26 et 27 janvier 2002
International Conference on Global Problems of World History
Moscow, 26-27 January, 2002

( In French )

The International Conference on Global Problems of World History was organised by the Editors of the "Encyclopedia of Russian Civilization" and the Barnes Review (Washington).

The conference site was the "Humanitarian Social Academy", on the south-eastern of Moscow. The academy, which consists of ten large buildings, is located in a big and beautiful park. All speakers were lodged in the Academy´s exceedingly comfortable guesthouse. The conference took place in the Academy´s splendid Conferences´hall. Three first-class simultaneous interpreters (Russian-English, English-Russian, French-Russian) helped to reduce communication problems to a minimum.

In a near future, Dr. Platonov will publish a book containing the texts of all conference speeches in Russian. An English version will hopefully follow.


Christopher Bollyn

Igor Ilyinski

Gerhoch Reisegger

Mikhail Kouznetsov

René-Louis Berclaz

Michael Piper

Ahmed Rami

Nikolai Simakov

Frederick Töben

Russell Granata

Jürgen Graf

Richard Krege

Volen Siderov

David Duke

Boris Mironov

Youri Begounov

Christopher Bollyn (USA):
The events of 11 September, 2001

Christopher Bollyn, a writer and journalist working for the American Free Press, was unable to come to Moscow for technical reasons. His speech was read by Dr. Frederick Toben, Australia.

Summary: The official version of the terrible events of 11 September, 2001, according to which four huge planes were overwhelmed by lighly armed Arabs, is utterly incredible and full of inexplicable anomalies. Horst Ehmke, who had coordinated the German secret services under Willi Brandt, said that terrorists could by no means have carried out such an operation without the support of a secret service, and Andreas von Bülow, who oversaw all three branches of German intelligence from 1969 to 1994, believes that the Mossad perpetrated the terrorist attacks in order to turn American public opinion against the Arabs. If this is the case, the Mossad was doubtless helped by American traitors who seek total control of the planet and its resources by cloaking their criminal activities behind the guise of "national security".

Obviously, the US administration and the American media are conspiring to make matters worse by playing on the fears of the public to foment a domestic reign of terror and to suppress free speech under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Those journalists who questioned the government’s conclusions were soon looking for new jobs. Here are some of the most obvious incongruencies of the official version:

  • For weeks after the attack, cameramen were prevented from photographing the ruins from certain angles.
  • New York Mayor Giuliani prevented fire fighters from retrieving the bodies of their fallen comrades.
  • The gravity load of the towers was supported by concrete-clad steel columns at the center of each tower. The fact that they were reduced to fragments is not compatible with the fire theory, for no fire could have had this effect.
  • In late July, two Jews, Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, secured 99-year leases on the towers. They insured the property for more than 3 billion dollars against terror attacks. Silverstein now claims that, as there were two separate attacks, he should receive twice the insured amount, more than 6 billion dollars.
  • While we are told that the black recording boxes of two of the hijacked airplanes, which are built to withstand crashes and fire, have not been found, an alleged hijacker’s passport was miraculously found on top of a pile of rubble near the World Trade Center!
  • Why did the south tower collapse first although it was not as extensively damaged as the north tower, which burned for more than an hour and a half before collapsing? If the collapse was due to heated steel, why did it take 104 minutes for the fire in the north tower to reach the critical temperature?
  • An explosives expert, Van Romero, said immediately after the attack that after the airplanes hit the WTC there were some explosive devices inside the building that caused the towers to collapse. In this case, the collision of the planes into the towers was but a diversionary attack. What caused the towers to implode were explosives. This version is corroborated by eyewitnesses who reported hearing explosions while fleeing the building.
  • Most probably the planes were hijacked remotely. This technology was developed in the 1970’s to recover control and land planes that have been hijacked. It allows the control of a plane’s computerized flight control system, leaving the pilot powerless to fly the plane. Once the remote control system is activated, the Cockpit Voice Recorder will contain no audible data. By October, crash investigators had recovered the CVIs from the Pentagon and Pittsburg aircrafts and publicly confirmed that both were completely blank. This explains the fact that there were no Arabs on the passenger lists and that several of the alleged terrorists are reported to be still alive: The "Suicide Pilots" were non-existing people.


