore forced to build crematoria, and on this account they are knotting a noose for us." [10]

Finally, Dr. Butz proved that there was no direct Nazi tangible documentary evidence of any kind for an "extermination" program. He indicated that even Dr. Aryeh Leon Kubovy of the Israeli Center for Jewish Documentation in Tel-Aviv admitted in 1960 that "there exists no document signed by Hitler, Himmler or Heydrich speaking of exterminating the Jews and ... the word 'extermination' does not appear in the letter from Goering to Heydrich concerning the final solution of the Jewish question." [11]

Also, in her 1968 book Le systeme concentrationnaire nazi, French Jewish author Olga Wurmser-Migot writes:

"Just as there exists no ... order of extermination by gas at Auschwitz, there exists no order to stop in November 1944. Neither at the Nuremberg trial, nor during the course of marginal trials nor at the Hess trial in Cracow, nor of Eichman in Israel, nor at the trial of the camp commanders nor at the Frankfurt November 1945 - August 1946 trial of secondary Auschwitz figures, was the famous order signed by Himmler on 22 November 1944 on the end of the extermination of Jews by gas ever found, the order putting an end to the Final Solution." [12]

Moreover, in his book The Six Million Swindle: Blackmailing the German People for Hard Marks with Fabricated Corpses, Dr. Austin J. App, the late American Professor of English literature at the University of Scranton and LaSalle College, explained the following four vital points: [13]

1.      That Hitler's so-called "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem was not "annihilation" but rather deportation or expulsion from Germany, which was approved with the open cooperation and encouragement of the Zionists themselves who wanted German Jews to join other Jews from around the world to leave their own native countries in order to settle-colonize Palestine (a Zionist plan since 1897 and in accordance with the 1917 British Balfour Declaration).

2.      That absolutely no live person (Jew or non-Jew) was ever "gassed" or "burned" in any German concentration camp, including Auschwitz (allegedly the main "extermination" center).

3.      That the Jews who lost their lives while in Nazi hands either died of epidemics and/or killed because they were subversives, spies, saboteurs, criminals, or otherwise victims of unfortunate but internationally legal reprisals.

4.      That the Zionists and their American sympathizers, in and out of the American media and motion picture industry, who constantly use the figure of "six million" have failed to offer even a shred of evidence to prove their charge.

In addition, other Western writers have confuted holocaust story claims. Among them are the following two Americans: World War II Colonel John Beaty of the US Military Intelligence Service of the War Department who ridiculed the "six million" legend in his book Iron Curtain Over America, and Dr. David Leslie Hoggan, a former Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Also, among British historians who have denied the "holocaust" are the following two: Best-selling author David Irving, and Richard E. Harwood who wrote a book in 1974 titled: Did Six Million Really Die?The Truth at Last [14]. At least three German scholars refuted the "holocaust." These include Dr. Wilhelm Staeglich who wrote Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence, Emil Aretz who wrote Hexen-Einmal-Eins einer Luege ("The Witches' Multiplication Table is a Lie"), and Thies Christophersen who wrote Die Auschwitz Luege ("The Auschwitz Lie").

Among the Japanese holocaust deniers are the following two: Dr. Masanori Nishioka who wrote an illustrated ten-page feature article titled: "The Greatest Taboo of Postwar History: There Were No Nazi Gas Chambers" in the Japanese magazine Marco Polo (February, 1995), and best-selling Japanese writer Masami Uno who described the "holocaust" and The Diary of Anne Frank as lies.

Other prominent holocaust deniers include the following two Canadians, publisher Ernst Zundel, and geologist and aerial photography expert John Ball; Swiss right-wing educator Jurgen Graf; Italian document expert Carlo Mattogno [15]; and Roger Garaudy, a leftist French writer and former member of the French Communist Party whose book, Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israelienne ("The Founding Myths of the Israeli Policy") was published in 1995 in Paris by the leftist writer and publisher Pierre Guillaume. [16]

Beside the already-mentioned Jewish author Olga Wurmser-Migot, there are some other Western Jews who have also categorically denied that the Nazi government ever carried out or even contemplated the "gassing" of Jews. These include Swedish publisher Ditleib Felderer of the Jewish Information Bulletin, American David Cole, and German scholar Joseph Ginsburg. [17]

In fact, people who dispute the “holocaust” are found even in Hollywood itself where Jews established all of the major film studios such as Columbia, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount, Twentieth-Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Brothers. [18] For example, in a 1983 interview with Esquire magazine, the late prominent American actor, Robert Mitchum, scoffed at the so-called "holocaust". When asked about the "slaughter of six million Jews" by the Nazis, Mitchum answered: "So the Jews say, ... People dispute that." [19]


5. Conclusion

There is no doubt whatsoever that it was from this so-called "holocaust" (more than anything else) that Zionism has gained its wide popular acceptance and sympathy throughout the west. This in turn led to the brutal creation of the alien State of Israel over the land of Arab Palestine in 1948 at the extremely tragic expense of its innocent Muslim and Christian natives.

In conclusion, however, whether the Nazis killed one single Jew or 6 million Jews (by whatever method or means), the Germans - and certainly not the Palestinian Arabs - should have paid the price for this so-called "holocaust". Rationally speaking, any part of Germany (and not Palestine) should have been the site for the creation of this brutal, illegitimate, and illegal Jewish/Zionist State of Israel, which has been causing much death and misery to the Arabs.



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Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi is a Saudi-American Professor of International Relations and Political Science. He studied at several universities in France, Belgium, and the USA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. Dr. Sindi has taught at various universities and colleges both in Saudi Arabia and the US such as King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, the University of California at Irvine, California State University at Pomona, Cerritos College, and Fullerton College. He also worked at the United Nations in New York for two years. Dr. Sindi has several publications both in Arabic and English. His book, The Arabs and the West: The Contributions and the Inflictions, is sold on

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