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Ha'aretz, July 12, 1999

The Deceit Continues

By Danny Rubinstein, Ha'aretz


At best, the policy of successive Israeli governments towards Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip can be summed up as ambivalent. On the one hand, they attack them for setting up unauthorized outposts; on the other - they guard and fund them.In the past, governments have demanded the settlers evacuate the unauthorized settlements, even expelled them forcefully. But they have also worked with them in tandem, searching solutions for an honorable capitulation to some of their demands.

Since Rabbi Moshe Levinger first entered Hebron over 30 years ago, claiming he just wanted to hold a Passover Seder, the settlement campaign has been riddled with deceit and trickery.

The process that led to the establishment of Kiryat Arba started with a government decision to set up a yeshiva in the city. Ma'aleh Adumim stemmed originally from a decision to set up an industrial zone in the area. Ofra started life as a camp for workers in a military installation. Some Samaria settlements were defined as 'field schools'. Shilo was first labeled an 'archaeological dig.'

This sly ploy was thought up during Menachem Begin's government. When a group of Gush Emunim activists settled near the ruins of ancient Shilo, masquerading as an archaeological expedition, then Cabinet Secretary Aryeh Naor denied it was a settlement. In fact, when asked by a television reporter about the nature of the archaeological camp, he answered that it would include a clinic, but no banks. His answer was met with roars of laughter: the only ones not laughing were the fanatic settlers themselves. To this day, they do not care what they are called as long as they can settle where they like and are given public funds to do so.

Every government has its own, unique tricks. These have included arguing that a new construction was in fact within Jerusalem. Ariel Sharon built new settlements, labelling them new 'neighborhoods for old settlements', expressed via settlement names like Talmon A and Talmon B.

Netanyahu's government chose to cite the "natural growth" excuse. It claimed the settlements were not being expanded, yet growing naturally by a process totally disconnected from government initiatives.

During the transition period from Netanyahu's government to Barak's, 42 illegal sites have sprung up on the Judea and Samaria hills. Of course, the settlers claim that in view of a coalition agreement pledge not to harm any existing settlements, these sites should not only be left alone, but developed and expanded. It should be noted that the millions of shekels spent on these illegal strongholds have come from state budgets.

Whom is this trickery intended to deceive? The obvious answer is the international community and the possible majority of Israeli citizens who are opposed to the settlement movement.

It is also possible that the host of confusing terminology and sophisticated nicknames is also a form of self-deception. It is clear though that above all, it is a sign of weakness on the part of Israel's governments, afraid of the settler lobby.

Rabin's government was so afraid of the settlers that it would not even remove supporters of Baruch Goldstein from Arab Hebron in the wake of the massacre there.

Netanyahu's government also gave into them, failing to keep to commitments it undertook in the Wye accords. With the help of the National Religious Party and Natan Sharansky (Yisrael B'Aliyah), the settlers are now doing their utmost to scare the new Barak government as well



(c) copyright 1999 Ha'aretz. All Rights Reserved

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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