    Igor Ilyinski (Russia):
    Globalization and Education

    Dr. Igor Ilyinski is the director of the Humanitarian-Social Academy. He delivered a speech moderately critical of Globalism. In his opinion, modern forms of communication, such as the Internet, and contacts between scientists all over the world are positive aspects of Globalization no reasonable person can oppose. On the other hand, Globalization has its dark sides. Education is increasingly being valued from a purely economical point of view: Universities and academies have to supply the economy with the necessary specialists. This leads to over-specialization and endangers the cultural aspects of education.


    Gerhoch Reisegger (Austria):
    The international monetary
    situation before September 11, 2001

    Gerhoch Reisegger, an engineer with long experience in computer production, is a regular contributor to the Munich-based right-wing intellectual magazine Staatsbriefe. His special interests are foreign affairs and financial politics. Reisegger delivered his speech in English.

    Summary: Today the world seems to be heading for a catastrophe. The root of the deep crisis we are experiencing is the exponential growth of economy which inevitably must come to an end sooner or later. Unlike real economy, where something tangible is manufactured or concrete services are rendered, the situation is different in monetary affairs, because according to the laws of capitalism, capital increases thanks to interest without any productive work. Creatio ex nihilo – Creation from nothing; a blasphemous imitation of God’s act of creation! Usury is contrary to the laws of God – after all, the only violent act Jesus Christ ever committed was the expulsion of the usurers from the temple.

    Since March 2000, we have been watching a crash at the stock-market, and the illusion of prosperity is only being kept up with manipulations and falsified statistics. The USA are the most indebted nation in the world. The dramatic increase of American debt correlates with a breakdown of private savings. In 1998, more than 50% of American families invested their savings in shares. Long before 11 September, 2001, the stock-exchange index had suffered a sharp decline. The attack on the Babylonian towers should prompt us to ask the question: Cui bono? – Who benefits? Certainly the events of 11 September diverted the attention of the public from the disastrous financial situation in the USA and allowed the government to blame the coming disaster on "terrorism".

    The Euro was created as an alternative to the dollar – an alternative which is, of course, also controlled by "them". When the dollar collapses, riches can be safely harbored in this new currency.

    The horrors of World War Two will be a minor event compared to those to come. Who are the enemies we will face in this titanic struggle? Nihilism, Materialism, Globalism – the attempt to create a uni-polar world with a global Orwellian government -, and the paranoia of the Jewish people which considers itself the "chosen" one.

    May we be able to overcome the "Prince of the World" together with the Orthodox World and Islam! Such an alliance will perhaps be able to delay the coming of the Antichrist.


    Mikhail Kusnetsov (Russia):
    Legal aspects of Globalization

    Dr. Mikhail Kusnetsov is a expert on international law. He is also one of the lawyers defending former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic.

    Summary: Having just returned from London, where he had had extensive discussions with western lawyers, the speaker candidly admitted that he cherishes no illusions about the independance of international courts which have been transformed into tools of the mighty. Can there be justice if countries daring to oppose the New World Order are no longer safe from naked aggression? The principle of sovereignty has practically ceased to exist. Although the European member states of NATO were initially reluctant to support the American attack on Yugoslavia, they were finally forced into submission. The United Nations also endorsed NATO’s aggression because its general secretary, Kofi Annan, is but an obedient lackey of globalism.

    Former US security adviser Z. Brzezinski once wrote that the changes mankind is undergoing nowadays are more dramatical than the French and Russian revolutions. Robespierre and Lenin were "soft reformers" compared to today’s "global players".

    Russia and the Russian people are among the main targets of the globalists. Every year, the population of Russia shrinks by about a million. A significant example demonstrating the subjugation of Russia is the following one: In 1992, new laws regulating the activities of private enterprises were being enacted by the Duma. During the debates, a delegation of 17 US lawyers visited Russia. In Gorbatchev’s datcha, they conducted negotiations with Russian legislators, convincing them to adapt the laws to American standards!

