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Israeli crime
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Lebanon blasts Dirani´s terrorist rape by Israeli jailers


Beirut,March 14 (AFP) - Lebanon Tuesday blastet as "Nazi terrorist acts" the alleged rape of Lebanese Shiite militant Mustafa Dirani by his Israeli jailers and urged prompt intervention by the United Nations and the International committee of Red Cross.

" We demand an end to such Nazi terrorist, savage and inhumane acts, "said Prime Minister Salim Hoss in letters addressed to UN chief Kofi Annan, UN human rights commissioner Mary Robinson, the acting head of her office Ann Anderson and Jacob Kellenberger, president of ICRC.

The letters denounced such "flagrant violations of international treaties" against Dirani and the scores of Lebanese detainees in Israeli prisons.

Hoss, after a telephone conversation with President Emile Lahoud earlier Tuesday, summoned ICRC representative in Lebanon Henry Fournier to request that an ICRC delegate be sent to meet Dirani and enquire about his health after the "torture he was subjected to," offcials said.

Fournier confirmed to AFP that Hoss "handed me a letter addressed to the ICRC president."

"He transmitted to me an urgent request by the Lebanese government asking the ICRC to make every effort to arrange a visit to Mustafa Dirani as soon as possible," he said.

Hoss also asked Lebanon´s ambassador to Geneva-based international organizations Walid Nasr to raise the issue with relevant world agencies in Geneva,they said.

On Monday, Dirani`s lawyer Zvi Rish said the imprisoned militand had filed a 1,5 million dollar lawsuit against Israel, claiming he had been systematically beaten and raped by his jailers.

"Dirani has been harshly tortured and kept completely naked for a month by Shin Beth investigators, and an Israeli soldier was even allowed to sodomise him several times," Rish said from Israel.

"Dirani was also savagely raped with the aid of a club, and he was refused all medical assistance." he added.

Israeli officials have yet to respond to the accusations.

Dirani is one of several leading Shiite figures being held by Israel as bargaining chips to secure the return of missing Israeli servicemen, including air force navigator Ron Arad who was captured in Lebanon in 1986.

He was abducted from his Lebanese home by armed Israeli commandos in May 1994 and has since been held under "administrative detention" without charge or trial, a system denounced by human rights groups as a violation of international law.

The group that Dirani led, " Faithful Amal." issued a statement Monday promising that Israel would pay "one way or another".

On Tuesday, the group again denounced Dirani`s rape and torture as the "crime of the century…that no mind can comprehend and which is unprecedented with any war prisoners."

"This is unacceptable to any religious, humanitarian and international customs…the rape of male hostages as a means of torture has never occured in the history of humanity, but only by the Zionist rotten gang."

" We tell them that undoubtedly some of them will fall between our hands and we will teach them about the proper treatment of prisoners by the resistance fighters," it said.

A statement by the Shiite fundamentalist Hezbollah, which carries out most attacks against Israeli occupation troops in southern Lebanon, also denounced the " savage moral and physical torture by the Zionist rotten hands of hatred."

"This ugly act is one of the worst in black Zionist history." it said.

The follow-up committee for the support of the Lebanese detainees in the Israeli Prisons also urged in a statement a prompt action by world human rights groups against such "crimes against humanity."

Late Tuesday a convoy of vehicles carrying Dirani`relatives and followers drove from the Shiite militant´s home in the village of Qsarnaba at the heart of the eastern Bekaa Vally to the nearby city of Zahle.

They stopped in front of the headquarters of the Lebanese Red Cross where they held lighted candles and held up copies of his portrait in a sit-in to condemn his torture and demand his immediate release.

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