    "Privatization" is in reality nothing but a reckless plunder of Russia’s natuiral ressources. Under the cloak of privatization, Russian companies are being taken over by foreign ones.

    For Dr. Kusnetsov, the main reason of the social and moral decline is the turning away from God. Only a return to religion will restore peace and order.


    René-Louis Berclaz (Switzerland):
    The blackmail of Switzerland

    R.-L. Berclaz is the general secretary of Truth and Justice, an association defending free speech and free historical research in Switzerland. The government of the canton of Fribourg is at present trying to dissolve Truth and Justice because its activities are obviously a thorn in the side of Switzerland’s Zionist puppet regime. In 1998, Berclaz had got a suspended sentence of three months for distributing material critical of the Zionists and their methods. He delivered his Moscow address in French.

    Summary: Until 1995, Switzerland rightly enjoyed an excellent reputation thanks to more than 150 years of democracy as well as a peaceful and humanitarian foreign policy and economic stability. This well-deserved good reputation was brutally destroyed by an orchestrated campaign of "the Lobby which does not exist", to wit the Jewish lobby. The Swiss were accused of having been willing helpers of the Third Reich and of having stolen huge amounts of money deposited in Swiss banks by Jews who later perished in the Holocaust.

    For a Swiss, it was very difficult to defend the honor of his country against the denigrators as the so-called "Anti-Racism Law", enacted in 1995, enables the courts to punish any citizen critical of the Jewish lobby. As any scientific investigation of the traditional "Holocaust" claims is strictly forbidden, it has become impossible to say publicly that the Swiss can not have been accomplices to the "worst crime in history" because this crime never happened. On the other hands, Switzerland and its people can be slandered with impunity. (Morton Zuckermann, editor of News and World Report, did not hesitate to call the Swiss "greedy thieves, plunderers and liars".) The American-Jewish blackmail was actively supported by the Swiss media.

    The financial demands of the Jewish organizations were totally unfounded. As early as in February 1996, the Swiss bankers’ association published the results of their inquiries about dormant accounts from World War Two. The total sum of these accounts amounted to 38 million Swiss franks. Nevertheless, in August 1998, the Swiss banks were forced to pay 1,8 billion franks to the Holocaust racket. After the surrender of Switzerland, the blackmailers were soon looking for other victims. Even Russia is now supposed to pay reparations to the descendants of Jewish victims of the Jewish-led Bolshevic Revolution!


    Michael Piper (USA):
    The Kennedy Assassination

    American journalist Michael Piper is the author of Final Judgement, a bestseller about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    Summary: From the KGB to Fidel Castro and the anti-Castro Cubans, countless organizations and persons have been accused of being involved in the assassination of America’s most popular post-war president. Several authors have presented compelling evidence that both organized crime and the CIA were indeed involved. M. Piper readily acknowledges this, but adds that the Israeli Mossad almost certainly had a finger in the pie. This possibility is never ever mentioned in the mainstream media, nor was it alluded to in Oliver Stone’s famous film "JFK". Virtually every suspect in the Kennedy assassination had close ties to Israel. An example was Jewish gangster boss Meyer Lansky who, like numerous other Jewish mobsters, fled to Israel when the situation had become too precarious for him in the United States.

    The reason why Israel, whose then president Ben Gurion passionately hated Kennedy, wanted to get rid of him is obvious: He tried to prevent the Jewish state from acquiring nuclear weapons. His successor Lyndon Johnson promptly dropped his opposition to Israel going nuclear and generally pursued a policy extremely favourable to the Zionist state.

    Although Piper’s copiously annotated book is not available in the big bookstores, it has sold tens of thousands of copies, partly thanks to ads in the Spotlight. Piper has repeatedly discussed his thesis before student audiences.


    Ahmed Rami (Morocco/Sweden):
    Jewish power in the West

    Ahmed Rami, a former tank officer of the Moroccan army, fled to Sweden in 1973 after an aborted coup d’etat against king Hassan II. In Sweden, he directs Radio Islam which exposes the arrogance of the Zionists and stands up for the brutally oppressed Palestinian people. Rami spoke in French, without manuscript.

    Summary: Already as a teenager Rami understood that the corrupt and repressive regime of Hassan II could not be removed by legal means. Nor could a popular insurrection succeed, because it would have been mercilessly quelled by the Army. So Rami decided to join the armed forces in order to change their character from within. In the future, the men in the tanks should be with the people rather than against the people.

    In 1973, defense minister Oufkir planned a coup to overthrow the monarchy. Although only a lieutenant, Rami was by then Oufkir’s personal friend and assistant. The coup failed. All of the plotters, including Oufkir himself, were arrested and shot, often after grisly tortures, but Rami managed to escape. He later fled to Sweden where he was given a hero’s welcome and received by prime minister Olof Palme himself.

    But when Rami started his Radio Islam and commenced castigating the Zionists, the former freedom fighter suddenly became an enemy of the state, and almost all his former prominent friends repudiated him. Because of his scathing attacks on the Jews and their arrogant behaviour, Rami has even spent several months in a Swedish jail. During the trial, he quoted some anti-Jewish remarks by Karl Marx, prompting the public prosecutor to declare that Marx had evidently been influenced by Adolf Hitler!

    If you want to know who is running a country, you have to find out whom it is forbidden to criticize. In Morocco, it is quite possible to criticize a minister or to point out social shortcomings, but it is rigorously forbidden to say a word against the king. In the so-called free West, we can pillory capitalism, communism, Christianity and Islam, but even the most timid criticism of Jewry is branded as a sacrilege and even penalized in an increasing number of countries. The inevitable conclusion is that the West is ruled by the Jews, and that the "democratic" politicians are but Jewish puppets.

    Rami pointed out that he has no desire to persecute, much less to exterminate, anybody. But gentiles have become second-class citizens in their own countries. They should demand the same rights the Jews are enjoying.


    Nikolai Simakov (Russia):
    and the historic mission of Russia

    Nikolai Simakov is a writer and historian.

    Summary: Globalization is a consequence of Western Liberalism and Atheism. We are at present on the threshold of a new age where God is declared dead. The World Dictatorship which the "global players" are striving after would be the realm of the Antichrist where God would be replaced by "progress" and material wealth.

    Orthodoxy, like Islam, understands the true character of the New World Order and therefore opposes it. In order to forestall a common front against them, the globalists, lead by the United States, are setting their adversaries against each other. This is happening in Serbia and Chechnia, where the US are supporting the Muslims against the Orthodox.

    Russia has a historic mission. It is "the third Rome" after Rome and the Bysantine empire. The greatest Russian writer, Dostoyewski, has repeatedly spoken about this mission the core of which is the defense of Christianity. That’s why the enemies of Christianity have been persecuting Russia with fiendish cruelty since 1917. Still, the Orthodox church has survived all ordeals. It cannot be annihilated. Its mission is not limited to saving Russia alone. To quote a religious leader: "Holy Russia must save the World, not the World Bank!"


    Frederick Toben (Australia):
    The repression
    of Holocaust revisionism in the West

    Dr. Frederick Toben is the head of the Adelaide Institute which promotes free historical research. In 1999, he was arrested in Germany and spent seven months in prison because he had posted revisionist material on his Australian website. Apparently, the German police state is impudently trying to impose its scandalous thought-crime laws on the rest of the world!

    Summary: Visiting Moscow for the first time since 1971, Toben welcomed the freedom of speech the country now enjoys but deplored the unfettered, US-inspired consumerism that now seems to prevail in Russia. The globalists are using consumerism to keep the populace restrained within a straitjacket; for many people, freedom means the freedom to go shoppping. Those who reject this barren materialism are subject to social ostracism. This especially applies to the Holocaust revisionists. The revisionists do not deny the cruel suffering of the Jews during World War Two. But they dispute the existence of a German extermination policy, the figure of six million Jewish victims and the existence of homicidal gas chambers. They are reviled as "haters", "racists" and "anti-Semites" although they only endeavour to separate historical facts from myths.

    Toben concentrated on the situation in four European states – Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland -, castigating the repressive laws enacted in these countries to stifle any free research on the Jewish fate during the Second World War. He mentioned numerous examples of revisionists sentenced to prison terms or exorbitant fines. He pointed out that Holocaust revisionism is still legal in the USA thanks to the first Amendment and discussed the situation in Australia, where there is no anti-revisionist law but where revisionists are harrassed by so-called "Human Right Commissions" for which Truth is "no defense".

    Revisionists, concluded Toben, are forever hunting and yearning for a better explanation, for a closer approximation to the truth. This intellectual adventure is not for the faint-headed.


    Russell Granata (USA):
    A critical analysis
    of the official view of Auschwitz in the
    light of chemistry and cremation technology

    Russell Granata, a retired schoolteacher from California, publishes revisionist books in the United States.

    Summary: According to official historiography, Auschwitz started off in 1940 as a regular concentration camp, but then, as the story goes, two years later it also took the function of a huge "extermination camp". Right up to 1990, the administration of the Auschwitz museum insisted that no less than four million people perished at Auschwitz! This figure was then reduced to 1,5 million, which is still ten times to high. In reality, the documents, which have survived in large numbers, show that between 130.000 150.000 prisoners, just over half of them Jewish, died in the camp, mostly of illness and exhaustion.

    The revisionists do not question the sufferings of Jewish and non-Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz, but dispute the extermination claims which are exclusively based on eyewitness accounts. Revisionist scientists examine the "weapon of the crime" – the "gas chamber" – as well as the disposal of the bodies. The two main questions are:

    1. Were mass gassings as described by witnesses in the rooms called "gas chambers" technically possible?
    2. Was it possible to incinerate the alleged number of corpses in the crematories?

    The first question has been most extensively been dealt with by German chemist Germar Rudolf, the second one by Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno (in collaboration with engineer Franco Deana).

    2. The "Gas Chambers". As G. Rudolf has pointed out, even a brief glance into the clothing disinfestation chambers of Birkenau, where the insecticide Zyklon-B was used to eradicate lice and other vermin, immediately reveals the presence of iron blue. This is an extremely stable compound formed by the interaction of hydrocyanic acid with iron or ferrous cyanide. Iron blue is insoluble in water, resistant to acid rain and bad weather. The walls of the delousing buildings are saturated with hydrocyanic acid compounds. Chemical analyses showed cyanide concentrations of up to 13.000 mg/kg in samples from the walls of the delousing chambers. On the other hand, samples from the walls of the putative homicidal gas chamber in Krematorium II, where up to 500.000 Jews were allegedly put to death with Zyklon-B, show the same low concentrations of hydrocyanic acid as any ramdom building. The inevitable conclusion is that no homicidal gassings can have occurred in that room.

    The morgue of Krematorium II is said to have been modified to serve as a "gas chamber" in 1943, and for the purpose of introducing pellets of Zyklon-B into the gas chambers, 4 hatches are said to have been cut into the roof. But there are no traces of these hatches, so that the poison could not have been introduced in the way described by the witnesses. As French revisionist professor Robert Faurisson put it: "No holes, no holocaust."

    The Crematoria. The first serious scientific study of body disposal at Auschwitz was carried out by Carlo Mattogno and Franco Deana. Considering the maximum capacity of the ovens, the coke deliveries to the crematoria, and the duration of the fire-brick walls of the ovens, the two authors conclude that the maximum number of bodies which could have been incinerated would have been 156.000. This alone refutes the mass extermination claims.


    Jürgen Graf, Switzerland
    version radically different ...

    Jürgen Graf is a Swiss author persecuted in his homeland for thought-crimes. He is the author of seven books, five of which deal with the Holocaust swindle, and the co-author of two further books written in collaboration with Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno who is undoubtedly the world’s foremost expert on Auschwitz. Together with Australian engineer Richard Krege, Mattogno and Graf are currently working on a book about Treblinka which will appear first in German and then in English in the summer of this year. In his address, Graf, who spoke in Russian, summarized this book which is largely based on research in Moscow archives.

    Summary: According the the official version of the Jewish fate during World War II, Treblinka, a camp situated about 80 kim north-east of Warsaw, was a pure killing factory where 870.000 Jews were gassed with Diesel exhaust between July 1942 and October 1943. (In 1944, the Soviets spoke of three million victims, but this figure was soon dropped.) The corpses were allegedly burnt on pyres after February 1943. – These claims are exclusively based on eyewitness testimony, as there is no documentary or material evidence to corroborate them. However, the unreliability of eyewitnesses, especially Jewish ones, has been demonstrated over and over again. An especially spectacular case was the Demjanjuk trial in Jerusalem in the eighties where five Jewish liars identified Ukrainian-born American citizen John Demjanjuk as "Ivan the Terrible" who was accused of having committed mind-boggling atrocities at Treblinka. But Demjanjuk had never been in that camp, and the Israeli government was forced to release him in 1993.

    Today’s version of Treblinka is radically different from the first wartime reports spread about the camp by the Polish resistance and Jewish circles in Warsaw. These reports mentioned all kinds of outlandish killing methods – from a "mobile gas chamber" to "delayed-action gas allowing the victims to walk to the mass graves themselves", from quicklime to electricity, but especially hot steam. Of particular importance is a report published on 15 November by the underground movement of the Warsaw Ghetto. The authors claimed that two million Jews had been suffocated with hot steam between July and November 1942. As late as during the Nuremberg trial, the steam chamber version was endorsed by the Polish government In August 1944, after the Soviets had conquered Eastern Poland, they claimed yet another killing technique: Pumping the air out of the chambers by means of a pump. The Diesel engine version, which finally prevailed, seems to have triumphed thanks to the Jewish carpenter Jankiel Wiernik who, in May 1944, plagiarized the November 1942 report, but replaced the "steam chambers" by "gas chambers"

    The official version of Treblinka is radically impossible for technical reasons alone. Diesel exhaust contains only little carbon monoxide, but 16% oxygene. According to the witnesses, 700 people at a time were herded into each of the gas chambers which measured 64 m3 each; then the chambers were hermetically closed, and the gas was let in. This would have meant that all the victims would have been asphixiated within little over 20 minutes because the breathing air would have been consumed, long before the monoxide would have taken effect. Blowing Diesel exhausts into the chambers would not have shortened, but prolonged the lives of the victims! – The burning of 870.000 corpses would have required 195.000 tons of wood. But air photographs taken over Treblinka in May and November 1944 show a dense forest of about 100 hectars on the northern and eastern side of the camp – so where did the wood come from? Finally, the bodies and the wood would have left about 3000 tons of ashes, plus tens of millions of teeth and bone fragments. As a matter of fact, no significant human remains were ever found at the site of the former camp, as a Polish commission headed by judge Zdzislaw Lukaszkiewicz conceded in 1945.

    In reality, Treblinka was a transit camp from where Jews were transferred to Majdanek and other labour camps in the Lublin area, but also to the occupied Soviet territories.

    All this is not merely a historical problem, but has tremendous political implications for the present. Without the Holocaust myth, the colonialist and racist state of Israel would not exist, and the world would be a better place to live in. And this state is armed and supported by an imperialist super-power, the USA, where the Jewish-controlled media daily rehash the Holocaust story as an excuse for Israeli behaviour. The crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Washington regime, such as the starving of Iraqi children or the bombing of Serbia, are justified by the necessity to punish "a new Hitler" – and every statesman daring to defy the New World Order will inevitably be labeled a "New Hitler". Thus, the Holocaust lie, of which the Treblinka lie is a crucial part, is not only an outrageous swindle, but a direct threat to world peace.


    Richard Krege (Australia):
    Ground penetrating radar
    at the site of the alleged "extermination camps"
    Belzec and Treblinka, Poland.

    Richard Krege, a young and brilliant Australian engineer, has twice visited Poland, the first time in October 1999, the second time (with Jürgen Graf) in August 2000. He will not only contribute a chapter to the forthcoming book about Treblinka co-authored with C. Mattogno and J. Graf, but also publish a more detailed study, the Krege Report, about his findings in the near future.

    Summary: Belzec and Treblinka, both situated in Eastern Poland, allegedly were extermination camps exclusively set up for the killing of Jews. The Holocaust historians claim that 600.000 Jews were gassed at Belzec and 870.000 at Treblinka. (During the war, the eyewitnesses reported at least eight different killing methods for Belzec and ten for Treblinka. All of them but the gas have fallen into oblivion.) Neither Belzec nor Treblinka had any crematoria. According to the eye-witnesses, upon whose testimony the official version of the history of these camps is based, the bodies of the murdered Jews were first buried in huge mass graves, but later dug out and burnt on pyres. Thus, the entire story hinges on the existence of these mass graves. Engineer Krege has examined the site of these two camps, scanning the soil with a ground penetrating radar. This instrument is used to detect minerals, but also mass graves. It detects perturbations of the soil.

    Krege first showed pictures taken by the ground radar machine on the site of a mass grave at Auschwitz-Birkenau. In summer and autumn 1942, more than 20.000 Auschwitz inmates succumbed to a murderous typhus epidemy. As the Birkenau crematoria had not yet been constructed by then, the bodies were buried in several mass graves which are clearly visible on air photographs. The pictures did indeed show evident perturbations of the soil. (Furthermore, it can be easily seen with the naked eye that the vegetation and the configuration of the soil are different from the adjacent areas where no graves were situated.)

    The engineer then confronted these pictures with a dozen scans taken at Belzec and Treblinka, in the area where the mass graves were located according to the eyewitnesses. Non of these scans showed any perturbations of the earth. As the photographs of the same areas proved, the vegetation and the configuration of the soil are exactly the same as in the adjacent zones where no former mass graves are alleged.

    The only possible conclusion is that the huge mass graves with 600.000 (Belzec) and 870.000 (Treblinka) corpses never existed and that the gigantic slaughter allegedly perpetrated at these two camps never took place.


    Volen Siderov (Bulgaria):
    The last stage of the Colonization
    of the Orthodox East

    Volen Siderov is a Bulgarian writer and historian. He spoke in Russian.

    Summary: In 1877, a British cartoon pictured Russia as a hideous octopus ready to swallow the whole of Europe. Already then, the tsarist empire was regarded as a threat, as it was obviously a rapidly rising power. Indeed, shortly before the First World War Russia produced more grain than the USA, Canada and Argentina together. In 1914, a French demographer predicted that by 1948 Russia would have 360 million inhabitants. The last decades of Monarchy had been a period of spectacular economic and social progress.

    The seemingly irresistible rise of the Russian Empire, which was orthodox and sharply opposed to the growing Materialism and Atheism of the West, scared the financial elite of the Anglo-Saxon World which already at that time was largely Jewish. Jewish bankers such as Schiff and Kuhn financed the Bolshevik revolution which brought destruction and misery to the Russian people and ruined the Russian economy, thus eliminating a powerful competitor of the Anglo-Saxon powers.

    During the Second World War, the USA and Britain sided with the Communist tyrants of Russia, allowing them to impose their despotic system on the Eastern half of Europe. After the collapse of the Red regimes, the peoples of Eastern Europe first rejoiced at their liberation, but especially the orthodox ones, such as Bulgaria and Romania, were soon to discover that they had jumped out of the frying-pan into the fire. An unbridled capitalism was imposed on these countries. In Bulgaria, the results of privatization are disastrous. Unfettered liberalism has destroyed large sectors of the economy. In a country which is still largely agricultural, wine and fruit are imported in enormous quantities, exposing the local producers to a ruinous competition. Countless factories have been closed and their workers dismissed. Large parts of the population are living in abject poverty. It is no exaggeration to say that Globalism is now colonising the Orthodox East.


    David Duke (USA):
    The Jewish factor
    in the United States

    David Duke, a politician fighting for the rights of European Americans, is at present living in Moscow. He is the author of the wonderful book My awakening. The section of the book which deals with the Jewish question has been translated into Russian and become a real bestseller. In an emotional speech, Duke pointed out that Russia has often been the bulwark of Europe against barbarian invaders from the Asian steps. The West and the White Race need a strong and proud Russia. The "Russian revolution" of 1917 which lead to a gruesome reign of terror was in reality an almost purely Jewish revolution. Very few Americans are aware of this fact. In America, the Jews control the government, the media and finance. This makes it very difficult indeed to make the truth known to the masses. But truth will prevail in the end.


    Boris Mironov (Russia):
    The jewish influence
    on the Russian government

    Boris Mironov, a former minister of Boris Yeltsin, is known as an ardent Nationalist and anti-Zionist.

    Summary: As a minister of the Yeltsin government, Mironov could observe the methods used by the Zionists. Their goal is nothing less than the extermination of the Russian people. In the ninetieth, the gross national product of Russia has sunk by 28% (compared to 20% during the Civil War and 21% during World War Two). The "democratic" system, where a non-Jewish president is surrounded by a hord of Jewish ministers and advisors, has inflicted horrific damage on the Russian nation. We now have officially 6 million unemployed, 15 million people living in dire poverty and two million homeless children. Moscow is by no means representative for the situation in the country, for there are villages where the weekly salary consists of three loaves of bread and where people cannot get a hospital bed. Some people have fallen sick because they ate cow-fodder. While honest Russians are forced to eat cow-fodder to survive, Jewish oligarchs, such as Beresowsky, Gussinsky, Mammuth, and Abramowich, have heaped up unimaginable riches with money stolen from the Russian people.

    Just as Germany should be ruled by Germans and France by Frenchmen, Russia should be ruled by Russians, not by Jews. The Jews are systematically and shamelessly plundering the resources of the country. Precious metals are officially being sold at ridiculously low prices, the difference disappearing in the pockets of predominantly Jewish intermediaries. Most of the credits Russia received from the International Monetary Funds were appropriated by greedy politicians who are either Jewish or in the service of the Jews.

    The Jews themselves are showing us how to shake off our yoke. They often say: "Nationalism is a cancer." What is bad for them, is good for us. Let us work for a nationalist rebellion which will save our Russian motherland!


    Yuri Begunov (Russia):
    Globalization and Zionism

    Professor. Y. Begunov teaches Slavonic studies at St. Petersburg university.

    Summary: Globalism is rooted in the ideology of Judaism. Already the Old Testament proclaims that the Jews have the right to rule all other peoples – which is basically identical with the idea of a World Dictatorship. As the Jews never had an empire of their own, they resort to subverting the states from within, using the ideology of internationalism – "let us all be brothers and friends!" – as their tool. In order to thwart the evil designs of the Zionists, the Russian people must develop and promote a national ideology – the Russian Idea.


    Mikhail Lyubomudrov (Russia):
    as an Instrument of World Destruction

    Prof. M. Lyubomudrov teaches theology at St. Petersburg University.

    Summary: The hatred the globalists feel for the Russian people is truly satanic. Z. Brzezinksi has openly declared that only a non-existing Russia is a good Russia, and Jewish "reformer" Anatoly Chubais cynically said: "If 30 million people are to die during the reform process, this is quite natural. They are simply not fit for market economy."

    In their untiring attempts to conquer the last great bastion of God, the globalists mainly rely on fifth columns. The Bolshevik revolutionaries of 1917, who were rabidly anti-Russian, were such a fifth column. But gradually, the Soviet regime lost its Jewish character and became a Russian regime even if the ideology was still Marxist. In order to liquidate the Soviet Union, the globalists fomented the Perestroika. Under Yeltsin, Russia became practically an American protectorate.

    Great Russian thinkers, such as Dostoyevski and Leontiev, predicted in the 19. century that the "Western Antichrist" would sooner or later clash with Russian Christianity. This has actually happened. The mission of Russian is to save Europe, and indeed the world, from Atheism and Materialism. Thus, the destruction of Russian culture and civilization would mean the destruction of the world. Russophobia is therefore the ideology of world destruction.

    In their nefarious attempts to wipe out the Russian people and its culture, the Jewish Bolsheviks have exterminated countless millions of people. This was a real Holocaust. But Russia is not dead. Its orthodox religion is the mightiest bulwark against the sinister plans of the globalists.


    = The Jewish Propaganda



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    Jewish "Religion"

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